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5/1/2017 c4 Aspielady
The status says complete but it feels like there should be more. Hiccup was just talking about how he felt he wasn't ready to take over as chief when Stoick retired and then... :( Is there another story that picks up where this leaves off?
9/23/2016 c4 LiviLovesDragons
Well, I think this story has some serious potential. Good drama factor, and not too unrealistic. Keep going! I love it!
12/28/2015 c4 45midnightsky0612
Poor hiccup
11/6/2015 c4 1megbacon
Update please!
9/19/2015 c3 Kyleeadams123
I hope you have more soon, because I love it!
9/18/2015 c3 7Scorpion6955
Maybe the usage of paragraphs would help?
9/18/2015 c3 45midnightsky0612
Why must hiccup suffer!? WHYYYYYY
9/13/2015 c2 midnightsky0612
9/10/2015 c1 midnightsky0612

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