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10/17/2016 c2 10AHaddock3
Hahahahahahaha oh, good old Baymax. Able to turn anything awkward. :-)
7/22/2016 c5 8Kelsocspanatarailka
Very nice! I enjoyed it very much! And I wonder what's happening at the Farm.
7/9/2016 c5 6Allucia Iveris
The presence of atlantis and treasure planet casts were enough to make me hit the follow button faster than u can say 'Mickey Mouse'. Add esmeralda and tiana... well, I just have to say it...
The only thing that would ruin this for me is if (I understand the universe was taken from Fables by DC) you quote from the said story word by word (which some author had been guilty of, not naming names).
But overall, glad to have found this story and proud to announce I'm a fan.
6/23/2016 c5 TheGreenFairy25
You're back! I was so excited to see the update notification. Another wonderful chapter. Trying to pick my favourite bit is hard, it's either Jim choking on his water (smooth ) or Jack with the hose. The basement prison was really atmospheric and your characterization of Min both amazing and horrific, in a good way. I am very much looking forward to what happens next.
6/13/2016 c5 7Disneylover93
This is becoming suspenseful I hope it continues.
6/13/2016 c5 13SharKohen
Wonder what your version of the Farm will be. Interesting. The story about Stitch watching Elsa and aanna mourn for their parents was touching. Jack really needs to move some pieces if he wants to get Elsa, but Jim's a sweetheart too.
3/7/2016 c4 Trapid
Can't wait to see what else you have in store for the fables. Love this so much! Keep it up. And poor jack...you will have elsa...hopefully soon hahaha!
2/25/2016 c4 Guest
haha! i love your "first chapter" (all four)
i do hope you post the the others from the fable arc soon, this is way too fun and well-written not to read
2/15/2016 c4 14Silence In Winter
I AM DYING! This chapter was awesome. Hands down my favorite so far. You even have Miguel and Tulio in here! Ohmeeegee... This makes me such a happy little girl.

The relationship between Jack and Stitch is just pure gold. I mean, it's perfect. The ending of this chapter was amazeballs. I love that you circled around and included an element you mentioned earlier. What's even better is how we all know what happened as soon as there was a bang around Jim. Poor guy, haha.

And Stitch's glamor? How interesting! I liked the way you described it.

AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I loved Jack's jealousy in this chapter, but it also broke my heart a little. It was so funny seeing him act like a toddler to try and impress Elsa. Of course, we all know it's not going to work, but there is a certain hilarity to him stealing Kristoff's jacket and then confiscating Jim.

This was, probably, my favorite scene in this whole chapter. I simply adored how you described Elsa and her dress, how Jack felt invited to put his hand on her hip... Ah... Pure literary gold. Your writing style was very apparent when Jack was trying to get her attention with his antics and Elsa sort of pupued him. Nicely, mind you, but still a pupu.

And when he squeezed between Jim and Elsa? Oh my goodness so funny and so desperate. Sad and hilarious at the same time. I know I keep gushing I just absolutely loved this scene it was amazing. XD

The close of it was a little bittersweet though. When Elsa was looking at them? And was impressed? But not with Jack? Yeah, that sort of broke my wee heart. So thanks for that. :P

But I have faith that something will blossom, something will happen, and that your brilliant mind will bleed glorious things all over this lovely story.

So now that we have Chel, Miguel, and Tulio, where is Kida? Is poor Milo going to have to go stag?

Goodness, you even have Taran in here. So many characters that never see the light of fanfiction popping up in here. I adore it.

And Hiro! Naughty boy. My one questions: he is in his 20's-ish, yeah? I was a little confused by that. Information overload hangover, mayhaps.

I totally didn't expect the reveal with Naveen! Like wow. Came out of nowhere, which is good because I am not one for predictability. It hinders the readbility of the story. Just another reason why I applaud your bravery for attempting JimxElsa, especially in a fandom so fervent for the Frosts'.

I also love Ballroom Blitz, just a great and fun and spirited song, perfect for this chapter. Which reminds me, I just love that after all the serious-ness Naveen supplied you ended it with the light comedic feel that began this chapter.

Absolute gold. I love it. This is my favorite chapter so far. I do think it was smart of you to break it up because even as it is I lied to myself and said I would only read HALF of this tonight, but lo and behold I couldn't stop. :F

Best chapter yet. The only thing I am mad about is that there isn't another chapter to read! But maybe you will rectify that soon, yes?

'Till next time. -Kay

P.S. I would be so, so, so happy to see Axel from Kingdom Hearts (and maybe even Roxas?) make an appearance, because they are TECHNICALLY Disney characters, yeah? I don't know if I can put in that little request, but I have always wanted to see how someone else would write an interaction between Axel and Jack because I think the two are both hilarious and, quite frankly, after that ballroom scene I think you have the writing chops to do it. Sooooo... -puppy eyes- Please? :D
2/10/2016 c3 Silence In Winter
Waaaahhhh I can't handle all of your lovely references. They kill me. Joshua Sweet!? He is one of my most favorite underrated Disney characters. Humor and wit. You write him so well, too. I think it's adorable that you included him here.

And Milo, ah, poor Milo. 'Volunteering' to sleep on the floor. Poor baby. And Jack and Stitch are just kind of whatever. Broverse hierarchy.

There was a lot, a lot, a lot, of plot in this chapter, but everything flowed so well. I think my information overload is ceasing a bit as I'm coming to know the characters a bit more. (Which happened with GoT, I think I just need to chill and put my trust in you instead of being hyper vigilant)

What's even better is that you can include comedy (such as Jack and Stitch) but then also deep, dark emotional plot holes like Mim. Don't take this the wrong way but I really, really, really, enjoy Mim. She is dark and twisted and so well written. She is the villain we love to hate because she is, as Silver said, a psycho path. The ways she plays with people like a cat, wow. And what she did to Jim - yikes. It's very interesting to me that you can take this child's character and translate her with this same twisted personality into something dark and fascinating for adults. It's incredible.

With that being said, many of your relationships are unconventional but it all works. Like the friendship between Tiana and Elsa? Totally something out of the bag. But they work together so well. It's almost like Tiana is Elsa's cup of chamomile tea, calming her down in tough times.

ALSO YOU SAID THAT THIS CHAPTER WOULDN'T BE A CLIFFHANGER! You liar pants. :P I am so excited for these dates. Like wow. I'm curious to see if Jack gets jealous, since he was right there.

The flirting between Jim and Elsa is sooooper cute. Nyah ~

I'm at work so I have to cut this short because shit is breaking yo but I'm looking forward to the next chapter. :3 - Kay

P.S. Is your avatar the Mad Hatter? I love it.
2/10/2016 c4 TheGreenFairy25
You're story has me hooked! I can't wait to see more Jack x Elsa, but I'll wait. Kuzco! I know it was only a bit part but the Kuzco Jack interaction was one of my fav pieces in this very funny chapter. Go you!
2/6/2016 c2 Silence In Winter
-narrows eyes- Not sure if Jelsa you mention is actually Jelsa, or JimxElsa (which could still be Jelsa)

N.E. WAY! My favorite part of this was the last bit. I kept changing my favorite part as I went, lol. But I absolutely loved your rendition of the Chesire Cat and his mad little song. It was eerie, dark, and foreshadowing. Eep! I'm normally not crime-scene sorta gal, but this story is really drawing me in.

I also love Jack's snarkiness and his response to Milo when he was going off on how sweet of a creation Stitch is. Just one breath to counter poor Milo's thesis. Ah, such Jack-ness. -lurves and hugs-

Annnnd Baymax! -squeezes- Baby Bay! He's my one. So happy he is here and IN CHARACTER! Goodness, so few can pull it off but you do beautifully.

I also never fully expected myself to be totally cool with Jim x Elsa, but I am here. The little moment they shared with Baymax's mixed interpretations (dopamine, ect.) were super cute. Oh, poor Jim. He is probably usually so suave when he talks to girls. But hey, it just levels the playing field. amiright?

It really does make me wonder though if/how the Jack element will fit into this. And he is still a janitor...? Still have questions about that, even though I know you promised me answers. :/

But like wow. This chapter really took a steep dive into angst land. Jim was sexually assaulted? By Mim?! D: The poor baby. That little bit was... horrific. I feel so bad for Jim. He was just bumming out, being a typical dude who has had his heart broken and WHAM! Here comes Madam Mim to royally screw him up, maybe for the rest of his life. D'awww... Just picturing his injuries from that... Poor Jim, man. It almost makes me feel sad to root for Jack x Elsa (because let's be specific now) because then he will be left with no one to love him but Silver.

Whom I still do not trust, by the by. I don't think he is mixed up in anything Madam Mim is doing but he just rubs me the wrong way. It could just be his history, but hey, I hold grudges with that sort of thin. -eyes Silver-

While we are talking about Silver, I do think it is fascinating that you have chosen him as almost a narrator of sorts. I'm wondering why? Because so far it has been very Silver and Elsa heavy as narrators. The former I'm just not used to leading a story, but you write him well, accent and all. You also maintain his relationship with Jim nicely, which is hard to do given its delicate nature.

Oh, and let me slip in here that you just have an absolutely lovely way with words. :3

My only qualm with this is that there is A LOT of information that a reader needs to take in. In addition to the massive amount of characters you bring in (which has its pros and cons) and their respective roles in the story, your plot is also progressing and demanding that we reference the large amount of information as well as new plot points that uses pertinent points from the old stuff.

Truly, the format this story is in reminds me of George R. R. Martin. The first reason being your content is top notch. The second being that, as I mentioned, there is a lot of information we need to chew on as well as process new developments. As proved by Martin's success, this can be a great thing for a large number of readers. For readers like me who process and articulate what we read on an emotional level as we are taking it in, it can be challenging.

But this might just be a personal problem I am having and if that is true feel free to just block that last portion of the review with your hand and read everything else. :D 'Kay?

I said this last time and I will say it again, this story is stunning and you have talent. I really should be going to bed but I will peek into at least the first few pages of the next chapter to whet my palate because, really, who can resist that cliff hanger you left us with?

'Till next time my dear,
1/31/2016 c4 13SharKohen
Thanks to your writings, I've started reading the fable comics and they are very interesting. Though I do the similarities between the stories, I appreciate the twists and the accurate Characterisation that you gave to all of them. So yay! I'm still highly amused that Metro Man is the mayor, but that is quite fitting. One person I don't know is Joshua, so where's he from?
Anyway, the animated films have a lot of great stuff and you handle it well, so looking forward to reading the rest.
1/30/2016 c1 14Silence In Winter
Gummi ships. That's how everyone managed to hop from world to another. Gummi ships.

Well, not sure you are a Kingdom Hearts fan or not, but the opening of this story really reminds me of that premise, even if it is based on the video game Fable, which I also want to play but have not yet. -waaaah!-

Anyway, this concept is fantastic. I have literally never seen so many animated characters in one place and you have a certain knack for picking my favorite ones. Makes me happy. :) But no matter which character you pick, the story is lovely and the quality of the writing highly impressive.

But on that note, I CAN'T BELIEVE JIM AND LONG JOHN SILVER ARE HERE! And Milo too?! These are golden characters rarely used but so beloved. Milo is a gem and absolutely hilarious. I'm super weary of Silver (doesn't need explanation haha) but JIM! Egads I love him. Not as much as Hiro, but I adore the tike!

Your representation of Stitch is also excellent. Another favvie of mine, Stitch just hits in my cuddle spot, because he is is also cute and fluffy! ;)

And Jack quoting Mickey Mouse...!? Where does the awesome end in this fic? It just keeps multiply. I CAN'T EVEN! -dies from awesome-

Jack's personality is great. His sarcasm has translated well here. I'm a little surprised to see his is a janitor, but you have such great construction in this story I'm confidant you have plans.

The one piece I was shaky on was the Farm and other places. I haven't played the game, so maybe that would help, but I had a little trouble distinguishing the neighborhoods within Fabletown. As for Boston, I hear it's a lovely artsy fartsy town with tons of history. A perfect spot for Fables and creatures of myth to hide. :)

And the end of this chapter, what a cliffhanger! Thank goodness you have more chapters up for me to breeze through. -Kay
1/30/2016 c4 8Kelsocspanatarailka
Huzzah! Begone, oh rat Tails! Ha ha! I love this chapter.
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