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for Anonymous Jenna

9/3 c1 gh5jg
Veri n1c3QOBst0riq6
2/5/2017 c3 17QuestionableIntentions
dear jenna,
this is a year late and hell, you probably wont read this, but just know i'm here as a friend for you. i'll listen whenever you need someone to talk to.
love always,
10/27/2016 c3 3MsSquidRunner
Dear Anonymous Jenna,
I know you wrote this over a year ago, and this might not be of any importance to you anymore. Hell, I don't even think this is going to be read, but anyway, I'd like to take my time and say, I'm happy at the prospect of you healing, I'm happy you found a way to release your pent up feelings through writing no matter how long ago that might've been. I know this message probably won't be read, but it makes me feel better to know that I at least attempted to make your life easier, or gave you a small glimpse of hope or whatever this message might give you. This letter is written by a sleep-deprived person, but despite my grogginess please do not dismiss my lack of good wording through this message as mockery. I hope, sincerely, that you live a happy and fulfilling life no matter the hardships you might endure or have endured in the past.

Love always,
7/5/2016 c1 1jedipumpkinpie
Listening, and always here for you, friend.
Love always,
9/22/2015 c1 Behrad
I hope you the best Jenna,
We can talk if you want,
Here is my gmail:
Hope to hear from you

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