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8/31 c9 Goodtome
Please post new chapter I know it’s been what 2 whole years on this but I just love reading your work it’s an enjoyment to able to read such moving words that make you react with understanding Acceptance Joy love pain thrills and to unravel mysteries so please take us along as you complete this journey who she will become she Emerges from the cocoon
7/3 c4 Guest
this is one of my favorite works of all time. your Ren is incredible! praying you update this haha :)
6/2 c4 nellehsa
My heart broke a little when Kyoko is breaking down and Ren stops her from injuring herself further and his only response is ‘I see how you got your injuries”. So much emotion in that one phrase.
6/17/2021 c9 Burningblueish
I don't know what my chances are that you'll update this story, it has been over a year after all, but I would like you to know that i am enchanted with your writing. I've read all of your stories in less than a day and i'm so profoundly in love with the way you write and create characters. All of your stories have been outstanding, even the one you fell out of love with. Your world building and characterization is truly beautiful and I will patiently wait until you are ready to give us more, be that a day, a year or a lifetime.

As I mentioned I've read all of your stories, it's a shame about FotPB but I understand your reasoning. Amnesia was absolutely enchanting from the moment i started reading and hope you'll come back to it some day. The snare was thrilling and exciting. Perfection was exactly what the name suggests. I will save my comments on sugar and tsukigomori for their own review section, but i just wanted to mention that I felt this story, I felt Kyoko and it's not often that depression si so accurately depicted, it rang true in my diagnosed heart and it was rough yet enlightening to read somebody else suffer the way I do. Thank you for that and for your beautiful writing
5/9/2021 c9 Mirage
To say it short I found your story interesting and nice to read. It keeps one with it ...sometimes one wamts to jumo in and tell her she is good as she is ans only because she got the rotten egg as fiat husband meens not all is bad ...and show her her rughts and protection she git as mother ..that she can do it like ren and record every talk and meeting she has with this people to have something for the judge ...and to keep the idiots away fron her...

and one wants to wait till next chap to find out more and wants to stop but read on till last chap.
5/9/2021 c9 Mirage
That was really interesting this chap , he did told her what she told him as child , what young new doctors may think ...that they are at fault for each loose they have ...and that with the butterflys too... that he did show her this and told her...I think she finally really did see things and understood them better like she once still could as teen. She is not at fault , she is not old or near dead or does not deserve love or happiness as she was told by husband and his family ... because she deserves she was not at fault , live goes on and changes and ends and Beginns again...

I hope there will be some more chaps one day ...I really want to know where this goes ...how her ex falls on his behind with his try...I so hope they get a judge that throws it down as with no hold and in self defense and because her child is loved well taken care of and happy...also who in there right mind would give a child to a man who will mostlikely belittle her in front of judge too and who never did take care of the child once in her life and to a woman who did try to kill the mother if the child and bad talked about the child. ...?
Even a sometimes unstable in her own world lost (because of her ex and his new wife...)mother is way better. And she did try to get help for it and now really got help she needed...and possible a good husband ...-
5/9/2021 c8 Mirage
Sho ..really ...he really may want to look into an psychiatrist for himself...what a doctor...he needs help for his problems and may want to over think his work if he really is the best to help people in need...maybe some other work with not such problems and not with pepole who really need help...

I think I understand kyokos reaction ...all the worry hurt fear panic mean words stressful situation for the lat years and this afternoon ...attacks on her life ...then to defend herself for first time and then this ...even when it some part this deranged bad woman deserved it...

But she was attacked and nearly murdered by the same abusive woman twice in under two hours. ...who made her live hell bevor too
...and this kick was real self-defence ...no judge who see it any other way. She now only needs to understand this.
This woman was mean deranged crazy ..

...lory should have let her be taken out by his butler or security after hearing the voice record of the first attack and attempted murder ...but he did run away.

Also when a baby is lost so fast by only one kick of selfe defence ..from what I did read it was mostlikely very early and most likely already not healthy ...if already older often doc can try to safe it and keep it in the body to grow on...Moden medicine can already do a lot...but wjen only blood then not a real baby but a little bundle of cells and no heart brain or anything ...so no baby. ..it is terrible sad for a life lost like this...but self defense is self defense..but this woman did know what she did ...she attacked and did try to kill an other human two times ..and she did kick her into her belly and where ever else hard and with fun and want to hurt and kill... this woman did know that she herself did try for a baby and could be pregnant and still attacked someone and did drink alcoholic drinks...what normal woman does this..

...baby's in the womb are often really resilient, they often survived more bad hurts...I read from a mother in bad car crash...where both survived and they could deliver it after ... because the mothers body protects it...it is a real wonder ...so I really hope that this was as I did think that it was only in first week or so of pregnancy, that Kyoko can deal more easily with after some weeks or month of real and good therapy and talks...

It is really not easy.
5/9/2021 c7 Mirage
One can only love Ren eben when he is manipulative. ..
So did he want to use it and send hidden to the police as unknown to get Lina butch sacked for abuse and tried murder? Or did he give for situation few here he could slap it in all there faces..?

And sho ...he shows care and friendship and try to protect her ...so he is an Ass but could be a good friend when he tones it down a little..

But poor Maria ...I so hope she and the butler where away enough to not hear anything of this
5/9/2021 c5 Mirage
Why does she stay with this sad excuse of and prof medical...? As he psychological help...
I was right that he does not help her...
5/9/2021 c4 Mirage
I think he really is good for her -
He gets her out of her shells ...get her to talk back and grow a backbone...

And I so hope he did hear all the talk her ex husband did spew against her...

She should record them all...all the calls all the talks all the treats and hurts they do to her. ..and then talk with lawyer and a judge ...to keep them away from her and her child ...and only get contact with them when the lawyer or some other person is there with them.

They try to destroy her ...
And the psychiatrist sound like a bag of air... I mean she should have counseling and therapy since day one of first attack...to get her strong and self assured and know about her rights and that nobody can just to her to take away her child ...when the person doing this never did tale care of the child and does not even pay .

And her ex husband will be in for a bad surprise when Ren shows full interest in her as he is the son of this prestigious family
5/8/2021 c3 Mirage
Her ex husband is a real art of asshole. ..his whore and new wife not better...does the birch not know that she will be kicked out as soon as she is some years older and of no use for him...?

Sho sounds like a .what is it called a quak? A bad doctor...I mean over a year and symptoms of very light panic attack and stress and depression gets worse and worse ...
She should have be put in self-defense class and also a self-help group , with people who have same or near same problems...also light medication cam help troubled mind...like panic attack and such...most light to harder depression you can work on with good therapy also training ...sports and such... also control is important ... they need to learn it again to help them self. ... and training for self confidence. ..
...a good way is to burn all her old clothing and buy new ones ...possible old house items too.

Also she should get a lawyer for family rights...her ex husband has to pay for his child even when they signed a contract bevor marriage...it is his child...and by law he has to pay... this will take big part of the roubles of her...

Maybe work she loves to do would help too

Hope laury is a psychiatrist and will be her new doc ...I like this guy -

Ren is great ...wow is he forward and open / but so funny -
5/8/2021 c1 Mirage
She sounds like one of this helicopter mom's ...dangerous with not taking care of herself...but hovering over her daughter...

The doc is right ...and her child too...
Maria is just to cute -
4/19/2021 c9 Guest
It's been years since I've read this fanfic i love how you portrays the characters i hope you update soon
11/28/2020 c9 Leilasecrets
Really interesting concept for the story so far. :) im liking your use of charaters a d their portrayal. I also think your doing an excellent job representing a way in which depression can present itself. Looking forward to the next update. Im sure it will be worth the wait :D also I have a feeling you like creamy mushroom soup as ive seen it represented in two of your storys now :/
9/13/2020 c9 UndercoverLoverFF
I saw this story on my feed so many times, but I’ve never actually wanted to start it. Idk. Probably because it triggered me that it was about an older Kyoko? It was insecurities I didn’t want to feel, to read because it feels so raw and.. real to me. Still I tried it today. And I literally couldn’t stop reading. All these emotions, words, were so delightfully written. I’ve re-read so many sentences again and again. And this last chapter I really cried a lot. Not just because I was sad for these hurtful moments, but because it was just so.. beautiful. Idk when you’ll continue this marvelous story, but I can’t thank you enough for this last scene described. I felt very at peace.

Life is getting in the way I know all so well, but I’ll keep waiting for your updates patiently. Skip beat fanfictions are like my little secret dream place and Your stories are one of my favorites. I find myself coming back to read some chapters of your stories again and again. I will keep waiting for your updates for SM, Sugar, Amnesia, well actually all of your stories tbh. Thank you for sharing your creativity, and I hope you are doing okay.
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