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5/9 c9 Jaye
NOOOO, don’t give Sirius a daughter. You ruining your story. No1 gives af about some random bastard daughter. We only care about Harry and Sirius and maybe Remus. Harry NEEDS all of Sirius attention. I can’t finish this story knowing that you might give Sirius a daughter. I’ll rather stop reading now and save me the annoyance smh. Shame you fucked up what could have been a good story you twat
5/1 c51 Jessybea
Ahhhhhhh I am in L-O-V-E with this story pls pls pls dont stop nowwwww
3/15 c24 Just William
Typo, no idea what you meant. "There's a pitch on the other side of the had it done", please correct.
3/10 c9 Just William
Typo, "Ron defeated beat him", do you mean "Ron beat him" or "Ron defeated him"?
3/9 c4 Just William
Typo, "as he was eating his beacon" should be "as he was eating his bacon" and there are few other typos in the last four or five paragraphs.
2/7 c51 Alexia17
(sorry for possible mistake i'm trench)
I'm so happy for this update, I just wanted to read some chapters again and I discovert the new chapter. I was so impatient that I read it instead of going to sleep.
courage ans full of good waves
2/7 c6 AvidReader2425
Did he still kill The defense professor at the end of first year? That would definitely cause some unresolved issues. Thanks for the chapter
2/7 c5 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another entertaining chapter
2/7 c4 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter
2/7 c3 AvidReader2425
I really hope Dumbledore receives a lot of backlash, as well as the Dursleys of course
2/7 c2 AvidReader2425
Well, this chapter made me tear up, very well written
2/7 c1 AvidReader2425
An excellent first chapter, even if the foreshadowing is definitely depressing, considering the level of abuse he must’ve suffered
2/2 c51 7V. L. Crawford
This was a wonderful update. I couldn't keep the smile off my face while reading it.
2/1 c51 6ElizabethAnneSoph
Completely genius chapter!
1/31 c51 aqp.gerencia
Aplausos, muchos para ti, ya estoy ansiosa de leer más, sigue adelante y mantener a salvo de esta pandemia
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