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for My Godfather

9/15 c53 Guest
Please update soon
8/18 c53 1CUPID-Potterhead420
crying this hasn't been updated in like a year ;-;
8/10 c53 Just William
Can we expect an update anytime soon?
8/5 c13 6Lewis James Potter
2ed - 6th
3rd - 7th
4th - Wood was here
5th - Johnson was Caption
6th and 7th Harry was caption

in Harry second year Wood would have been in his 5th. To align with wood being there in Harry 4th
7/5 c53 Guest
Bellatrix? Really?
6/15 c53 Guest
Please post soon I’m dying of suspension
6/3 c53 1blcoachmac
Love it, looking for more!
4/26 c35 Guest
Was that a taunt?!
Harry saying, "My Father'll great about this!"
3/21 c53 609Ghostwriter
And here we go! What a story. Hoping to see more from you soon.
3/10 c53 Guest
I have been reading and enjoying your story. I do hope another chapter will be up soon.
I am a retired technical editor, and I did have to turn that part of my off.
2/6 c53 boricuagizmo1
question? I may have missed it but who do you picture for the rest of the black family?
1/24 c1 4iacopo.passerini
Bene molto bene
1/6 c53 tawnya.penner
!...*gasps for air* More! Please more!
12/30/2022 c53 5Molly-Pond-Holmes
Oh no! I hope Remus is ok... I'm so excited to see what Bellatrix does next! Great chapter!
12/26/2022 c44 The Lady Gwendolyn
i don't know why everyone is congratulating Draco when the only reason Harry didn't win was that he was attacked and could have died
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