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12/2/2019 c9 18BlackDragonDevilGod
Well it’s no real surprise Evie went off on Emily, personally I really hate her bitchy attitude, so I’d go off on her too, poor Matt. And I feel sorry for Josh, even if when he plays Pyscho killer, Evie is undoubtably going to kick his ass seven ways to Sunday
6/30/2019 c9 Wolf Mike
When will the next chapters comes.
6/16/2019 c9 Wolf Mike
I like the character Evelyn. You gonna make more chapters.
5/8/2019 c9 Bangarangzero
10/1/2018 c9 Tunak23
Update soon man!
Evie is an excellent character and her story is indeed intriguing, certainly perphaps your character is the best Until Dawn OC out there!

Looking forward for more mate,even after 3 years of waiting!
12/1/2017 c9 Guest
This is the best fanfic I’ve ever read in my life please finish it.
9/13/2017 c9 Nyghtgirl27
Bitch update already
9/13/2017 c9 7mutantapk
I'm really starting to enjoy this story, and I hope that Evie gets to be with Mike, so are you going to be able to finish this story?
8/6/2017 c9 EvaKnight075
Nice update please
6/24/2017 c1 mutantapk
I like Evie, just cause I like how she can keep Mike in his place, and how she can so make Emily mad.
3/11/2017 c9 Puga-Chan
OH MY GOD! Please continue! This is so great. I've been searching far and wide for a good Mike X OC (hopefully) story, so please update. This story is like air to me, I needed it to survive!
12/30/2016 c9 Guest
Please Evelyn hit the nail in the head with those two sluts. Jessica is the girl who probably slept with entire football team and Emily is the prim princess who thinks she's better than anyone else! Sheesh when I first watched the walkthrough for this game I hated those two they were my least favorite characters in the whole game they're loud mouth and slutty comments made me want to slap the crap out of them! Anyway I bet Mike has feelings for Evelyn even though he's dating Jessica but he deserves someone better than that skank.
9/29/2016 c9 Nina
Hey! I just barley gotten into the game and watching people play it and I've got to say that this fanfic is great! You should really try to do more with it, like really soon! Is their any specific reason as to why you have t updated in so long?
9/18/2016 c9 Guest
There is finally a good Mike/OC fic! I hope you continue it because I'd love, to see what happens ... Evie is so awesome, love her character
12/2/2015 c9 3Absanon
plz update.
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