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for How I Met Tadashi Hamada

3/18/2019 c8 Chibidylan
lmao ewwwww Tadashi kissed his pukey lipppsss Z(O)S!
10/24/2016 c16 NotShort
Looks like someone has an Elric complex...

It takes a lot of dedication to not being short to reach Edward Elric's level of denial.
4/15/2016 c16 Celaj15
Ah, you finished it! Such a happy ending. :D
1/23/2016 c10 imacchi11229
Lmao that last sentence tho! Bubble butt bubble bubble butt! And oh god I use shittake mushroom as a curse word too! Sometimes ill say shit and when my sister says dont curse ill just contine take mushroom. Ackerman has a katana! That means either Tadashi or Masashi is gonna get one too! This chapter was great as usual. Ill be waiting for your next update! :D
1/15/2016 c9 imacchi11229
Now Masashi is Edward! Glad he finally got his new hand! Omg if it was easily detachable he would be able to make the "need a hand" joke X'D I could totally see him doing that. Awww yeah the interesting part is starting! And omg great work on Tadashi and Masashi in this chap its so cute! Cant wait for your next update :D
12/29/2015 c8 imacchi11229
HNGHHH OMG MASASHI! He lost a hand! (is he gonna be like Edward now haha jk) last chap I was like OMG is he gonna get amputated? Lo and Masashi ;_; great job on this chapter btw.I'll be waiting for your next update! :D
12/19/2015 c7 imacchi11229
Omg masashiiiiiiii!I hope he's safe. ;_;
10/17/2015 c4 2AlwaysRunning9
Very nice:) can't wait to see where this is going
10/2/2015 c3 imacchi11229
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) lmao tadashi u know u jelly.

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