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11/27/2020 c1 Rice with Chest-Nuts
interesting takes... interesting plot too, a shame this was discontinued
7/18/2020 c5 Ainz227
Me encanto este nuevo rumbo con Ainz como vampiro, espero que pese al tiempo de la última actualización consideres continuarla. Por cierto algo me dejo con la duda, me imagino que en este nuevo capitulo cuando Shalltear dice que saldrá en su misión se lleva un item mundial no?

I loved this new direction with Ainz as a vampire, I hope that despite the time of the last update you consider considering continuing it. Certainly something left me with the doubt, I imagine that in this new chapter when Shalltear says that he will leave on his mission, he takes a world item, right?
8/26/2019 c5 hansgyver62
Update soon
8/13/2019 c5 3AlernateReality
UGH literally canon (except vampire Ningun) until when it stops. Not worth reading if its the same
3/29/2019 c5 Guest
Please update soon
12/28/2018 c1 Guest
This is just a complete copy and paste of the original one just that he has a peen
11/20/2018 c5 Bigrob1945
love the story hope you update
11/11/2018 c5 LizPR
Great story and chapter hope you will continue adding to it. Also I was expecting ainz to warn Shalltear to be careful for world items since he knows about them existing, hope u add it in and she doesn’t get mind fucked
11/4/2018 c5 guhgiog08e9rhiogoiheg98whgiogo
Great story, looking forward to reading more!
10/23/2018 c5 Eddyg125
Such changes as these are nice, keep it up man
10/18/2018 c5 FijiTION
Is goinh yo hab yaoi?
10/16/2018 c5 Scarease
Undead vampire :
Are undead so unable conceive offspring .
Corrupted vampire:
Those corrupted by unholy magic become vampire being some die rise as undead and other maybe living .
Demonic vampire:
Often cross between human and Darkness ,bat or blood demon or maybe able have spawn but only after elder ,master ,lord or ancient age .even then few .
Bat race often able human form
Succubus spawned:
Vampire create by Succubus or incubus through death or by unholy blessing .thye can be either living or dead .
Infected vampire
Vampire born virus often by a carrier is demon ,Demi-human or
Ritual turned vampire:
Person preform dark ritual to rise as vampire
Undead risen to seek vengeance for death can good or evil .

I am big nerd come lore and monsters so plenty of idea such if your interested .
10/16/2018 c2 Scarease
Time find some dinner.
10/11/2018 c3 20Dingirverse
This story is awesome, and I like the change on the standard setting. Plus Ainz has a penis now. Banzai! Please update soon.
9/29/2018 c5 Guest
I feel sad. Because its obvious you dont care about this. You are cruel. So cruel you force me to love this story where Ainz have EMOTIONS and is the anti-hero who i wish so damn hard in the LN.

A hot vampire supreme breaking the cold personality of his orginal version? I feel sad only because i lost that.

You dont have right. CHAPTER SIX.
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