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5/31 c3 Denie1943
Oh! But I was so looking forward to the dance. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
3/27 c3 3VioletErin.26
Aww so cute! How touching that maria doesnt take the gossip to heart but is understanding. Love it!
12/26/2020 c1 Guest
Everyone loves to watch our Captain bite his lower lip and tighten those white gloves.
Sure makes my heart flutter! Wonderful story and I love your writing. Please keep up the good work!
5/23/2020 c3 Clare
A hot, romantic, funny, inventive, smart, well put together fic! What more can I say apart from I love it?
3/7/2019 c3 Diane
All your stories are so good. Love your writing. Please write more
8/19/2018 c3 mariavtrapp
So good!
7/2/2018 c3 10bloomandgrow
This story was one big swoon from start to finish. I adored all the playfulness and seductiveness between Maria and Georg, how deeply they understand each other and how they have created their own little universe between themselves where no one else matters.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the gossipers at the ball - alternatively hilarious and nasty and mean spirited. But I think we are all in agreement about a certain backside!

But I loved how Maria has her 'I have confidence in me' realisation at the end about how much they mean to each other and how jealous everyone else is of her and what they have.
And of the course the gloves metaphor woven through the whole thing was pure genius.
Like all your stories - I ADORED this.
7/2/2018 c2 bloomandgrow
I adore the teasing and playful banter between, with Georg reassuring her he loves her just the way she is. And is offer that they could just hide themselves away forever if she wants, shows the depth of his love for Maria.
I had a laugh over the baby goat story - poor Sister Berthe; and the offer to sing 'My Favourite Things' made me giggle.
This story really gets me in the feels.
7/2/2018 c1 bloomandgrow
Wait...I didn't review this? How is that possible when I have read it - adored it - so many times? Anyway here is a review to this gorgeous story.
I thought it was brilliant the way you juxtaposed the Maria she is inside and Maria she has to reinvent herself to be, to be a Baroness; and how she is doing it all for love, no matter how uncomfortable she feels.
Loved Georg's thoughts about how much she means to him and how reassures her.
I had a giggle over Georg doing his hair, and I also loved the mischief of the children whistling at them.
As always I am blown away by the dazzling beauty of your writing.
3/3/2018 c3 2NotACursedChild
I loved the story! :-):-):-):-)
3/2/2018 c1 NotACursedChild
This is my first SOM fanfiction and I am loving it :-):-):-):-)
1/9/2017 c3 Jammie13
I loved this! You write them like you knew them personally! Loved it so much!
4/2/2016 c3 honest as I can be
Honest as I can be: This was wonderful You are by far my favorite writer on this fandom (you and charleybec - she's amazing!).
11/22/2015 c1 28Lauryn Vi
I went back to this story again because I remember LOVING the dialogue to see if I could tell what you mean when you said you loathe writing it.

And I have to say... I have no idea what you're talking about.

The way you write M/G is among my absolute favourite. I LOVE their banter, and the way it constantly tips into seduction and just as frequently into this amazing emotional sanction. (I also like how you give some of your funniest lines to your ancillary characters.)

As for other things - LOVE: the kiss on the exposed skin of her wrist (SO sensual). The bit about him considering what he would break if he swept it off the table. Baroness ShwarzWalnutPearls. Gerta. The way Maria was able to express his innermost thoughts. His backside. In fact, pretty much everything about this.
11/1/2015 c3 24charleybec
Ah... the long awaited review. I hope it lives up to expectations! LOL. Maybe I should just compose something to a Bon Jovi song? Nah... been done before!

So I loved this last chapter to this wonderful story. I know I have told you this before but i'll just say it again, for the record. I think this story is THE perfect engagement story. A mixture of uncertainty as Maria navigates her way into the aristocratic society, a plethora of sexual tension which is just delicious (and may I say, almost better than them just falling into bed. I mean sexy time is awesome but this sexual tension is just divine), and then of course how they are getting to know each other, I mean REALLY getting to know each other, how the other one ticks,what is really going inside for both of them, the discovery of their innermost thoughts, fears, desires, being able to read each other etc. So so so good!

Also, you have such a talent for writing comedy (not that this was comedy as such), but so many times I actually was roaring with laughter as I read this story. You are so good at this type of stuff (I need MORE!). some of the hysterical highlights
-the comment about the potted lemon tree
-the lady with the neckline which was threatened to be over run by a small sea of pearls
-Baroness SchwartzWalnutPearls (I'm laughing so much out loud I'm getting strange looks from my guy on the other side of the room) - hey isn't the Schwartz from Spaceballs "Use the Schwartz..." LOL anyway...)
-GERTA! enough said!

I loved how all the women were swooning over Georg (and Maria's reaction of trying not to roll her eyes). I mean, who wouldn't swoon over our Captain?
-Georg sneakily touching Maria on her arm while no one was looking
-Missing Sr B - I swear that woman has an awesome backstory waiting to be discovered someday!
-Maria realising that although the women were looking at him, he only had eyes for Maria.
-"I bet he has a whistle..." LOL!
-Georg winking at Maria across the other side of the room causing her to blush
-Georg twisting his gloves in his hands
-Maria eavesdropping on Adelaide and Sophie's conversation (nasty ladies!)
-Maria taking off her gloves and throwing them in anger
-Yes, of course Georg has a nice backside (is there any doubt?)
-Maria reflecting on the lovely things Georg does for her, and knowing she wasn't alone anymore
-Maria's conversation with Georg about how she doesn't mind the other women swooning over him and how she realises that she has something they don't and that's Georg (and that those women were jealous of Maria).
-The conversation about the gloves as she played with his hand, then how she takes his glove off. (with only taking off one glove, you have suddenly raised the temperature in here about 20 degrees!)
-"I get to feel your fingertips on my bare skin with nothing between us. No gloves, no mask, no pretense. I know you, have you, I see you. Not Captain von Trapp but Georg." Wow wow wow wow wow! Yessssss...!
-then kissing her hand "Yes, you do have me, can have me." Swoon!
-"I'll call you sir, if you like, and mean it." that woman sure knows how to get her man.
-Maria and Georg going off to dance the Laendler together and Georg speaking to Adelaide on their way past. BURN!

Oh that promise of the music room is too good to pass up on. I think you need to write an epilogue...

Wonderful story, and I can't wait to read more from you.
*sings along to Bon Jovi... 'Have a nice day'! ;)
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