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9/17/2015 c1 33Calim1
Cool! A mohawked, tatooed Grissom. Hot!

9/16/2015 c1 ninthwardgurl05
Hahahahahaha! What?! Grissom with tattoos and wearing leather? Would've probably been a "ratings boost" if he actually did it on the show. Too funny, I actually pictured it and the picture was fantastically adorable!

Thanks for that!
9/16/2015 c1 Leona
Combat boots. Mohawk haircut. Leather jacket and pants. Harley Davidson. Pierced eyebrow/nose. Tattoos. All these and Grissom. I'll be darned. Really believed, for a split moment, that Leather Heather would hop off the backseat asking everybody if they wanted some tea!

Nah. Forty years ago Grissom might be able to pull off this kind of fancy get-up; now let him stick with the lab coat and chino pants. This was ridiculously funny. Thanks for making me laugh like a nincompoop.
9/16/2015 c1 Guest
Just awesome!
9/16/2015 c1 gsrfan34
Pretty good!

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