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4/6/2016 c12 BC1
I really like this. It came off as really believable and the emotions genuine
4/6/2016 c12 Nobody Smurf
That would solve so many of Kako's problems. Which is, sadly, why it isn't happening. The Narrative must be fed.

Thank you.
4/5/2016 c12 5C. S. Stars
This was a great idea. :)
4/5/2016 c12 7Dinner
So short... And no actual therapy :( nice to see you update though
4/5/2016 c12 4Vaughn Tyler
nice. perfect solution.
4/5/2016 c12 110th Squad 3rd Seat
So sad! But we are all happy Shikako is talking to someone.
4/5/2016 c12 kylC
Thanks for the chapter! Really appreciate your hard work.
3/1/2016 c11 6Alyss Penedo
...My brain ow. But a good kind of ouch. owo
1/26/2016 c11 17Thors Alumni
This one was awesome. I would love to read what happens next and if a certain couple are still alive or not.
1/21/2016 c5 The One Who Reads Too Much
That is hilariously awesome.
1/21/2016 c11 K
This chapter made me tear up a little... poor Shikako... she just wants to come home to her loved ones but she can't...
1/19/2016 c11 5Shaunee Altman
Thanks for writing!
1/18/2016 c11 floatingmangocake
Now that'd be a conversation to be a fly on the wall for.
1/18/2016 c11 Nobody Smurf
Oops. :)

I like this one.
1/18/2016 c11 36Silver Queen
That is a very... awkward time and place to find yourself. But she managed to get away, and help, so that's something. I'm interested in seeing whatever happened at the end there, though, no lie, I would have been totally up for Missing-Iwa-Ninja-Shikako messing around and trying to stay out of trouble.
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