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12/14/2015 c7 shugokage
Interesting story and chapter!
12/14/2015 c7 Eljin1
wow, kara really likes breaking the whole secret identity thing whilst on a mission. she did it twice!
12/14/2015 c7 Guest
Glad you updated! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. And it's fine that you take a while to update, just as long as the chapters are good. And this chapter was cool! Or should I say Super cool... I'll see myself out..
12/14/2015 c7 Akuma-Heika
"I Googled synonyms for wizard,
Thaumaturgist would be more synonymous with prophet or saint. It means Miracle Worker after all. Wizard implies use of sorcery, the power of a devil, while miracles implies divine power.
12/14/2015 c7 NothingExistence
Well this story is awesome.
I have silver wrapping paper with bells and Christmas trees on it, it my favorite although my lil sis likes our gold one better
12/14/2015 c7 Watch213
Awesome to see this story, thanks for writing!
12/14/2015 c7 FateBurn
Great like always please continue again soon.
12/14/2015 c7 marlastiano
12/14/2015 c7 MasterOfDragonsGod
Nice chapter
12/14/2015 c7 2MrTwistr
Good stuff update soon.
12/14/2015 c7 28chicaalterego
Not bad. I do like Super!Harry, but... well, I kind of liked the original chapter where Green Arrow got to shine despite being the one without the super powers (assuming I'm not getting the chapter wrong).

Anyway, I will keep an eye open for the next chapter and it's (probably long) author note. Long life rambling.
12/14/2015 c7 Squadpunk 2.0
Been a while since the last update, but I'm glad there is one in the first place...
12/14/2015 c2 NothingExistence
Lol the south park reference!
12/14/2015 c7 ficreader2011
great chapter
12/14/2015 c7 177Firehedgehog
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