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for The Chicken Run

7/17 c1 Lois Wilkinson
Chicken run story of Rocky
Once rocky gets a boo boo
On his wing and he started crying
And Ginger said that’s okay rocky
Don’t cry I make it all better and kiss your boo boo
And rocky said I got a boo boo and then rocky want ginger read him
A bedtime story and Lullaby song twinkle little star and goodnight kiss
The next morning Rocky was Dreaming happy and he Accidentally wet
The bed this morning and Ginger said oh Rocky I think it’s time to potty
Training for you to were Diapers you are a big boy now and your babysitter Fowler
To take care of you when I go out girls night
1/1/2019 c1 6Daniel French
and I thought I had bad grammar
10/12/2018 c1 INACTIVE ACCOUNT42
What...is this? This is one of the worst stories to ever exist.

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