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10/27/2016 c3 Flightt94
You should definitely update this, it's really good.
2/28/2016 c3 marla13
1/1/2016 c3 1annnahatcher
I love this fic.. I hope you decide to continue, I would love to see everyones reactions to them at the party together :) x
10/8/2015 c3 Guest
This is great for your first time! When is chapter 4 coming!
9/30/2015 c3 Yel
This one's pretty great for a first time fic. Keep it going!
9/22/2015 c3 66AnonymousDH
Great chapter! Love that Mike is questioning Harvey and that he told him her name was Harriet. Cn't wait to see Mike's reaction when he sees Donna. Loved them on a date and using those lines in the end
9/21/2015 c2 AnonymousDH
I love how this story starts with Harvey wanting to be there for DOnna after he breakup. Glad DOnna confronts him about the panick attacks and that they are finally telling things truthfully. Great start and cannot wait for the next chapter
9/19/2015 c1 MsAnneElliot
Great start so far. I am looking forward to this story.
9/19/2015 c1 Lucy
Omg! That was amazing. Love how you characterized Donna and Harvey. Update soon please!

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