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4/19/2018 c4 Thread
Yeah, I understand that good old love for Star Wars. This is good and you surprise me with an update. Good job.
4/19/2018 c4 Saitofan
Good chapter, I really liked it :)
4/18/2018 c4 Ky111
Great chapter and looking forward to how this will be continued (whenever that may be).

Personally I'm not really that interested in the Disney version of Star Wars I still prefer what is now Legends and I'm a huge Kenobi fan so if he's not front and centre then I'm not interested (so naturally news that he might be getting his own stand alone movie has me very interested).

4/18/2018 c1 2GuardianXAngel
Really Master Fay falling to the Dark Side, now that is a bit of a twist. Considering that she is supposed to be a paragon of the Light Side I can't wait to see her show up again.
4/15/2018 c3 78Cosmic Castaway
...these stories are always fun because you can take the character down a path he normally would never go down. I like it so far and definitely can't wait for more updates! Love that Siri just showed up too! Great job.
12/5/2016 c1 misteryman526
Anchorhead - A settlement on the planet Tatooine
Anchorage - A city in the state of Alaska, United States, Planet Earth, totally NOT in a Galaxy far, far away and long ago, lol
11/17/2016 c3 Ky111
Interesting story so far, looking forward to what's going to happen.

Until the next one.
11/4/2016 c3 18LittleNK
Oh, how I miss this fic. Thanks for the update.
11/4/2016 c3 Saito
Oho? This is a intereting twist :)
11/3/2016 c3 Force sensitive
Yes, it's so nice to read a new chapter. I have been wishing to read more. Please continue! I so look forward to reading this story next updated chapter than rereading it from the beginning.
11/3/2016 c3 3Takei Daloui
An old friend (she is an old friend right? I believe I read that somewhere) meets Obi-wan once again. Why is it that all the best laid plans to wrong so easily? (That's not a jab at you, that's me making a joke just so we're clear). Anyway I enjoyed this chapter. I hope you write more if you get back into it but if not that's fine with me. You can only write what you want to write, that's the way I see it.
1/4/2016 c2 Dannazj
I just found this story, and I have to say that the plot looks really interesting; I like the idea of a darker Obi-Wan, and I'm loving how he seems to represent the middle ground between the two extremes of "good" and "evil". I hope to read more soon.
12/27/2015 c2 M.L
You said something interesting in the first chapter, when you described your Obi-Wan. That the path to hell is paved with good intentions. But reading your story (and in general) I believe that it's the jedi the saying is about, not your Obi-Wan. So afraid of the dark they forget that there are shades of grey in between, that passion drives civilizations forward, that there is no light without the dark. Jedi embody extreme good, but extremes are always bad in one way or another. Your Obi-Wan, though still unsure of himself and his path, seems to me to be far closer to being truly balanced than the Order.
11/16/2015 c2 Takei Daloui
It already looks pretty good. It's interesting to see Obi-Wan like this. As seen, he still has Jedi mindsets yet also rebels against the Jedi because of how he has come to feel about them. In that regard, it's less like he's some evil Sith Lord and more like he's a Jedi that turned towards a darker path for the sake of what he perceives to be right. Which is good since darker heroes that still have some of those hero characteristics are quite fun to read. I look forward to more.
11/16/2015 c2 The Darkest wizard
This is a great chapter, I enjoyed Jango's and Obi-Wans interactions. Please update soon.
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