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3h c91 13Freerunner4427
Ah hell. Cross has just fucking lost all shreds of humor, hasn't he?

I'll be honest with you guys, this whole arc is shaping up to be one hell of a roller-coaster. At this point, I have completely lost all hope that Ace will make it out of this alive, and I have given up on wondering where Cross is.

I'm just gonna buckle in and enjoy the fall out.
1/14 c12 Guest
Rereading this, but of a plothole but couldn't Soundbight have contacted choppa and the good dock from the bottom, or at least half way up, the mounten? Drum ark if this is not clear.
1/14 c68 Guest
Thought I would let you know that in chapter 60 you call Kids ship the Iron Tramp but it's actually called the Victoria Punk, PS love this story 2nd time reading it.
1/15 c64 1jestermon101
(I had to re-read this chapter as i completely forgot everything before that due to my shock. XD)
I take it Perona is faking about joining Shiki's crew. (She would have requested earlier if she wasn't).
Do you have a link to all the fanart entries or do we have to looking for ourselves?
1/15 c63 jestermon101
Perona's powers can be used to train pretty much any animal? Huh. Puts Dr. Dolittle to shame. XD
1/12 c91 Guest
Update potato fruit
1/14 c91 19Teardrop94
Out of all that could be said here, I have to say what a lot of people may be thinking...

You have scarred me by recommending that dang song. I chose the official music video... Those puppets are now my worst fear.
1/14 c62 jestermon101
Another meeting of the Masons.
The Marine Vacation Island is up and running.
So Cross, Luffy and Boss are on the same island as Sunny.
Isaiah has gone missing. (With Jessica maybe?)
Sanji, Conis and Mikey are used by Usopp to demonstrate the wonders of Ducktape. :D
Vivi becomes a rodeo champion whilst Brook is a Snake charmer and Robin learns the joys of knots.
Chopper, Leo and Merry decided to have Zoro lead the way? No wonder they've been struck in a blizzard for a week. -_-'
LOL Raphy using Perona as a sketching pad. XD
Nami and Perona are chillin by the pool.
Sounds about right for a Straw Hat adventure. XD
1/13 c61 jestermon101
I like how you've written Yoko. It's completely in character for her as well as setting her on the right path with the right idols to look up to. Her father would be proud. :3
1/13 c60 jestermon101
Perona's backstory makes a lot of sense given her personality, it also gives a reason for her to hate being along as was shown during the time-skip.
Boss meet Boss.
I hope Cross passes on to the Zodiac of the Divine about that girl (Can't remember name) that works with Boss (The beetle). Her father was a Decent Marine and a Good Man. Maybe he could be used as a Martyr for their cause?
1/13 c91 4Le055Li0n
The fuck is this story? Seriously it does what so few do, make me genuinely terrified.
1/12 c4 Vactican
tanga naman ng mc nato.
di ba dapat alam nya kung nasan si luffy
1/12 c3 Vactican
1/12 c2 Vactican
Hindi ko gusto yung Alabasta Arc, naiinis dyan kay vivi habang pinapanood ko
1/12 c2 Vactican
Ano to? diba dapa't ang stranger ang unang magpapakilala bago ikaw?
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