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1/31 c1 1210justinp
wtf is happening?
1/31 c98 5lyricalgurl8
Okay, you bastards. I just finished rereading this whole monster of a story again and peaked properly at the epilogue on AO3. Gotta be honest. My first reaction was “they fucking died?!” Then immediately bashed my head on my desk since Wyvern’s clearly alive. But immediately bashed my head AGAIN since I remembered he was from BEFORE THEY ATTEMPTED the escape. And yet whimpered in pain since without the both of them, the schadenfreude this would cause would be right up your alley. But then, gotta hope that the smuck that “gave” the interview was the Anarchist himself, or else this would break a lot of people, me included.

But really, thank you three. You’ve been a part of my life ever for so long I can’t even remember when I got the curiousity to open this story since I steer clear away from SIs (Third Fang’s YAWALEH led me here, TBH. Another genius, that guy) But yeah. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Here’s to weekly looking forward to what Oda’s masterpiece will bring us as we’re nearing Laugh Tale. And here’s to always looking out for your continuation, for the utter gloriousness this version of the Strawhat Pirates will bring.

Salamat ng marami. At mabuhay kayo!
1/29 c43 Shogun lord poke burst
I can't wait for when they meet the minx, and Cross gets a Garuchu from wanda that immediately turns into a utter mauling!
1/26 c96 austin-flare-potter
aaaa just reread the whole thing again. Love it soo much.

you get the essence of the crew perfectly!
the wait is killing me, please publish moree
1/21 c98 Ireallylikewakfu
I fuckong love this story bro
1/21 c33 AU1
1/16 c41 KINGDEEM
1/16 c40 KINGDEEM
Both once again and new game plus is meh... its a smarter luffy.. i dont want that this fic on the other hand with a oc and more more moree is sooo much better than that
1/15 c35 KINGDEEM
i know there is no romance at all but can you add romance with conis after the timeskip? romance is part of it yknow
1/14 c32 KINGDEEM
well that is one way to get trough skypiea arc, have the oc be knocked out the whole time lol
1/14 c31 KINGDEEM
really hope after the timeskip that cross has learned haki
1/13 c24 KINGDEEM
Did nami just admit that cross has a big dick?
1/13 c23 KINGDEEM
OOHHH its hereeee the sbs! the best part!
1/8 c91 mr. jack joke
is Coby having second thoughts...?
1/4 c69 acowles02
Gotta love when the shanks pirates have their priorities straightened out and party so much they forgot the meeting.
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