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1/14 c7 Ghost012
Ironic considering who is saying that. Dude knows basically everything before everything happens. Of course his existence will change shit but still predictable to a degree
1/14 c3 Ghost012
Bruh, is he for real. I get impel down is a bit extra cruel but being a pirate by itself is a crime. And then pursuing the legacy of the pirate king is a major crime. Is he seriously asking smoker why he is after them
1/11 c95 shaniyathreat2015
Is this story on break? Because I keep coming back expecting it to be update and it's not
1/10 c38 Tenrai Saika
I love this story. I love how in character everyone from canon seems to be, and how well they interact with each other - it feels like the kind of fun chaotic atmosphere you'd expect the Strawhats to have from what we've seen in canon.

I don't usually go out of my way to comment on chapters, or review in this case, in fact I think this is my first review in this site, despite many several months of reading millions of words worth of fan fiction on it, and having an account the entire time; but I just felt like I needed to review this chapter.

You completely nailed this chapter. Although I haven't seen the movie, I've seen a couple in depth reviews on it, and knew the major plot points thoroughly (I have a good memory), and even though I knew what was coming, I was on the proverbial edge of my seat the entire time.
My favorite thing about this chapter, though, by far, was the decision to write nearly the ENTIRE thing from the perspective of the radio broadcast. It really felt like some kind of old, late night horror radio show, and gave the feeling of not just being in the audience as in being a reader of the story, but being able to be immersed in the role of an audience member witnessing this situation second hand with the rest of the One Piece world. It just felt right.

Which brings me to my next point - one of the most satisfying things in One Piece is seeing the bits of chapters, sometimes entire chapters, and sometimes cover art stories dedicated to showing past acquaintances of the Strawhats reactions to their latest exploits. The decision to allow the cast to broadcast a "radio" show to the entire One Piece world massively facilitates this, and in a far more efficient manner than the newspapers of One Piece. You've taken one of the most satisfying aspects of One Piece, and cranked it to 11, and allowed to happen far more often - and all with an explanation that makes perfect sense in universe.

I have fan fiction ideas, too, even though I probably won't get around to writing any of them (too busy reading more). One of my favorite things to do with my favorite stories is think of "what if this," and "what if that," and "wouldn't it be cool if..." that being said, I think this is one of the only fan fictions that I've read that inspire me, that give me ideas for fan fictions OF THAT FAN FICTION!

I didn't want to wrote an essay, but here I am. This Bites! is one of, if not THE best One Piece fan fictions. Hands down... and as far as fan fiction expanding upon / world building the original world in ways that make total sense, and end up adding to my headcanon, and keeping characters acting like themselves, etc, etc, This Bites! is a strong contender for some of the greatest fan fiction of any story.

I will admit, there are, albeit rather infrequently, some things that are a tiny bit cringe, or just the slightest bit contrived, but the over-overwhelming majority of the story makes up for it.

If someone has read all this, and is looking for a One Piece fan fiction to read, and hasn't started this yet... what are you doing? Read this. Now.
1/10 c81 JKingSniper
I wonder if the imposter Luffy and others from thr anime will still show up lol
now how did Stussy get here
1/9 c80 JKingSniper
He prob could've exposed the child/mother killing part to ensure Gold Roger bloodline never lives by murdering innocent civilians
1/8 c95 wallyexists
this is simultaneously the greatest and longest thing i've ever read
1/8 c6 SteadfastWhiplash
Honestly I don't understand the lying about his background, wouldn't it have been better for him to just keep quiet about it for now? Take Sanji for an example. It took years for the crew to get his life story and nobody seemed to care much.
1/6 c1 damian0481
question i dont know where to see the answer.. anyway.. does it have romance?
1/8 c48 JKingSniper
You live in this world of pirates, you gotta learn how to defend yourself somehow
1/7 c11 Tenjo
So are we just going to pretend Soundbite can’t instantly make anyone within that 1.6km radius deaf? He can either just block any sound from getting to their eardrums or blast them with 120 decibels. Boom. He could have made his voice or footsteps happen elsewhere and led them on a wild goose chase. Hell, if I remember correctly, going beyond 200 or so decibels can damage organs and potentially cause death.

Soundbite’s power is OP as hell. Even if they’re somehow too dumb to realise how deadly it is, they should at least use it a little smarter, no?
1/6 c6 Tenjo
You seem to be relying upon him having terribly inconsistent memory to create an illusion of suspense. You can’t seriously mean to tell me a girl with three scoops ice cream instantly made him realise Smoker was near but even after the mention of reverse mountain, going over reverse mountain, hearing Laboon and SEEING Laboon, he couldn’t remember there was a giant bloody whale in their way?
1/6 c2 Tenjo
I hope Soundbite doesn’t remain prominent… it almost turned me off the story in the very first chapter, so there’s no way I’d be able to put up with it for many more
1/6 c1 Tenjo
… I dunno about you but if I was in that situation I’d avoid the sea at all cost. I’m scared of OUR ocean… the seas in One Piece are swarming with super-powered pirates and sea creatures that could literally swallow a small ship whole. No thanks.
1/5 c13 the lord of eggs
"he pointedly ignored the BARREL that bounced off his skull" I don't know if this is considered badass or just plain dumb
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