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10/7 c11 ilikefreedom
This chapter got a good chuckle out of me.
9/17 c5 fungusacademy
should have crafted iron daggers till lvl 30
9/15 c2 3Mrtyu666
ugh, Party systems.
8/24 c4 2eseer
"you have successfully cast off the shackles of your soul and freed its light unto the world"

what is this, persona?
6/30 c4 1Smartyul
Fuck canon indeed. Who needs a powerful team when you can have a fucking godlike one?
6/15 c1 AvidReader2425
Interesting first chapter to be sure
6/2 c35 1pyrogreninja
Nice little reference to Hoodwinked! Loved that movie.
5/26 c2 drkprince
party system and the name well dude. both suckzz.. tie up and deliver to ozpin. wonderful..
3/10 c78 mccann1444
so I really enjoyed the book also cobalt reminds me of myself most definitely. an individual who wants to not disappoint those he cares about but ends up doing so anyway without even trying. yep definitely sounds like me here's to luck that gets me in trouble. well whatever loved the story and keep up the good work. keep moving forward -Monty Oum
12/12/2019 c78 6Kamikisekai
wow just wow there is nothing more to say
11/14/2019 c16 bennibob
meh, it's a great idea for a story and is going well but telling everyone everything. the gamer system and even his si ness just kills it for me. night come back later if I cant find anything else
10/12/2019 c6 3Verdauga
Cobalt totally seems ADHD, like me.
6/21/2019 c18 GL
I wish I could unread Santa but I can't...maybe you should rewrite this chapter.
6/18/2019 c21 dantezess
...what well that was a buzz kill. you set this up like he was about to do something awesome then promptly had someone beat his ass and revealed that your MC is not unique at all AND that there could be any number of "Gamers" in remnant all of which could use the power better than him unless purposely dumbed down so as not to slaughter him as a higher level gamer "WOULD" and they would unless totally incompetent... Long story short adding a second gamer is dumb
6/18/2019 c20 dantezess
I've been flipping back and forth between cringing and laughing my ass off for the past few chapters
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