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for The odds were never in my favour

1h c58 ShineX
Ah so she had to willingly accept, for given definitions of willingly I guess.
1h c57 ShineX
I'm rather surprised she'd want to participate in the tournament in the first place. Seems like a great way to be assassinated.
2h c56 ShineX
Very nicely done :)
4h c55 ShineX
Well that was well done. The compulsion thing becomes way more of an issue now I guess, and having his sister appear I admit makes things more interesting for the world you've built. Well done.
6h c53 ShineX
I admit the compulsion bit on Ginny would've had me instantly naming that as priority 1 in figuring out how to get rid of it. After all, if it can happen to her it can happen to you.
1/19 c49 ShineX
So why was Dumbledore late again? That wasn't explained. Also, definitely time to look into those anti-dementor spells.
1/19 c48 ShineX
I do hope you go more in depth with what goes on after that last bit there instead of just jumping ahead in time like normal.
1/19 c47 ShineX
Well at least Dudley didn't die there. While he's been written as a rotten kid he wouldn't have deserved that. I'd also been curious for a long while whether or not James actually did a betrayal or not in your au. Let's see where this goes.
1/18 c39 ShineX
That was a great sequence lol :)
1/17 c33 ShineX
I thought Alex got a chess set beforehand from Flitwick?
1/17 c31 ShineX
I'm somewhat surprised that you had Longbottom get the parselmouth rather than Alex, but I guess I can get it even if it makes it more canon like on the sidelines.
1/14 c19 ShineX
Having things be destroyed by the force of movement in comparison to slowly floating about isn't a case of powers weakening lol.
Interesting ending, the dynamics of your world building are quite good.
1/14 c18 ShineX
Self defense isn't murder. Beyond that this first section was interesting if only in the fact that you got a twisted version of the first book. Hmm.
1/14 c11 ShineX
That was an excellent reference at the end there.
1/13 c6 ShineX
Interesting setup, and I like that Flitwick is on her side. Overall nicely done.
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