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for The odds were never in my favour

14h c115 Regtech
Fantastic. Great to see that Krum actually.
2/29 c115 3grovepjp
2/28 c115 7Frosty Wolf
It's a miracle. A day that will live in infamy. Montague finally got some points!

Oh, and Heather revealed the existence of talking dragons to the world. Am I wrong to assume that the title 'dragon handler' is going to become a mark of shame when Heather reveals that dragons were actually intelligent once? In the muggle world at least.

Meanwhile Fleur continues not to learn from her mistakes. At least not to the point of puncturing her massive ego. Bright side, Cedric came off as a lot less cultish this chapter, for lack of a better word.
2/28 c115 2CMVreud
Cedric not thinking of cheating had me laughing, but Alexandra calling Fingolfin had me roaring.
And Madame CHAOS summoning flying, sticky pillows... finally some chaos Chaos... I'd bought her a drink for that.

All in all a wonderful chapter.
2/28 c1 mathdump
Fingfolin is a dragon breed native to Britain, a country with a cold climate. I find it hard to believe that he'd have no cold immunity.
2/27 c115 Kaia

really wish Fleur Delacour would get what's coming to her... does her father have ANY authority over her anymore now that she's an elemental AVATAR? I ask because I can see her accidentally killing him in anger

Of course, revealing Fingolfin would have its consequences, as would Lyudmila revealing that she has the hammer of Thor; I don't think anyone would doubt that.

How does Morgan/Isis feel about Fingolfin being revealed? Dumbledork too?

At least Alex is still at the top of the rankings... honestly, I want Hogwarts to win just so Alex can say "Stuff it" to Dumbledore
2/28 c115 vysirez
So I have to say the rules for the broom race were a bit too open. As far as I can tell the rules only required you to use the broom and go through the gates in order and not kill other Champions. Nowhere was it stated that you had to actually fly on the broom that was provided. Nor was apparition disallowed. Or riding your dragon while sitting on the broom or really anything.
2/27 c19 1orion0905
It's been a very long time since I've re-read this story. It can be very nice to look at this very small scale conflicts before it built up into the current one. It also allows one to see the foreshadowing or clues and fun nods to the sides of battle.
2/27 c115 cynder93
Graham survived and even got his first points by grovelling XD!

Fingolfin got revealed wonder how the world will react. Lydmila is busy collecting norse weapons, she already had Gungnir now she has Thors hammer, Loki maybe also gave her a weapon...

And Krum won the battle but lost the war, he finished first but Alexandra got the most points.
2/27 c115 Guest
Well, I liked all the excitement overall, the reveal of Fingolfin especially (wonder what's the reaction going to be when the non-magical population finds out his name is from Lord of the Rings), and I liked at the end how Alexandria won by points.

I hope Cedric starts shaping up though, hopefully this task is the kick in the behind that puts him back on a better path, like Fleur after the first task (unfortunately, she regressed later on, but I hope that this time it'll stick...nahhhh, she doesn't seem the type anymore).

And, where on earth do all these weapons straight out of myth come from? And when is Alexandra going to get more of her own? I understand that she had Fragarach/Clarent, but that sword has been destroyed, so is she going to get a new one or fix hers? Just feel like it's kind of unfair that Lyudmila gets more mythical weapons while Alexandra's only mythical one got destroyed.
Although I do have to admit that you did dig quite a bit into Norse myth to come up with the Mjolnir idea: You'd have to know quite a bit about Norse myth to know that Loki was the one who "commissioned" Mjolnir and Gungnir from the dwarves. Lyudmila being the champion of Loki must be what allows her to wield them without repercussions.

Lastly, any news on the Seals? Is the array broken? Was there not enough champion-based power to trigger one? Just curious on that.
2/27 c115 13Steve2
Damn, but this chapter (like all the others) does not fail to impress. Well done! Well done indeed.
2/27 c115 4Greatazuredragon
Montague got some points! Its a miracle! xD
2/26 c115 London Knight
Excellent stuff !
I normally find Broomstick Matches and Races fairly boring ... not this one !
Montague ... well he pissed about and found out ... hehe ...
2/26 c4 2Rokasan
I know it's canon, but why would 11yos have to duck if somehow Hagrid could fit through? Does the landscape magically lower itself to the height of the boat riders? Haha
2/26 c115 unknownlifeform
Every time I see a new chapter it’s a good day
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