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for The odds were never in my favour

1/13 c58 Kalstorm99
1/13 c57 Kalstorm99
1/13 c56 Kalstorm99
great chapter.
1/13 c47 Kalstorm99
cool chapter
1/13 c45 Kalstorm99
very interesting.
1/13 c43 Kalstorm99
1/13 c77 blarg7865
After suffering from a spurt of laziness I am finally reviewing this fic. And Email notifications for PMs work now.

It was interesting to finally see how the Black will proceeded. Although we still don't know what Astrid got. I wonder if the Black files will be really useful in preparing against both Ra's forces and the Exchequer...and if it will have a very detailed description of the private time of Albus and Grindle. That would kill Alex.

You gave us three potential runes that would be useful for Alex. I feel the Aztec ones would likely fit best for some reason. I don't know why but Alex riding a solar surfboard popped into my head.

Albus doesn't seem to know much of the enemy forces he'll be facing in the tournament. Not sure Ra has told him much.

We see the two most sanest light champions discuss the situation. It's interesting to finally learn why the AOL is so incompetent. No wonder the Exchequer has been able to dominate so much with the AOL so weak.

Although I am no imagining the reactions of everyone if Eleanor asked Alex to a dance.

We learnt more about alchemy. I do have a feeling this Alchemist will have more of an appearance in the future. Not sure in what way though.

I also wonder if Alex will ever get any of Flamel's knowledge? We never learnt if he had contingency plans.

It will be interesting to see how long until most of the Slytherin champions are slaughtered. And we see Alex starting to learn some true Dark magic. I feel she would avoid some of the truly dark spells and rituals though. I see her being chaotic neutral in nature, unlike Ra and Alubs who as lawful Evil, The Exchequer who are Neutral Evil and Lyudmila who is chaotic evil.

The next DADA teacher will be...DUDLEY!

The thing about Voldy is I feel he wont be an ally of the Exchequer here. I feel he would more represent the dark forces that reject the organisation, the dark or insane that the Exchequer don't want...Now imagining Voldy as one of Lyudmila's teachers for the tournament.

And we learn more of Osiris and Ra. With the chosen cards though you never mentioned if they were upside down or back to front. That generally plays an important role with tarot predictions.

Hope the start of book 4 is soon. Also hope to see some conflict between Alex and some dark forces...haven't seen that for awhile.
1/12 c40 Kalstorm99
1/12 c30 Kalstorm99
great chapter.
1/12 c27 Kalstorm99
cool chapter.
1/12 c20 Kalstorm99
very nice,
1/12 c18 Kalstorm99
1/12 c12 Kalstorm99
cool chapter
1/12 c10 Kalstorm99
1/12 c8 Kalstorm99
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