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1/27 c50 mumphie
I had thought that you said weapons like swords were banned. but since the basilisk event, no one had come down on Alexandra for using one.
1/25 c102 Guest
Every time a new chapter comes out I am stunned at the spectacul and quality. I really love this. :)
1/25 c102 Guest
I thought only one seal could be activated per day?
1/26 c102 JadeTalisman
Oh my god! from beginning to end, this chapter was beautiful
I loved it
also I keep reading Urmah Temen as Uma Therman XD
I patiently await the next.
I hope things are well with you
1/26 c102 4The Sinister Man
My prediction: Henri is the person in the first scene, and he cut a deal to betray Neville to the DEs in order to protect his family and also himself from Ra.
1/26 c102 2Noneofyourdamnbuisness14
Woof, did not expect Urmah Temen to go down like a buster. Not gonna lie, I had it in my head that he was gonna be the hidden wild card of Ra, not on like Lyud's level but maybe Alex & Lucrezias. Not necessarily disappointing, but it does lead me to believe that whomever this new Unity champion is, they better be beefy, cuz the Light Champions really aren't looking too hot rn. I'm intrigued with the idea of an Elemental Power, but like, I guess I don't really get why Summoning a Salamander would allow this to happen? Like, sure Surtr is associated with fire, but unless Muspelheim literally is the Plane of Fire, it would make more sense to me that he is an Aspect of Death, or ironically, Judgement, though if that was intentional on that last part then bravo. One way or another, it confirms, at least to me, that Falk is dying at Fleur's hand, and wouldn't it be funny if Fleur ends up with the most Light Champion kills by the end of the Tournament. It also has me far more curious as to what the Exchequer's plan with Neville is, because if they force Fate back into Neutrality, or even the Dark, the Light will be in an even worse position than the Dark ever was.

I'm almost scared to mention this, as pacing is something I'm sure everyone reading is a little worried with, but what's going on with the War going on in Britain between the Ministry and the Vampires? I know Alex has briefly spoken to some higher ups in the Soul Drinkers, but the Shadow Blades are fully at war rn and I feel like that's been slightly forgotten? I guess I assumed the few times we returned to Hogwarts between Tasks we would've been given updates, especially as the vamps seemed quite aggressive, but maybe the Ministry is just stifling it.
1/26 c7 smeleanor
Knight alchemist, go!
1/26 c102 Radmar
What I almost forgot is that the Exchequer are not good guys. They are, like, terrorists, or something. Perhaps it's time Alexandra realized it. Again. Malatesti activated two seals. That makes him an enemy.

Exchequer's motivation seems to be Ragnarök. And I am increasingly more and more convinced that this civilization will not survive the next few chapters. Maybe Exchequer will win. Maybe they won't. But Alexandra will play a pivotal role in it. And she will probably end up in a conflict against Ra himself. War is coming. What's-his-face will get free (Nidhogg? The big dragon under Hogwarts.). And that safety line in the shape of a ship will come in handy one of those chapters.

I am pretty hyped to see how everything will proceed in the next few chapters. But the fourth task might end up being the last. And statute of secrecy will pay the price.

I am quite confused about this new neutral faction. I personally think that Fleur's current neutrality just mean that she hasn't chosen an affiliation just yet. Because otherwise, what would be a point in neutrality? Dark means free will. Light means a lack of it. I am not sure what would neutrality mean here. An illusion of free will? Destiny? Perhaps Sabine Hossenfelder has got it right all this time. Superdeterminism might be an answer. But still, I feel like that's too narrow a concept to build an entire faction around.

Either way, consider me hyped! I wonder who will be the next to die. Hopefully not Eleonora. She still has her role to play. I hope.
1/26 c102 Dragonfan91
I was so excited when I saw this chapter had been posted. Things are really heating up. The second battle of the slapping fishes had me laughing.
The Summon has a lot of potential. I wonder if Alexandra will have to face her old nightmare. Hydra vs Summon could be incredible to read.
I wanna know all the light side animagus forms!
And I didn’t expect the death eaters to make an appearance. This will be interesting. Can’t wait to read more!
1/25 c102 1Raven097
Nice chapter
1/25 c102 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
1/25 c102 7Frosty Wolf
Interesting, that ending makes me think that our clandestine meeting from the start of the chapter involved a member of the, rapidly fracturing, Day Court. Because I doubt Voldemort currently has the reach or influence to try and attack the BWL here right now. False flag op seems more likely.

Speaking of whom, was Neville playing for time when he stalked off or was he just going to whine and sulk?

And I WANT to feel sorry for Fleur here. I really do! But until she realizes that she was a monster when working for the Light powers I just can't do it. Though I suppose she now has plenty of chances for a serious reality check. Especially if her former 'allies' decide she's a threat to be removed.

No my pity goes to, for the first time in this story I think, Ronald Weasley! Who might finally be realizing how out of his depth he is. He has no business being in this tournament, never mind on that boat, and his best friends are devolving into monsters. I also give points for being the only person on that boat to even TRY and douse his doomed teammate despite being the youngest. Though he's lucky that Falk will probably get the most attention from their host, depending on how much or little protection the rules give captives here. Though Malatesti has proven surprisingly clever, so he might find a way to work around them.

I wish the Hell Salamander luck in destroying the Grail...which is not a sentence I ever thought I'd type. But hopefully it's destruction reduces or reverses certain effects, otherwise Neville is really going to be unbearable until he croaks.

And the list of participants and their status is really useful, but I have one suggestion. Maybe list the number of Guards, Warlocks and Artificers each faction still has in play? I can't recall off the top of my head how many the Day Court started with so it might make things easier to see how much they've been weakened, because I suspect this task will eat up a few more chapters before it's done.
1/25 c102 1Taryth
thanks for the recap. 2 seals in 1 day is quite a lot
1/25 c18 mumphie
I had figured you would have ole Dumbles give away the Potter's cloak. Keeping fingers crossed that you will find a way to get it back into Alexandra's possession. I also hope she will get a way to have her pensive back from the old thief.
Glad you gave her friends. The tale is sad enough to have her without them. It could lead to worse things for her.
Am a tad confused about the Exchequer. The King talks about being Light, yet is actually Dark? I hope it eventually will become clear.
1/25 c102 50Shadesofpie
This tournament is so long and its becoming boring
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