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for The odds were never in my favour

3/18 c104 Kalstorm99
Awesome chapter!
3/18 c104 1dreaddragonknight
Wow what a cluster fuck this is. Avalon sounds really pretty though, great work in building it up. This chapter really brings the Powers into a really interesting POV with the context of the rise of monotheist faiths replacing the polytheist ones over time( I am a history major). Also damn points to Albus for being so self aware and aware of the situation (as much as he can be anyway) though how the hell did Arthur (presumably) be able to possess Leo since he was a squib right?
3/18 c104 xKikixVex
By Taniquetil's Light! what a chapter, thank you so so much.
3/18 c104 7Frosty Wolf
This Merlin is an insult to the NAME Merlin and deserves whatever's waiting for him on the other side.

Am I wrong to assume that Italy isn't the only magical country undergoing a sudden, and subtle, change in leadership?

And Fudge is getting really desperate, isn't he? If he's trying to blame Dumbledore, of all people, for his mistakes.

Bright side, we've got the less annoying version of Neville back. Not Leo got away but honestly Leo was on borrowed time anyway.

Thanks for the surprise update! I wasn't expecting this so soon, so it was a nice treat on a day off.
3/18 c104 ShadowCub
I NEVER like Merlin, he was always a piece of shit, nothing was too low from him helping Uther to rape the Lady Ingraine which was line theft to use that rape child to murder anything magical except for his personal magician, good old Merlin.

Its too bad the old fucker didn't suffer more.
Longbottom you dun fucked up. And Black looks like your family will be throwing a party celebrating your death really soon.

Alexandra needs a new weapon and surprised this many champions managed to get away. Fleur you just get more and more stupid as time goes by.

SWEET, sweet updates.
3/18 c104 Mathias gabriel dracula
Once again a masterful job, really, I look forward to the sequel.
Although I confess there is one thing that I did not understand
If I'm not mistaken in the previous chapter Ra call the one who owns Leo Black Galade but when he came face to face with Dumbledore he presented himself as the rightful king of britain but Galade but by no means the rightful king of britain.
3/18 c104 Zelavian
Man... can't wait for the uninformed wizards learn just what is being held by the time lock, To learn that a massive magical explosion capable of taking out Europe in it pretty much entirety... PANIC TIME

Dumbledore may be cowardly but he is right in the end, What could "Black" do? From pretty much the view of anyone other than Ra's boy toys the more concerning thing is the time lock on Venice and whatever the Lord of Darkness thought is even worse, And I think Dumbledore will gladly work with Dark lords if it means saving Europe even if it means accepting a defeat after all if you are defeated and live you can come back for round 2

Unless the Morrigan for some reason let Arthur's soul go I don't see how it could be him, Merlin's soul is not going to be ever let go by Her either... Quite likely it is that Galahad guy Ra told to run especially considering Neville is also there

It looks like Neville is free at least temporarily, But he and those who drank from the Grail can likely be controlled at any time at Ra and his fanatics convenience

But regardless The shit show is only starting and Loki is definitely Munching on Popcorn right about now :P
3/18 c104 1Taryth
Death and Chaos, I ship it.

I really like how this is turning into a reflection of the horocux hunt. But instead of destroying Horocruxes, its stripping away light powers.
3/18 c104 cameron1812
And the surprises and the deeper truths keep on coming! The reveal about the light, life, neutral, dark, etc... was so well done. Love it all!
3/18 c104 11chm01
there's no waiting out this storm, they will have to brave the tempest
3/18 c12 11Darkscythe Drake
This is an incredible premise and story! I look forward to reading the rest of it. Good luck wordsmith!
3/18 c104 1brnicholas
Thanks for the chapter.

Since the thirteen powers appear to have originally been tied to thirteen elements I'm trying to figure out what those are. The list I have so far: Light, Dark, Fire, Earth, Air, Water (the Four European Elements), Ice, Lightening (we have seen elemental spells rooted in them), Metal, Wood (the dragon from the Potions task was rooted in the Chinese Elements these two are there and not already listed). That only gets us to ten though. I wonder what the other three are.

I would also like to state that I don't believe that everything was originally Ra's fault. Osiris has not come across as the type of person who would respect reasonable limits. I also suspect that the repeated images of the Dark establishing sanctuaries of Magic (Slughorns home and Avelon) are not Osiris' vision but instead part of the ritual he used to break Life from the Light. Since the statue Osiris has pushed the Dark to promote Life in its domains, I suspect that was a key part of alienating Life from the Light.

Thanks for all your hard work!
3/18 c104 2Jack Inqu
Honestly, it is very impressive that Alexandra survived fighting Ra, even managing to draw blood from him. She's probably the youngest person to do so as well. Actually killing him is going to be a very monumental task though.

...yeah, the Wizarding World isn't going to be able to cover all of that up. The Statute of Secrecy is well and truly dead. And that's not even counting what's going to happen when time resumes. Heck, I don't know WHAT will happen, but I'm sure it's not going to be quiet and inconspicuous.

I can't really blame Alexandra for deciding she's had enough. As Flitwick commented several chapters ago, Alexandra is very good at knowing her limitations and weaknesses; this whole situation is completely overwhelming. And as she said, before she is the Champion of Death, she is Alexandra Potter. Her priorities are her life, her friends, and her allies. The cause of the Dark is far down that list.

Rest in peace, Minister of Magical Italy. You made a deal with the devil; you really shouldn't have been so surprised. And I'm quite sure he won't be the last leader to be killed...

It's nice to see that Avalon has beauty and wonder to it. Although now comes an interesting confrontation...

Dumbledore is finally starting to realize just how deep the hole he climbed in truly is, and how much has been kept from him, by own arrogance and/or by the plots of others.

F*ck...Ra is, impressively and horrifyingly, even worse than I thought. He's not a player who came into an existing game and tried to hoard as much power as he could. No...he created the game via selfishness, power-mongering, and fanaticism, breaking the 'rules' whenever he could to give himself more power. He really is monster.

And hey, Alexandra can add 'killed Merlin' to her resume now. ;)

...oh, damn. Possession...the appearance of Merlin, and his connection to Ra...proclaiming he's the rightful king of Britannia...that was the ghost/spirit/soul of Arthur, wasn't it? Ra put him into Leo Black's body, for who knows what reason. Oh boy...

Yeah, the deaths of millions, if not billions, of innocent souls is a good reason for Alexandra to reconsider stepping back. Of course, that doesn't mean she's going to follow the Dark's plan precisely. I also continue to enjoy the friendship(?) she and Lyudmila have forged.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
3/18 c104 PasiveNox
great chapter nice
3/18 c104 8Ashen Author
I'm not terribly fond of how everything is the fault of The Light apparently, or how Ra even got started in worshipping The Light this way when Innocence was its only Power (and now Innocence is furious at its misuse and the Champion of Innocence has turned against Ra, yowza), but the world building and revelations are good enough that I don't particularly care.

Are we going to find out what the other Powers were originally affiliated with? Would Death somehow be affiliated with Lightning, given that it's an instantaneous moment and also that death is inevitable while electricity is a fundamental force?

I'm sort of hoping that Alexandra has to team up with Dumbledore, and if Ra is tied to Light powers then maybe Light magic can potentially hurt him? Then again, Osiris was apparently immune to the AK from Nicholas Flamel, or at least could shield against it...

Also, I'm still waiting to find out why Flamel, "one of our more senior members", turned against Osiris and what has come from the Philosopher's Stone finding its way into Dumbledore's hands, what the stone actually does and how it is used... I hope that lingering plot thread fires off at some point soon.

Something that can make Elixir of Life seems like it might be useful here for healing and energizing...
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