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for The odds were never in my favour

3/8 c56 The Last Northumbrian
Ah sorry disregard the second bit of my review I just read up to the end of the chapter
3/8 c55 The Last Northumbrian
The pensive has been mentioned several times now. Are they rare in your AU? And is the pensive that Dumbledore has in canon meant to be the Potter pensive in this AU?
3/5 c103 Guest
Well, shit. That escalated quickly.

That the final conflict wouldn't be that far off, could be seen from a mile away. But I didn't expect it that soon.

So, it seems everyone's plans just got shredded. Through for the Light it was a total, unmitigated disaster. And that is still understating it.

Voldemort is dead. I am a little disappointed there. He was obviously NOT the Big Bad of the story, and in fact the Exchequer viewed him as an upjumped amateur. Still I hoped he would do something noteworthy before the end. Guess his destiny is always going to be to serve as someone else's stepping stone to greatness. Only it was Alexandra, instead of Neville.

As you stated, the Statute is finished. Since it was enforced at least partially with magic, seeing the backlash from that will be not doubt interesting.

Ra wielding Excalibur will also have consequences. Though he might have means by which to avoid the nastier side-effects of the blade.

And let us not what happened to the Powers of Fate and Life. One has been turned, with who knows what repercussions, and the former may well have been broken.

Thanks for your good work. Until next time.
3/5 c103 cynder93
I never expected for Montague to live this long, I mean he was still alive when we last saw him. And at least Cedric is also alive and Henry too if he was lucky regarding his landing spot.

And just had a look at my review from chapter 101: Burn baby Burn indeed! Like the whole island was more or less burned to the ground, Fleur is the Champion of Fire, in chapter 102 one of the champions of Light burned to death and the SoS also went up in flames.

No Fragarach/Clarent! Please let Alex get a new sword or fix her old pal. I mean that sword has been through so much shit together with her.

LYUDMILA! You better survive and maybe become champion of water! We still know so little about her!

The tournament has now gone completely FUBAR. Ad the whole world as everyone knew it as well.

All in all a great chapter as always!
3/3 c42 Foxfire1215
Yo, make the fall of slytherin’s heir an actual book please
3/3 c103 2Noneofyourdamnbuisness14
Woof, was that a chapter. Fucking called it that Neville was a Nemean Lion animagus, though I am a little sad we never learned what aspect of Fate he served. Something tickles me fiercely about the fact that Lord Voldemort literally didn't have a single line of dialogue throughout the whole fic (maybe in first year? forget if that's him or quirrel) before he got exploded. Still maintaining that Leo is the Unity champion, or at least its his body that Galahad is piloting. With everything now officially gone to shit, I can't imagine the Tournament can continue, like, the SoS just imploded, I think wizardkind has bigger concerns. I'm glad Ra stomped all the Dark Champions, I would have been hella disappointed if a bunch of teenagers where able to kill a dude that the entirety of the Exchequer failed to off. Though I do have to wonder where the fuck all of the Knights where during this shitshow.
Speaking of Exchequer, it seems clear to me that we have finally reached critical mass for them being the antagonists of the story, seeing as the only Light warriors of any repute now are Neville, Galahad, and Ra (maybe Dumbledore? I kinda doubt he's gonna have the opportunity to be raising much of a fuss though). I would somewhat like if Merlin got busted out of his prison, seems like he would be a good new Light antagonist, but for all intents and purposes the Light is seemingly toast now. With the Light in shambles and Fate lacking an intermediary, I reckon the Dark is gonna go heavy on the offense, and I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of the Knights of the Exchequer went rogue as Osiris implied. It would give chance to what I have always assumed to be an inevitable conflict: Alex v Knight-Summoner. Wtf is gonna happen between Morgan and Alex now idk, that was always a tenuous opportunity, even if it has been building for quite some time. If the conflict between the Light and Dark was far more erratic I could see Alex fleeing to Alexandria and studying under her for a time, but now I don't know if its in the cards. I guess it just depends on how Alex reacts to the inevitable outcome of Osiris v Ra, which perhaps I'm taking for granted as Osiris's victory, but Ra was visibly spooked by him the one time he showed up at that Tourney Ball and is now without a functioning grail, so who knows.
I am curious if the Great Conjunction can still occur without the Seals, it feels like we were never told exactly what either are gonna really do when they go off, just kinda hinted that they will get rid of the supremacy the Light has had over the Dark (which call me crazy, but all they had to do for that to occur was to do the Fleur thing, and that didn't really require the Tournament? and I'm still not entirely sure how they could have predicted any of that going down, which they would have needed to for the whole Water and Fire seals thing to make sense? Cause the fuck off Summon seemed pretty useless outside of busting up a few Light bastions). I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Good Chapter, big thumbs up
3/3 c103 2Nice Egan
Great chapters! As always, reading this story is very entertaining. I can't wait for the next.
Sorry about not leaving a review sooner, but I don't know why, but I stopped receiving the notifications:/
2/28 c100 Guest
A thought occurs: The players of the Venetian Civil War are forbidden magical focii beyond wands and rapiers...but that doesn't mean they can't carry NONmagical weapons, right?

Did not expect the Rules of Gibbs to come into play here, but I might advise the Court of Night to follow Rule #9
3/2 c103 1Raven097
Nice chapter
3/2 c103 1Taryth
Getting her blood taken is never good.

Everything went to hell quite fast. I wasn't expecting so much action.

A tally of who is still alive would be helpful next chapter.
3/1 c103 7Frosty Wolf
Part of me wonders if the stress from this will actually give Dumbledore a heart attack. Seriously! the Army of Light has been decimated, while trying to hunt down and kill students. Ra has revealed himself to be a lunatic willing to break the Statute of Secrecy and every law under the sun to get what he wants, the bit with the grail alone will bury him. If he lives, he'll be hunted mercilessly. If he dies, more likely, he's an embarrassment to everything Dumbles has tried to convince people he stands for!

Then there's Neville, Dumbledore's golden boy and THE CHOSEN ONE! Who took part and actually assisted Ra in all this nonsense. If the brainwashing holds, he'll be hunted down because he's too dangerous to ignore now. If it doesn't then Neville is at best a victim, and that's not a good look for a hero. Oh speaking of looks he's now a scarred and disfigured mess, and magical Britain strikes me as petty enough to expect their boy hero to be handsome or at least cute.

Small consolation, Voldemort is dead! the hands of Alexandria Potter, and I dearly hope that piece of news goes public! It's too poetic not too! And with him his resurgent Death Eater organization. No thanks to him. Years of planning, setting up Neville as a beacon and to face Riddle as Fate commanded, dust in the wind for no return.

Meanwhile the Exchequer lost a Bishop and certainly some lower rank agents in the fighting, but unlike the Army of Light has retained the vast majority of their strength. The Order of the Phoenix is still out there, but they were barely able to hold off Voldemort, never mind a real global threat.

I will say I was a bit disappointed we didn't get to see Voldemort getting taken down by Ra or anything. I mean yeah, it would've been a beatdown, but for the main HP villain Voldemort barely got a passing mention here.

Gonna predict Ra's fate here though, after dying his soul gets seized by the Light powers who proceed to spend the rest of eternity punishing him for the way he's abused their power! Because Innocence, at the very least, is clearly not happy with the old fanatic. And that doesn't strike me as a Power to get angry very often.

Can you explain the Ron thing to me. Ron got out of being brainwashed because he faked a note excusing him with his mothers signature?

Also predicting that Leo is the one who got taken over by the ghost of Galahad. And for the first time I'm actually glad about something that Fleur did. Is the situation permanently changed or just until Fleur dies and a new Light power can take her place?

Other interesting points. Falk went out loudly and pointlessly, which fit him to a T. Cedric is still alive, I admit I root for this one to live. Montague was almost tolerable this and last chapter, not sure what he'll do now that his boss bit it. More I could comment on but this review is getting pretty long so I'll end it with this.

Chapter very well written and I'm already eager for the next one!
3/1 c103 to-rainydays-and-comfy couches
Hot damn. This story just keeps evolving into everlasting greatness. Thanks for the ride, looking forward to the next chapter.
3/1 c103 Cesar17
Congratulations for managing to write this story with such a good and decent plot.

It would be relatively rare for you to make Osiris and Ra fight before telling their full backstory.

The climax of the final fight between two of the main antagonists of your story could only happen in a good way if their backstory is told and explained first, to see what led them both to their eternal feud.

Could you explain a bit what are the rules that the light broke that weakened it and how that made the darkness stronger?

Alexandra mentions many times that the light fades, I just want to know how exactly that happens. What are the rules that were broken?

Ra and Osiris must be over 4500 years old by my calculations. Ra mentions that "he was old when the pyramids were young". I had not thought that he and Osiris were so ANCIENT.

I had thought that they were both 2500 years old at most.

I would like to see how many casualties there were on both sides during this war, after all if the army of light was reduced to almost nothing, what happened then with the soldiers of osiris, I don't think they are intact in any way.

the confrontation of the 6 dark powers against Ra was great. Everything was epic at the time. Lyudmila with her runic armor and Odin's spear wielded in her hand, ready to fight to the death was incredible. Especially since she is a summoning master.

Alexandra did better than I thought possible, killing voldemort and stealing the sacrifice from Neville and Ra, that was fun. the beating and mutilation that she gave the nemean lion was great.

Have the rules for wielding the excalibur changed?
Why can Ra wield the excalibur? Or is it that Merlin and Ra took steps during their creation to bend the rules of excalibur so they could wield it themselves.

That would make sense to me.

It would also show how much the difference in power is between those who use excalibur, since Ra destroyed the sword of Morgana (Clarent) that Alexandra held, while Arthur Pendragon lost to Mordred, a Mordred that wielded the same Clarent sword.

Excalibur is quite overpowered, I hope Alexandra hasn't been touched by her power directly, since Morgana said that her attacks can't be healed.

So this is the end of the tournament, of the civil war of the carnival and of the statute of secrecy created by the ICW, I have been waiting a long time to see this moment, I already want to see the consequences, I want to see the world (created by humanity) burn and pay him pressure for his ignorance.

ignorance only gave humans a false happiness, a false Peace. While all the world's problems accumulate and the rest of humanity pays with blood for that false peace of some privileged few, and although "that" is all that many have.

Nothing lasts forever. peace is not eternal. and reality does not work as people want.

So either wizards and humans learn to live with each other, put aside their racism and fear of the unknown, their decadent traditions, or then they will kill each other in the coming wars, all until only one side I won, there is also the option that they all die, but I doubt that the latter will really happen, the planet works anyway.

That statute of secrecy was a blunder, and from what I see, Ra didn't even care about the statute of secrecy, it only served him for his nefarious purpose, at the moment it is no longer useful to him, he destroyed it himself .

All only to fall into a ridiculously obvious trap created by Osiris, if Ra had never gone to the magical tournament, the light would not have led his champions to a slaughterhouse, it would be more difficult for the dark to win over the light.

How did the light survive so long with Ra ruling over them?

I already want to see Dumbledore pay for this, he was the one who made Ra a Hogwarts professor, and he was the one who officially brought him into the tournament. Dumbledore is quite responsible for all this madness.

Do wizards consider themselves part of humanity? Or do they consider themselves different from them? As a more evolved and powerful species.

I hope that with this possible confrontation Osiris and Ra show their true power, I want to see the maximum extension of the power of the avatars of darkness and light. Ra has already shown that he can destroy the champions of powers easily and without taking it seriously. To Ra they were just bugs, but I want to see how he fares against someone who is his equal to him.

Will the time turner be used to reverse everything that happened? That would be very disastrous and boring, I never like time travel. Those things should have limits and rules.

I really liked the part where all the champions come to save Alexandra. The way everyone cooperated was very nice, too bad about the deaths, Yegork Poliakov and the Tiamat champion seemed like nice people. Polyakov was funny.

seeing Lyudmila, Lucrezia, Malatesi and Eleonora confront Ra was great.

It was a great chapter. The way Osiris came to save the situation was exciting, but why did he take so long?

No knight of Exchequer or the Queen (Morgana) went to confront Ra when he was about to destroy his plans, Ra was literally burning the game board to avoid losing, he was going to empower Neville as the chosen one by Fate, Ra se He was going to steal the victory, and no one thought of going to stop him, maybe they couldn't beat him and they left him to some children under 20 while they wait for Osiris to appear at the end and destroy him.

Well I quite liked all the tasks part of this tournament, and I had fun with the Venice carnival. Although I often wonder how long it would be until the war started, this really was a real war. And I like it a lot.

-Now what will happen to Neville, I wonder?
-Who is this descendant of Galahad?
Will Merlin ever return for the final war?
-What does Morgana feel about Alexandra? At first it seems that she didn't care much about meddling in Alexandra's life, then she wants her to be her apprentice, perhaps she sees her as the daughter that was taken from her.
Will Henri survive all this or will he die?
Is Montague going to die eventually or will his luck save him again?
-Fate will be destroyed along with the light?
-Did the fire of Prometheus kill the archangel Michael / Power of Life or did it just cut off his connection with Fleur?
-Romeo Malatesi will start dating Fleur?
-Eleonora will continue to be an adorable virgin?
Will Lucrezia finally manage to convince Alexandra to have a threesome with Susan?
-Lyudmilla Romanov likes women or men, or does she like both?
-What will happen to Wizarding Britain now that Voldemort is dead and no longer poses a threat to the country, his "pureblood" crusade is as dead as he is?
"Will Dumbledore ever get what he deserved from his sister?"
-What is the most powerful weapon created by darkness.

-Is Osiris the villain of this story?

I'm not so sure anymore, he looks like a man who lost everything he cared about because of Ra and seeks revenge. I wonder what Osiris is really looking for at the end of all this darkness that he is walking through.

Osiris seems like someone who despite all his malevolence seems to be the sanest being in this story, everything he does unlike Ra, everything seems to have a purpose with Osiris.

Good Chapter 103
3/1 c102 Cesar17
Good Chapter 102.
3/1 c101 Cesar17
Good Chapter 101
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