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1/1 c14 8LadyHokageSama
Aw, I'm so happy Minato finally believes Naruto! And good ol' Kushina, inviting for future son and grandson to stay at their house without even asking Minato first. Lol
1/1 c13 LadyHokageSama
So Minato now knows Naruto and Boruto's secret, and Black Zetsu is involved in this whole mess. Great. It's all fun and games until Zetsu is mentioned.
1/1 c11 LadyHokageSama
You're such a great writer! I love this! Must have been quite a blow to Hiashi's Hyuga ego to have been outsmarted so easily like that and ending up being roped into Naruto's team. Lol
12/31/2020 c8 LadyHokageSama
Yeah, I was guessing the same thing that happened to Kushina would happen to the other Jinchuriki. I find it hilarious that Naruto is being like a reverse Akatsuki, running around to all the other Jinchuriki to give them their Bijuu back. Lol
12/12/2020 c22 Guest
This was an incredible read! I’m so glad I found this!
11/17/2020 c1 Guest
11/14/2020 c12 1Aegis120
This is so frustrating to read. The "I just want to talk" bullshit got old reap quick. Just beat the fucker's ass in and the get him to talk.
10/24/2020 c22 Guest
Me encantó!
10/19/2020 c14 Guest
This story went from a hundred to zero in just 15 chapters. From gold...to trash. I have never been this disappointed regarding something like this, ever. Honestly, I'd go as far as to say that you deliberately messed this story up coz you started off great but damn that took a 180 degree turn. If you ever wanna write a fiction then please read the original manga first. I say this because you definitely DIDN'T watch Naruto because you have no sense of how the power balance works in naruto. I mean he couldn't beat kisame for god sake. He who went up against kaguya, the legendary seventh hokage, hailed as the greatest shinobi to ever live, couldn't beat a 15y/o kisame hoshigaki. Not DIDN'T but COULDN'T...and he was actually TRYING to beat kisame IN THE NINE TAILS CHAKRA MODE and failed. Now anyone who actually watched naruto knows how UTTERLY absurd that is. So please never ever write a naruto story again

You are a great talented writer man but don't do something like this again. Because despite your talent, I'm sure this story alone made many lose their respect for you including me
10/19/2020 c12 Why you do dis
This is immensely disappointing seeing how naruto the fukin 7th hokage couldn't beat kisame easily. I had high expectations for this fanfic because the last 11 chapters were unbelievably good. But all the excitement I had for this fanfic just shattered. What a let down man fuk
10/11/2020 c7 Bookworm51485
That was one thing that made me REALLY dislike her character. The way she kept Kurama restrained was inhumane and unforgivable, it's no wonder he hated her.
10/12/2020 c22 I-am-a-stone
I loved it️
9/12/2020 c22 Hugo0974
Awesome fic!
9/7/2020 c11 OmegaJohn
I think you confuse deliberated with debilitated a few times in this chapter.

Other than that, solid chapter.
8/16/2020 c1 Elizabeth loines
I absolutely loved this
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