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1/31/2016 c25 Guest
are you writing another act soon?
12/10/2015 c25 5adipose1913
I loved the ending, and loved all the writing in general. Javelin was a great godfather figure in this chapter, and we finally got to see the relationship between Twilight and Toothless bear fruit. I find it interesting that 80% of Gift of the Night Furies was original scenes, and that those scenes were on par with the ones rewritten from the TV special. Great job on this story, and good luck on your future ones!
12/10/2015 c24 adipose1913
The feels at the end were great. Hiccup is more frustrated here than in the original, probably because TWO of his friends disappear off the face of the earth. The white lies Javelin are telling are not like his normal interactions with hiccup, although this can be simply explained with A) Javelin is protective of his sister. B) Javelin does not want the dragons to be disturbed from their... er... business. C) the reasons stated in your story. He really does pull an Obi-Wan here, doesn't he? I am not insulting the story, it works perfectly in context and is not a scene-lift, but the star wars stuff made me think of this.
12/10/2015 c23 adipose1913
Sorry I haven't gotten to review this yet, there is some unwritten rule that your workload at school grows exponentially the closer you get to winter break.

In other news, HOLY MOTHER OF THOR! Toothless and twilight are having BABIES! Sure it seems like you have been setting this up since forever, but still, I love the slow burn of the reveal, and the fact that it seems like Hiccup doesn't know yet. The title change was also a clever way of showing what the major change was going to be (Night Fury Night Fury babies).

Also, the Yaknog scene was priceless (although the original holiday short Gift of the Night Fury has one major plothole: we have never seen any domesticated non-reptile larger than a sheep. How do they have the land to support sheep AND yaks?) and I can tell you from experience that yak milk really is that nasty.

I can't wait to read the rest of it, keep up the good work!
12/6/2015 c22 adipose1913
This chapter was not as good as previous ones, but then again you had a seriously constrained storyline to work with. Javelin plays a brilliant straight man in this chapter, which was my favorite part. In all, a decent chapter, considering your restraints
11/30/2015 c21 adipose1913
WHAT A TWIST! I loved the cliff ending, as well as the new faction introduced. I look forward greatly to legend of the boneknapper.

Looking back, this was a great story. The characters were all well-written, there were no major ooc moments, and the Dragons were extremely well done. great job on the story once more, I look forward to the continuation!
11/30/2015 c21 8xKeybladeWielderx
I hope you plan on doing HTTYD 2. And I would very much like to see Riders and Defenders of Berk. Not to mention Dawn of the Dragon Racers or Race to Dragon's Edge.
11/29/2015 c20 5adipose1913
Very strong finish! I love the way you wrapped up the major arcs (The movie story, Javalin's transformation issues) but left enough minor arcs for whatever comes next. It was a nice touch having Javalin give Hiccup the ear piece from his helmet, and really helped to hammer home the brother-like relationship between the two. Great job, and see you in legend of the bonenapper!
11/21/2015 c19 adipose1913
I loved this chapter. Sure, nothing much happened, but what did happen was interesting and well written. I am curious what this second island is, and look forward to the answer. Good luck with the final chapters, and keep wrapping up plot points!
11/9/2015 c18 adipose1913
Thank you for showing the events right after the credits roll. This gives a new perspective on the characters and shows how the vikings slowly adjust to the dragons being present. I love the character dynamics on display here, as well as how the characters react to Javelin's tale. Great writing and excellent falling action on display here. Can't wait to see what happens next!
11/3/2015 c17 adipose1913
Yeah! I like everything you have written, as always, an am eagerly awaiting the conclusion and what may follow. Keep it up!

Yes that is all I have to say, but I think I have said more than my piece about this story.
10/31/2015 c16 adipose1913
Brrrilliant climax! Not only did you capture the essence of the original climax, but you worked in the Hiccup-Javalin-Night fries dynamic well. Once again, the set-up of a future story arc or original ending is well done! The only issue is that the absolute last sentence feels just tacked on, but I don't think there was any way for it not to be because the original scene was so heartfelt because of the Father and son dynamic and the story thread it wraps up. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter, keep up the good work!
10/22/2015 c15 adipose1913
Good work, I now am intrigued to see what will follow this story arc, as you are laying some very interesting story seeds.
10/18/2015 c14 adipose1913
Once again, the character interaction is where you shine. Much like the movie, everyone has a believable motive. I agree with your decision to skip the harbor scene, as that scene is more about the visuals and the hiccup-astrid moment than the hiccup-dragons moments you have built Javalin's appearances around. Keep up the good work!
10/15/2015 c13 adipose1913
I am a science nerd, but I am also a lover of speculative fiction. You have definitely earned my suspension of disbelief here. Also, how the heck do you turn out new chapters two or three chapters a week!? I cannot manage that amount of typing or attention. Do you have a legion of monkies you dictate to?

Finally, you are doing a great job at escalating the tension for the climax, a problem place for other authors, myself included. Keep up the good work!
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