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5/14/2022 c1 GymNatty321
shit fanfic
11/25/2019 c46 Late to the Party
This was a ton of fun! I hope you'll add more to it, some day! Certainly one of the most enjoyable and interesting pieces I've read in quite a while. Thank you so much for sharing this!
11/22/2019 c43 Late to the Party
The road to Nashkel is long indeed. Hard to believe they're only nine days late, not quite a tenday. I confess I was beginning to wonder if they'd ever make it.

I appreciate how you cut the comedic elements out of the source material and treated everything as though it were a lot more serious and realistic. Taking what was presented and building upon it has really, really paid off.
I'm not sure how much you've drawn from FR source material and how much you simply invented or moved, but it blends seamlessly. I wish that the game itself was as you've written it here.

I love how you embellished Kagain's role as he was hinted at, instead of a morose and defeated spirit; Monty and Xzar are wonderfully characterised. I also adore the little details, such as Winthrop being what he is, Dorean (which appears as a play on "Gorion") eating rat, then fruit and fearing water while being a ruthless killer. The Dented Shields play a very important role whilst being disliked, which is fantastic. Truly there is just too much to comment on.

I also appreciate the repositioning of certain NPCs, such as Safana and Eldoth, Tiax, as well as their connections/relationships. Beregost has always needed a palisade wall and it always bugs me, along with the lack of fields around it and other settlements.

I also appreciate the inclusion of cavalry and actual tactics. The drowning of the hobgoblins was very believable and thoroughly savage, and yet, it perfectly showcases the world Dorean et al inhabit.

In short, this is a fantastic piece and perhaps even in my top five Baldur's Gate fics. You've done an amazing job on this. Thank you so much for writing it. I've been waiting to jot down this review for a while now, waiting to see if they ever reached Nashkel.
10/30/2019 c6 Late to the Party
More detail than normal! Much fun :) a great read.
10/29/2019 c5 Late to the Party
I liked the sprinkling of lore in this chapter and Shank's interrogation - which is precisely what the game should have allowed and always, always bothered me that it did not. Nice to finally see it.
10/29/2019 c3 Late to the Party
More fun characterisations! So nice to see Winthrop developed a little more than usual! I also like the last line- a dagger could still pierce chainmail though!
Looking forward to seeing more.
10/29/2019 c2 Late to the Party
This was a highly enjoyable read. It's nice to see Imoen as both a thief and an employee in a way that not only works but is quite believable. It's also nice to see the other characters there in more than just a passing role. :)
10/28/2019 c1 Late to the Party
An interesting beginning, more so because your charname is older than usual. The eat-what-you-kill is both ghoulish and very telling.
I'm intrigued to see where you take this, especially given the relationship with Gorion.
Not bad for a first fic.
2/17/2019 c4 18Nimloth of Thay
Dorean is quite an interesting and complex character: one moment he is a kind big brother who chats and laughs with his little sister, even being moved at the thought of being separated from her and the next moment he's basically torturing a would-be assassin in cold blood.
Shank deserved to die, no arguing on that, but I can't help feeling a small (very very small, mind you) shred of pity for him all the same, with the way he was hurt. But I liked the clear-minded way Dorean got rid of the body and of the blood.
2/8/2019 c3 Nimloth of Thay
Dorean's mother was placing him on an altar, does it mean she was a Bhaalite priestess, then? Looking forward to finding it out!
Seems like Dorean sincerely cares about Imoen, since he wants her along so badly that he even considered the possibility to kill Winthrop to get rid of the only obstacle keeping her in Candlekeep.
I like the way he manages to manipulate those around him by a smart use of his voice and facial expressions, it reminds me of Dexter somehow.
I liked a lot the revelation that Winthrop was wearing a chainmail hidden beneath his clothes, proving that he does not trust Dorean as much as he shows, nice touch!
1/24/2019 c2 Nimloth of Thay
Naw, poor Firebead, Dorean's been stealing from him so often that he now thinks his memory is slowly waning! Thoug he seems to be quite distracted of his own already: I mean, he may not be the best at remembering names, but "Dorothy" is hardly a fitting name for a young man. I doubt he'll ever get the chance to enter Suldanesselar, by the way: those Elves are as welcoming as a nest of angry vipers.
The noblewoman having the same name as Dreppin's cow was a nice and very funny touch and the way Immy fooled her and her husband was hilarious.
Shanks and Carbos, aka the two wouldbe assassins are already inside Candlekeep...That's not good news for Dorean.
I like that he's softening towards Immy and is making the effort to accept her displays of affection because he knows that he's about to leave, it's sweet of him.
1/14/2019 c1 Nimloth of Thay
Hello CMY 187
I liked the battle of wits between Dorean and the smart rat, the part where he told the rat to just "let go" and it died was interesting, as if the animal had understood his words. In a sense, it seems to me like a reminder that Dorean is a Bhaalspawn, so he kind of has power over death by birthright.
"Breaking into Ulraunt's room to leave cow poo under his bed" That was hilarious! LOL, I think every PC of every race and alignment would happily do the same!
Interesting that Dorean eats the rats he killed, is it a sort of side-effect of his Bhaaltaint?
Gorion is wise to make sure his foster son builts up a resistance to poisons, that is going to come in extremely useful when Big Sar starts sending assassins after Dorean.
Curious that Dorean's mother would have a Halfling travelling cloak, was she a half-blood? Maybe she was a distant relative of Bilbo Baggins :-)
Quite a sweet scene with Gorion being unusually affectionate towards his ward, he probably feels the end is near...And the end is coming in the form of a seven-feet-tall hottie with a two-handed sword.
1/1/2019 c17 138Blue-Inked Frost
So Firebead lied to Jaheira about Gorion's whereabouts - for twenty years. Small wonder she's so harsh. I like how Candlekeep investigated the assassin's death like a murder; that death would certainly seem like it could be a murder, though it was self defence.

I liked Marianne, Montaron's handler, and their intrigue. They had a great interaction talking about their criminal organisation.

"Let him go right now, or you won't be getting any dinner!" - It seems like it's not so much the threat of a lack of dinner but Imoen giving it that convinced Xzar to stand down! Poor Marl; his story in the game is heartbreaking.

"Was that a touch spell? He frowned, glancing at Xzar's hand. But I didn't hear him cast..." - Xzar is very impressive, and never to be underestimated.

Skie, Safana, and Eldoth are a wonderful combination. Their plots add another wonderful layer of colliding complexity.
1/1/2019 c16 Blue-Inked Frost
I liked the detail of the palisade in Beregost, showing the buildup to war. Montaron's meeting with his 'handler' is great - I love the worldbuilding you've done around the zhentarim. The mysterious dark-skinned woman was interesting - I wondered if she was Dynaheir, Safana or Montaron's handler.

Jaheira's interrogation of Firebead was very tense! Doubtless he's an extremly powerful wizard. Because of Gorion's death, it's no wonder she takes an aggressive approach around someone who might know a few things. She's certainly taking a big risk.
1/1/2019 c15 Blue-Inked Frost
"We defeated her without losing anyone of our own." - Gorion is patient and wise with his ward. Imaldasz, even as a very minor character, was compelling.

"I have met good ogres too; one of the nicest and most kind people I have ever met was an ogre." - This was a really nice moment too.

"You ever fought anyone who wasn't evil?" - No wonder that question through Gorion off. An excellent, piercing question to come from a Bhaalspawn child.

""Oh, don't worry 'bout him," said Imoen. "He may look a little scary, but he's mostly harmless."" - No wonder Jaheira and Jase look incredulous at that statement!

""''s confi...den..." said Andout, withering under Jaheira's stare." - Jaheira must be a great interrogator.

"the wizard's head was now tilted far to the side, almost at a 45-degree angle, and his eyes were wide-open and shimmering" - I loved this scary/creepy description of Xzar.

Xzar's knife throwing skills are indeed worrying. I like how Dorean sharply observed and wondered how much of Xzar's craziness was intentional.

I love the idea of bartering a belt with that ogre collector. Very nicely done deal!
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