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for She's A Little Troubled, A Little Dysfunctional She's A Survivor

10/17/2015 c8 onlyhereforoneficlol
Sigh, Chopper. Sigh, Ezra. Sigh, Zeb, Sigh, Sigh, Sigh.



Okay, Loved it. Good job.
I want Kanan to talk to her *pleading face*.
Ok, so bye.

~ May The Force Be With You
10/17/2015 c8 Guest
Please update
10/17/2015 c8 10Pine Daddy
Yay! I've been waiting for this!

I can help with the Ezra Art thing! You can do base-art! I do it a lot when I don't feel like drawing.
Or I can help you with it.

~ Paint
10/17/2015 c8 2thunder angel13
Great chapter love how Ezra used kanan as a human shield so funny
10/17/2015 c8 10Taylor Fireheart
Awesome!keep updatin
10/17/2015 c8 Shadowbridger
Awesome chapter
10/17/2015 c8 2AugustRrush
please write more soon
10/17/2015 c8 Slacker28
Yah it came out! Can't wait to see if Ezra finally gets along with a member of the crew.
10/16/2015 c7 onlyhereforoneficlol
Kanan's gonna have A BI~IG talk with Ezra about what happened on the Star Destroyer ( I can imagine Kanan's reactions when she tells him Kallus kissed her and 'strip-searched' her was it? Well it'll be funny. ) Hope you update soon.

Zeb is an idiot..


It was awesome.
Ok so..
Im going to end this
10/10/2015 c7 Guest
Good chap. You did a good job showing the immediate reactions/feelings of all the Ghost members to the reveal. Hera was of course the most understanding and kind to Ezra. Which makes it easy to see why Ezra trusts/likes her the most out of everyone (I'm really liking how you write their scenes together. I'd say out of all if Ezra's relationships, her one with Hera is my favorite in this story so far).

Kanan is of course trying his best even though he still has a ton of doubts and I'm glad they've made some progress however small. Though I think the most amusing thing in this fic so far is that Kanan's first Jedi lesson was meditation and not, you know, having Zeb and Chopper throw trash at her until she almost plummets to her death. I have a feeling this won't last (since Kanan starts out as a pretty bad teacher) but it's nice so far. But Kanan's showing some suspicion over what happened to Ezra when she was caught. It's good he's so observant (Ezra's so closed off to him). I don't think it will be too long before he figures it out, especially since Kallus is not subtle at all about his feelings for Ezra.

Sabine is understandable. She's not angry so much as she's worried/concerned. But because of she's not as aware as Hera about what orphaned street girls she's coming off in a way that's upsetting for Ezra. This is a another good way to develop them. Sabine and Ezra have pretty good chemistry in the show because of how well they developed from strangers to friends. This conflict is a pretty good one. Sabine wants Ezra to trust them and know she can trust Ezra. But Ezra needs time in order to understand/accept that and Sabine might not always be so patient. Even so, it'll be great to see them develop gradually.

Next up is Zeb's and Ezra's great adventure of theft, rescue and fruit. She still distrusts him and he doesn't completely get her. But I could actually see Ezra opening up to Zeb (not so much in talking about her feelings, but knowing where they stand and being okay in playing around with him/having fun and working together) the most after Hera after their outing (so far in the story). Zeb would also see she's more then a lying loth rat when she wants to rescue her parents friends and that she is fun for him to have around (who else would steal a TIE fighter with him). Both can also bond over their mutual hatred of Kallus too. Also great reasoning for Ezra to keep rooming with Zeb. Lol, I didn't think of that but it's true!

Till next chapter, have a good one.
10/10/2015 c7 Guest
10/9/2015 c7 guest
I LOVED IT ! This so far is my fav story I like how I demonstrates girl power and greatness. PLZZZ update soon . :-)
10/9/2015 c7 AugustRrush
Please write more soon.
10/9/2015 c7 Guest
I hope the message to Organa and getting involved in the criminal underworld does not complicate the plot too much. Also hoping she would start trusting the crew more scene they let her stay, maybe later. Good luck, cant wait to see more crew bonding.
10/9/2015 c7 Shadowbridger
It was great
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