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7/17/2018 c19 Samurai Jamne
I miss a good old Rule 63 story like this. I kinda feel sad that there’s not more talented writers like u out there making the idea of #63 be an awesome series of stories or a DECENT book on Wattpad. One of my personal favourites is Two little brirds by Sboyle92. PS please update soon- I was listening to Celldweller songs on Soundcloud when I posted this. Would recommend-Have a good one!
7/7/2018 c19 Samurai Jamne
Please update soon!
Enjoy life and live long and prosperous my friend.
1/4/2018 c19 44Chiara Polairix Edelstein
I think we are many who have been hooked on anime this season.

Death Parade (Great is the wave)

Serial Experiments Lain (A masterpiece if you allow me)

Perfect Blue (Natalie Portman is my favorite actress, but Mima surpasses her a thousand times)

And I wanted to leave the last to last:

Bible Black: The Night of Walpurgis, Origins, and Longinus's Spear (Seeeh I know I should not see "That kind of Anime" but the story is good but dark good)

Excellent Chapter
1/4/2018 c19 1Ern Estine 13624
Getting awesome good can’t wait for more
1/4/2018 c1 drainednerves
*euphoric, happy voice* LOOK WHO'S UPDATED
Seriously though, I'm glad you're back!
1/4/2018 c19 5SugarSpice87
Awsome chapter:)
1/3/2018 c19 14RUHLSAR000 AKA Bob Fluffkiller
I really love this story and am so glad it updated. Though, I do feel the need to say this before your version of Path of the Jedi goes up because a lot of people were suggestion Ezra should not trust Kanan fully until Fire Across the Galaxy or something really late. I didn't say anything before because I didn't think you would take that advice because it ruins a lot of subtle but significant scenes, including the one between Kanan and Ezra in Rise of the Old Masters as that was the first time the two of them really connected and with the addition of that one line in her head, I felt that lost nearly everything (granted that was the point). This caused all the build up in the previous chapter to accomplish nothing and really feel like a was. There are worse implications for the future, such as the little detail in Path of the Jedi where in Ezra's vision when he saw his fears about why the others kept him on the ship and his place among the crew, Kanan wasn't there. Ezra's relationship with Kanan was the strongest, so he didn't fear that. And I think Ezra wouldn't have the motivation to go as far or be as affected by Kanan's capture without that trust and by extention the deeping of their relationship.
Now, don't think I don't have faith in you as a writer. I normally am not so keen on genderswap fics as I often find the contrived and either a copy and paste with boobs or they diverge in a way that isn't reasonable from just switching the genders. Your changes just enough to keep it fresh and while having enough of a base in the show to see that theses are the characters we love. Honestly, with one or two changes (that line being one of the two), I can see this being how it play would play out in the show if Ezra was a girl. Though the dancer thing would probably be more implied in the show and shown in the EU printed material to get through the censors. So I have am fairly confident you will some how be able to balance out the relationship and by extension trust (as without trust there is no growth in the relationship) in an amazing way.
One last suggestion for you to completely ignore if you want. I saw a few comments a while back suggest swapping out Hera with Ezra in Lando's bargin. Given Kanan's current level of protectiveness I see the likelihood of him leaving her there even if she is fine is less than zero.
I hope this wasn't to harsh. I tend to be hypercritical of really great works. I think its because the writer has shown they can and does put the effort in to produce great works, I expect that level of compitence from them.
1/3/2018 c19 1eye of sparta
Amazing chapter
please continue. Will we see more of luke?
P.S. last jedi is amazing, 4.9 stars.
11/20/2017 c18 drainednerves
I really love this story and don't want to pressure you but *please* update!
9/12/2017 c18 6phantom99
I really enjoy reading this can't wait to read the next chapter
8/20/2017 c18 Mogor
Can you update this story. More chapter. And more of Ezra and Luke please.
7/28/2017 c18 BNR
plz update soon
7/11/2017 c18 7Dark Serpent Cat
Will Luke and Obi wan end up joining the crew leading to an eventual Luke/Ezra? I really would love to see that and the changes it would cause, especially with Ahsoka and Rex

Btw I read a previous author note that you are a fan of Harry Potter

I was wondering if you might consider doing a Harry Potter/Star Wars crossover in the future

For example, one could be a HP/Clone Wars crossover where Harry is found by Anakin and Obi Wan and leaves the planet. Anakin decides to take Harry as his apprentice and Ahsoka ends up as Obi Wans second apprentice. I would especially love it if Anakin and Padme relationship starts falling apart due to the war and Anakin starts falling for Harry instead

Another one is basically a Rebels instead of Clone Wars where Harry ends up part of the Ghost crew and ends up with Ezra.

Although, I am a sucker for male harem fics

A part of me would also love to see more Kallus/Ezra fics
6/30/2017 c18 Death Stalker
Plz do more chapters I love this fanfic a lot already
6/17/2017 c7 Chaos. Creator Of The Universe
so amara is ezras little sister whos dead? or alive?
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