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10/22/2016 c16 3LuaKitsune
Please update soon
And the Inquisitor and Ezra know each other from before?
Please I want to know how the Inquisitor and Kallus know Ezra already
7/4/2016 c16 Crazy Cheshire Cat Lady
WHAT ABOUT YOUR STORY “FAMILY IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT" It's over a year already for fuck sake! Do you have any idea how ANNOYING YOU'RE BEING!? You upload new stories but forget others? Really!
6/28/2016 c16 13SparkyIceblaze135
Yay another chapter! And its pretty good, I like the Idea of them going to Tatooine. Ezra keeping her temper is like me trying not to eat cake...impossible
6/28/2016 c16 Pup-Ashbless
Wow nice to see you back!

The first thing I have to comment on is, 'Ezra sleeps with one eye open whenever Kanan shows up' is going to be in my head until they get a stronger understanding/more caring relationship. I don't know why, I just thought it was funny. On a less funny note I also thought soon after that that reaction might also connect to her days when she was little and terrified of men violating her in any way (like how she said she used to sleep quietly so no one would notice her). If true, that adds quite a sad layer to the barrier Kanan needs to break down between them. Even if she trusts him rationally, subconsciously old habits die hard and it might take her more time for it to sink in Kanan would never let her get hurt.

On another note. Do I sense foreshadowing... of Chopper getting his own blaster? Well he did have two in the Broken Horn episode. I wouldn't be surprised if he does somehow get one or two on his outing w/Ezra and Ezra just letting it slide (particularly if she doesn't want Hera or Kanan to find out about something that happened. Pranksters got to stick together w/their mutual blackmail).

Tatooine eh, that's a surprising, but not unwelcome, turn of the story. There's a lot of trouble that could go down on Tatooine from all the slime that go there. Kanan's worry is certainly understandable as is his worry over Ezra (I do like how he also gets that no matter what they do to ensure her safety, Ezra will most likely still find trouble). I thought it was cute how the whole crew was concerned over something bad happening to her when they get there. Ezra's the baby of the crew (well, she pretty much is) whether she wants to be or not.

I imagine the big mystery is whether the crew will meet Luke or Obi Wan. I'm going to speculate and say no on the latter. Obi Wan is just the crazy hermit named Ben that lives far out in the dessert by himself as far as anyone else knows. Even if he senses some other force sensitives he's not going to reveal himself in case it jeopardizes his plans w/Luke in anyway.

After thinking about it, I grew to like having Luke show up if he does since I think it could actually lend to Ezra's growth. You've already set up a good way for them to run into each other at a pod race since it's something Luke also likes. Since there wouldn't be that many kids around by themselves I could see them naturally gravitate to each other. It's probably been a really long time since she's had fun w/a kid her age, interested in the same things she's in and just genuinely a sweet kid w/no ulterior motives. Ezra's a very social person and this could awaken her desire to seek out her peers. It would be a good link into to Breaking Ranks with Ezra getting secretly excited to go to a school and interact w/other kids since that was denied to her thanks to her life on the streets. Even though she'd prioritized the mission, she could be more relaxed around normal kids and more willing to seek out nice kids like Jai and Zare to spend time with. I'm also remembering the Princess on Lothal episode and think, since it seemed like Leia had a crush on Ezra, it'd be cute if Luke got a crush on Ezra here. I could also see Ezra returning it to a degree (and thus awakens her crushing on boys stage of her life). It'd be funny if that would be what sort of kicks off Kanan's protective instinct over stuff like that if he notices the attraction. He wouldn't do anything about it but, whether he'd notice or not, he'd get uncomfortable and a bit irritable over it (I see Zeb and Sabine trolling him hard over this).

Thanks for updating and have a good one!
6/28/2016 c16 1Ern Estine 13624
Getting super awesome good can't wait for more
6/27/2016 c16 ddani121212
Is anyone else excited for the next season? I know I am!
6/27/2016 c16 Arze Black
I fell on the floor and couldn't find the will to get up after the season finale. Ugh it took me a few hours to stop laying on the floor and then I was jumping up and down and then I was cursing the universe. My family thought I was being possessed or I had finally lost what little sanity I had.

Hope you update soon. I almost had a heart attack when I saw this in my alert area thing... Loved the chapter!
6/27/2016 c16 Mana
Hey good to see ya!
Oh yeah, saw the season 2 finale, it was exciting, thrilling, and a little sad. Blind Kanan *I did sob*
Here's something, I read two volumes of the Last Padawan comics. You could use the idea that Kanan needs to either confront or acknowledge his past in order to move on. He has spent so many years running away from it all that it is now catching up to him and maybe the whole Jedi Training with Ezra is making him irritated. Perhaps once he does that, he could be happier and their training could go a little bit smoother.
Tatooine, really hot! I hope Ezra will be ok, with a pretty girl like her, someone will try to make her a slave. I also hope she'll at least meet Luke. Since they're the same age, could Ezra have a brief crush on him? And/or maybe could she have another vision like she had during the ride to Garel when she meets Luke? If Ezra ever does get into trouble, can Obi Wan save her without exposing himself of course? That would be awesome.
Yeah, during the Out of Darkness episode, I felt bad for Sabine, being kept out of the loop and not feeling trusted.
Update soon.
6/27/2016 c16 4SkyguysAngel
Brilliant and I cried! You are a great writer keep up your excellent work!
6/27/2016 c16 Shadowbridger
Plz plz plz! Update soon! Also I cried when Kanan went blinded I love him
6/22/2016 c15 Unknown user
What would Rex, Gregor, Wolffe, Azmorigan, Hondo, Lando, The Seventh Sister, The Fifth Brother, Leia, Ahsoka, Gron, Chava, AP-5, The Eight Brother, Darth Vader and Maul say when they see a female Ezra Bridger?
5/4/2016 c15 Guest
Please update asap! I love this story and can't wait for more! :)
5/4/2016 c8 Guest
I'm really enjoying this story so far! Great job! :)
4/29/2016 c15 SkyguysAngel
Please continue this is currently one of my favourite stories!
4/6/2016 c15 Guest
I really like this story, keep going with it its great :D
plus love how ezra is a girl, give it more depth and story for the females with power. x
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