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for She's A Little Troubled, A Little Dysfunctional She's A Survivor

3/19/2016 c15 Guest
3/16/2016 c15 Guest
Continue I love this so much. Never stop this is so interesting and are you going by seasons?
3/14/2016 c15 Mana
That was awesome! Now the big stuff can really begin. Next up, Breaking Ranks! 'Morgan Jarrus' (female version) makes her appearance.
I'm sort of glad that you changed the lines of Ezra saying, 'Well I don't want the best teacher, I want you!' That would have been really awkward for female Ezra.
Hmm, so Ezra kinda reminds the Grand Inquisitor, the only question is what?
I agree with the other reviewer, 'Path of a Jedi' should be a point where Ezra starts to become her canon self but still have the originality you made.
I am interested in Ezra's past in this one, maybe you could tell the whole thing when Ezra faces her trial at the Lothal temple.
For the next episode, how did they find out about the Kyber Crystal? And how they can weaponize it?
I know that Ezra will do it anyway, but maybe you could add the incentive that since Kyber Crystals are the very things that makes a lightsaber, and the mere thought of the Empire using and defiling something sacred to the Jedi could added to the list. What do you think?
Update soon.
3/12/2016 c15 Arze Black
I'm going to guess that there will be no pairings involving Ezra but on the off chance that there is what is it? Loved this chapter. Can't wait for the next.
3/12/2016 c15 Guest
Forgot to mention earlier, but I'm just dying to hear about her past. You keep adding all these teases and making everything so mysterious and interesting about her. It's like we fans get to relearn about Ezra again w/the changes made. It's again nice to see how it's not just Ezra being a girl for the sake of being a girl. But we get to see how she lived as one and how harsher the world can be. This connection to the Inquisitor is definitely intriguing. Either he met someone like her or he did come across her somehow years ago.
3/12/2016 c15 14RUHLSAR000 AKA Bob Fluffkiller
I can't wait for more. I wonder if Ezra would go undercover as a girl. After all, she can easily pretend to be a guy and that would make things harder for the Empire to connect her with the rebels, which would be a good perk. Not to mention they know Kallus is there, and even if they don't know about the kiss, they know he knows what Ezra looks like. It also would be very interesting for her dynamic with Jai and Zare.
3/12/2016 c15 Shadowolf
Pls update this story this is a great story and with every that's going on is Ezra a rape victim?
3/12/2016 c15 Guest
Well well, the official game changer for Kanan and Ezra (and the series) has arrived. I liked how, even though she acted quick on her feet, Ezra was still visible scared and confused by everything from the Inquisitor to the belief Kanan would abandon her. It drives him that, despite how tough and ready for violence she can be, things like that do still bother her.

I'm hoping that as time goes on it shows more she doesn't love violence like someone else, say Sabine does. But her harsher environment made it a necessity to resort to it and instinctively lash out out everything that has or is trying to hurt her. An example could be as the longer her time on the Ghost goes on the more she feels calm and safe enough to let her true self come back out, like in canon. Ezra is naturally someone who avoids killing, so I imagine w/being a girl and the backstory you gave her, she really had to harden up in order to survive and it was a painful process that tore her up, someone who's so naturally kind. One thing that could help show this growth is during the Jedi Temple visit. Have a part of her fear (besides Kanan dying and the rest of the Ghost not caring about her) being her old weaker self who hated hurting and being hurt and coming out a more aware/at peace with these sides her herself. To Kanan's surprise, when she first shows off the blaster function of her lightsaber, he could see she's made non lethal stuns. Thus bringing her closer to her canon self who's figured out how to immobilize enemies w/o killing them (but still having a kill feature just in case).

I quite liked that one line about picking her own master and not being a leashed dog. This shows a drive in Ezra to never becoming a slave (again?) to anyone. Her picking Kanan is more then just wanting him. It's also a sign of free will (a choice he gave her) and how her anger at him was thinking he was treating her like a object (of course he wasn't). Boy I can see the arguments between these two erupt w/Ezra not knowing the difference between controlling her choices to protecting her or her best interests at heart while Kanan initially being impatient and not understanding or knowing much about why she thinks the way she does (if she gets a dating life it's going to be interesting).

On one hand I was a bit disappointing we didn't get to see Kanan teaching Ezra w/a new and better training lesson like at the end of RotOM. But I imagine you wanted to end on a more somber note w/Ezra only trusting Kanan w/her training and nothing else. So the two still have quite a journey. But at least now Kanan will be making a bigger effort to know and train her.

One idea you could do, if interested is two things. 1) make Kallus a more complex guy in certain scenes. Honorable Ones did give Kallus more humanity (he still has done plenty of terrible things though, even more in your fic. He definitely shouldn't be considered a good guy for the things he's done and for admitting he'd rather not ask questions to get unfavorable answers. But he does think he's doing good and can be influenced by the kindness of others, like from Zeb). 2) Build up Hera to being a bit more complex for Ezra. Ezra obviously trusts her more the the others for personal stuff (both here and in show) and Ezra started out w/the closest bond w/her originally. But in PotJ Ezra did have the fear of Hera only wanting him around for pragmatic reasons. Ezra's a smart kid and can read people. Hera is a mom figure, but she's also a warrior and leader very devoted to the cause. In your fic, you could have Ezra see these sides of Hera and initially worry (for a time like in canon) Hera doesn't care about her beyond a use to her cause. This could help push her to Kanan more, who arguably doesn't have a fierce drive beyond follow Hera and, later on, shows more openly how being very protective and emotionally invested in his family being safe is his number one priority in life. Not saying for Ezra to think badly of Hera or for their bond to suffer (even w/this fear Ezra carried his strong bond w/Hera), but her fear of being used and Hera's often scary pragmatic drive could confuse her for a bit and cause her to rely on/trust Kanan a lot more to always protect and care for her personally.

Anyway, next is Breaking Ranks. I particularly like that episode since it showed Kanan developing into the Space dad we know and love and Ezra showing leadership, care for the cause of helping others for the selfless sake of it and admitting the Ghost is home (and the space sib trio causing their first havoc together). Can't wait to see how you adapt it and if you'll have Ezra discover what it's like to be around nice boys (Jai and Zare). I have a feeling that, like how boy Ezra has a thing for tough pretty action girls (teased w/initially Sabine and later Leia), I bet girl Ezra's going to have a thing for tough kind boys who treat her well. It would be funny if she did find time to get crushes on nice boys in general or start using crushes people have on her to help missions. I'm reminded in the AND novel where Hera often used her good looks to get what she wanted for the mission. While Kanan would probably get irritated and complain, Hera would just nod her head and think "that's my girl". In fact, maybe Hera would take Ezra aside and teach her how to work guys interested in her for her benefit when on a mission since it would be nice for someone else besides her to know how/be able to do it (Ezra would ask Hera "why not Sabine too?" and Hera would think 'you've met Sabine right? She's walking anti crush repellent. Everyone's afraid she'd punch their heads off' or 'Sabine couldn't flirt unless the target was a famous painting' of course Hera would rather say Sabine's not into it) .

Whoa that was longer then I thought. Good luck w/your assignments and have a great day. Until next eagerly awaited time.
3/12/2016 c15 guest
p.s wish I could do a longer review but I don't hav the time
3/12/2016 c15 1Ern Estine 13624
So glad that everything okay can't wait for more
3/12/2016 c15 ddani121212
I'm really curious into what Ezra remind the Inquisitor of? Hmmmmm
3/12/2016 c15 13SparkyIceblaze135
Awesome I loved it and best wishes for your exams
3/12/2016 c15 108SonYukiGoku'sSister
I kinda feel like it instead a whole speech, it would have been better to use Ezra's original quote, "I don't want the best master, I want you." but after reading the last passage, and thinking about the backstory you gave her. It made sense. Not to mention awkward, since Ezra's a girl in this fic. Do they get closer just as fast or do they take longer?
3/11/2016 c15 25BIG Z1776
Not bad. Not bad at all. Keep up with what matters and stay on top of it so you don't go all hermit like many others have done.
3/11/2016 c15 9Jewelie-chan
Gah! Poor Ezra! You have a way of writing that just makes me feel everything the characters do, especially Ezra. It's so awesome. I love it. Keep it up! Dftba! :)
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