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3/1/2016 c14 19Girl-luvs-manga
i wonder if Ezra will make a sarcastic comment about the Inquisitor being her teacher.
2/25/2016 c14 JuggernautJJ
You got another fan here. Yay!
2/24/2016 c14 Guest
Kind of forgot to mention, but I think this is a really good opportunity to develop Kanan and GI's (Grand Inquisitor) relationship. In the show GI was always fixated on Kanan in a way. Looking back on S1 and the hints we're still getting about his character, it seemed GI was more interested in corrupting/turning/breaking Kanan then killing him. Yeah GI offered to train Ezra but he also went for the kill pretty fast. With Kanan, GI just knocked him out and left him alone to deal with Ezra (someone who's not that much of a threat w/o momma frynock as back up). It seemed weird how GI had every opportunity to easily kill Kanan but he never did. There's also taking in the fact that GI knew Kanan's true identity and important events in his life (well Filoni has stated that GI was in CW and a good force user before he fell. The most popular theory is that he was one of the Jedi temple Guards).

What I'm getting at? GI wanted to destroy Kanan's psych so he could turn him into someone completely new and ready for the Dark Side (the novel version mentions that during Kanan's capture/torture, he felt like he was becoming a fake before Ezra saved him).

It's just a idea to bounce around (been a long time since I've done fic theories), but I bet GI going after Ezra is his way of destroying Kanan. After all, Kanan admits in FatG that losing Ezra is what he fears most. Before that when GI was trying to (painfully) mind probe him, Kanan was only able to resist completely when he (I guess?) had a vision of Ezra being in some kind of danger. I bet GI knew this attachment since the beginning and tried to corrupt/kill Ezra just because he thought it would either break Kanan or turn him to the dark side. I theorize that however GI chooses to interact with Ezra in this fic (whether he is attracted to her like Kallus or tries to get her to dump Kanan for him as the better dad), he'll also have the motivation of using her to push Kanan over the edge (say you go the route of him having a, uh, crush on her. He'll play it in a way that would trigger Kanan's over protectiveness/worry in that regard and make him more stressed about what would happen if the Inquisitor ever got her and feeling how weak he is to prevent that).

But that's my theory for how you'll develop Grand Inquisitor so far in this fic. Till then, I'll be looking forward to seeing how right or wrong I am (don't care either way, I just like theorizing).
2/23/2016 c14 Guest
Awesome! I was pretty happy to see another chapter again. Especially since this is covering Rebels first game changer in the story that instantly won over a lot of skeptics (I loved it from the beginning, but this episode really helped set the tone for what the series could/would be like).

I must say Kanan's quite the hypocrite here isn't he. It's pretty obvious his issues are more with his own abilities/character then with Ezra. But he's not a a point yet where he's ready to admit that out loud and would rather blame it all on Ezra or pass on the responsibility to another out of fear for failing again at the Jedi thing. I liked that Hera called him out on it and gave his excuses a "are you kidding me?" look. Seriously, when it comes to being selfish, post Order 66 Kanan Jarrus was a much worst case in selfishness before Hera came into his life. I imagine early on every time Kanan complains about Ezra's prickly attitude, Hera's just going to think "karma's vengeful love" considering how prickly Kanan was/is himself. Actually that's probably why Kanan's acting so indecisive about her right now. She's a little too much like him (the changes you've made particularly reflect that).

Though it's not all on Kanan. She's not honest with him either. She only told Hera about her act of selfless compassion for the orphans and she kept risking her life to save her parents old friends between her and Zeb. It's easy for Kanan to say she's selfish when he doesn't know about her continued acts of empathy. Granted she did save the wookies and help them out. But that was a while ago and he could probably rationalize it away due to his fears of messing up with her (which is ironically what he's doing). Hera's right in that Ezra picked him. But she's also still having reservations about him and if he really is different or just another person who will end up hurting her. Which I wouldn't be surprised if Kanan sense and concludes there is no way Hera's right about Ezra wanting him when he can't even get her to trust him (teenage girls are a vast mystery to men). Both really just need to sit down and come clean about their fears and wants. Ezra needs to learn she has to be honest with Kanan or else he'll never feel as connected to her as he should as a friend/master. Kanan needs to act less like a field commander all the time (he was a lot less fatherly back then and more drill Sergent, I noticed) and more sensitive/focused on Ezra's needs. Whether he likes it or not, he's the closest thing to a dad she has now and he was the one who said he'd take care of her.

Yeah, Chopper and Ezra bonding. I love that he's in cahoots with her. Now I'm he'll make it habit from now on to shock Kanan for Ezra's benefit (cause he'll get his nice oil baths where he'll complain and nag about things to a Ezra learning droid just to listen and occasionally get advice from him), much to Kanan's continued confusion.

One thing I hope we see more of is Ezra's innocent wonder. It's one of canon Ezra's most important traits as he's the only one to possess it. The rest of the crew is so galaxy weary, but orphan Ezra, who's been through a life of crap, still has the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child. Girl Ezra has shown this here and now through out your story (which I'm grateful for) and I think it will say a lot for her character in the eyes of the rest of the crew that, even as cold as she tries to act despite what she's been through, she can still find simple enjoyment/wonder in life that others either take for granted or feel too "adult" to care about.

Aaand we can't forget the Grand Inquisitor, Aka Kanan Jarrus's and Ezra Bridger's worst walking waking nightmare. It'll be interesting to see how he ties into Ezra's dreams and if you'll go more in depth into Kanan and the Grand Inquisitor's dysfunctional enemy/Master and student (Freddie Jr did say GI was the one who technically taught Kanan how to fight and over come his fears to pass one of his great Jedi Force trials) relationship. Now's actually a good time for the Inquisitor to show up in your story since it looks like we might be getting more info on him in the next few episodes.

Well that review was a lot longer then expected. Thanks for the update and hope to see more soon.
2/22/2016 c14 Mana
Yay! An update! Dun Dun, the Grand Inquisitor makes his entrance.
I like how you made Ezra a bit more prepared for this mission than her canon counterpart and not jump out before the planned time, even though it was kinda funny in the show.
As for Kanan's vision, at first I thought he was sort of joking because of the way he told Ezra in Visions of Hope, I guess the Force wants them to be together for some reason.
Maybe 'Fulcrum' aka Ahsoka Tano can lend a hand from behind the scenes. I think Hera should tell her about the training problem and then give some Jedi knowledge. Maybe that could be the reason why Hera wanted to carry the green crate instead of Sabine in the Out of Darkness episode. The show was never specific on what was so important about that crate other than the symbol on it which I have no clue what it means. I think that is what should've happened in season 1, Ahsoka helping without them knowing, instead of letting them tumble around. The only thing Kanan should worry about is focus and discipline as he always says in the show. Hope you'll consider the idea.
Can't wait for the next chapter, especially between the Grand Inquisitor and Ezra.
Update soon.
2/22/2016 c14 25BIG Z1776
Ah, now we come to it. Ezra's first real test.
2/22/2016 c14 9Jewelie-chan
This is... Wow. I can't even describe just how amazing this is. It's phenomenal! I can't wait to read more! Dftba! :)
2/21/2016 c14 13SparkyIceblaze135
Loved it, this chapter was amazing and I look forward to the next one
2/20/2016 c14 1Ern Estine 13624
Getting mega super awesome good can't wait for more
2/20/2016 c14 rebel-blueberry
2/20/2016 c14 Shadowbridger
Yes! Yes! Yea! Plz update soon! Plz
1/23/2016 c13 Jinxs
Plz update
1/19/2016 c13 1lolistarkiller
I love this so fucking much! Finally someone who makes an awesome fem ezra! Please I beg of you update soon!
1/12/2016 c13 Guest
Yeah you're back again! I've been eagerly awaiting for this to be updated.

This might have felt like a shorter chapter than usual but it still packed a punch. You captured Ezra's frustration at the situation well with how upset she got over Kanan trying to be a teacher but not doing a good job. Seriously Kanan when your student almost falls to their death because of your lame lessons, your first response should at least be to ask if they're okay and show you care. NOT act the opposite of that and put the entire fault on them and only think about how hard you're having. Boo ho, I know he's having a hard time being a Jedi again w/all pressure, but I still hope Chopper does shock him (I did like that bit though for the fact that Ezra and Chopper do develop into a very strong bond as the show goes on. It's shown in the series and stated in other official sources that Ezra and Hera have the closest bond w/Chopper and they're the only ones who listen to him).

Not that I'm complaining. It's all a part of the development process of Kanan not knowing what to feel for Ezra to developing a stronger sense of duty over the kid. We didn't get to see much of Kanan's inner thoughts here but I would definitely like your perspective if you plan on getting into his thoughts more next chapter.

Back on Ezra, I enjoyed how conflicted you made her feel. With the way she's been developed in this story it would make sense she'd be confused on how to feel. Hurt over Kanan ditching her for a better teacher or wondering why she should care so much. Arguably her bond to Zeb is far stronger then her bond w/Kanan currently as she's been a lot more open w/him (I feel like that's a bit significant since he's probably the first older male she's been somewhat vulnerable with. W/Kanan she's always on her guard at least a little or only goes to him out of necessity). But of course there's the Force involved pushing her to him and the fact he's a part of her new family and she would want to be loyal to him (even if he is not impressing her).

I'm curious how that might change and what will make her say "I want you" or if that scene is altered. Such as Ezra opening up a little about how bad adults are at promises/he's a liar (in more of a resigned way to let him off the hook since she can't keep up with hoping for something different anymore) and that it's her own fault for choosing him. Which would make Kanan realize she did pick him despite her fears and resolved to not try, but live up to be a teacher/friend she needs.

Next chapters going to be good. I can feel it. It's going to be good to hopefully see the start of Kanan seeing Ezra as his little sister/daughter, which will carry on to the next arc where he starts definitely feel it more (even if he wont admit it). I'm especially interested in the Grand Inquisitor showing up and how you portray him. The same as the show or different (few floating headanons I saw floating around the reviews of him either being attracted to her like Kallus or trying to act like he'd be the perfect father figure for her. So far it seems they already have a connection is the yellow eyes in her dreams are an indication)?

Though I'm curious, in this story does it take longer for Ezra to see Kanan as a father figure. It seems like in the show it happened much earlier. But with how she's been developed will it be a reverse situation where it takes Ezra, not Kanan, longer to realize the parent/child dynamic they have going since Kanan's not initially good at showing his softer side around her (girls typically are more verbal about their feelings. I feel that's why Ezra (her and show) went to Hera more when it came to feelings until Kanan started to become more expressive about his own).

Thanks for the chap and have a great day/night!
1/12/2016 c13 ddani121212
I REMEMBER THIS EPISODE! I can't wait how u put your own twist in to it.
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