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for The Monster Under the Bed

10/15/2017 c1 SPEEDIE22
Please update more I love this story.
10/25/2016 c1 allthesatanicboys
bless this fanfiction because I've been looking for a Kieran/OC everywhere and this is the first one I fine. Love it already, and I hope you finish it!
10/19/2016 c1 Carpe Diem
DUDE! Have you seen the Halloween special? This is insane! The Carpe Diem thing? That's exactly what the new psycho killer stalker said to Emma! D'ya think they read this and took inspiration?
10/12/2016 c1 Prettygirl16
Please update more :) I love this story.
9/20/2016 c1 Guest
Loving the story. Keep up the great work x
8/31/2016 c1 LadyDeadmau5
Oh my lord please continue this story! It had me grinning the entire time. Especially with Kieran. Lord have mercy on my soul that boy is fineeeee. You're doing an amazing job and I can't wait to read more!
7/12/2016 c1 secretdewdrop
Hey! I really enjoyed this story, and it's the first I've seen with the sister angle, any chance of you continuing it? Or appeasing my curiosity by telling me who was going to be the stalker? :)
5/31/2016 c1 Danielle
I would really love if you continued this! I just binge-watched season one and can't really find any good fics..but I really love what you've written so far!
11/24/2015 c1 deangirl515
Please please continue!
10/15/2015 c1 2smoonchester
I hope you update soon! So far I am loving this story! :)
10/6/2015 c1 jk
looks awesome. can't wait for more. please update soon! thanks for writing!
10/2/2015 c1 3RHatch89
I hope you update this :)
9/30/2015 c1 January Raines
Really love this story! Hope you update soon :)
9/28/2015 c1 une.belle.fleur
So excited for this story! Can't wait for next update.
9/25/2015 c1 TOR.TOR

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