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10/10/2015 c1 DaleJr.88
Wow, did not expect this story to end on a violent note.
9/23/2015 c1 10JojiMC
"The amazing JojiMC." I'm touched. :') Since the first time I read this, I loved the dynamic between Courtney and Duncan. You made them just like they were in TDI, my favorite season of them, then progressed them into TDA and TDWT territory, which was fitting for their breakup. This almost seemed like a reflection of their time on TD because of that. Even Courtney relenting to Duncan's charms was like their time in Basic Straining. And I must say, I'm proud of myself for adding that soft Duncan moment in Courtney's hair decision. c: The scene after it was wonderful, especially the pillow fight. One of my favorite moments of this story.

Not sure how many people will catch the implication of Duncan's gifts being gone at the same time he broke up with her, but I hope they do. Courtney went off the deep end, just like in canon in some ways. I probably would've ended this with Duncney living happily ever after if I had written it. x) I did love the surprise ending, though, even if it wasn't a surprise for me because I know the reference. I don't think I did quite a good job editing this as I did Black, looking back at this again, but I'm glad to have helped polish your writing to produce this awesomeness. :-)

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