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for Sunrider: The Mask of Zero

8/16 c12 xxOblivionxxx
Good chapter, can't wait to see what will happen in the next chapter.
8/15 c12 Jazze
Pretty good chapter with the great character interactions and the inner turmoil of Lelouch, Ava, Maray, and Kayto, not to mention you are moving the story at a good solid pace. Not to fast and not to slow.

I have to agree about the 'Chamberlain' reference with what Wilkes is doing. Wilkes' decision for reparations is foolish because of it not only concerning Cera but I bet a lot of other planetary systems were watching to see what Cera would do. Thanks to its leader Cera will now be seen as weak and cowardly. Talk about a blown opportunity to oppose PACT.
8/14 c12 Guest
Great chapter especially with all the characters' interactions. I agree with Grey Wolf mentioning Neville Chamberlain with how Wilkes did nothing but just settled for reparations but unlike Britain Cera won't be getting a Winston Churchill or won't be allowed to get a man like him.
8/14 c12 8Grey Wolf4
This is a great new chapter!

I really liked Lelouch's interactions with Kayto and Ava though it seems he knows nothing of their brief relationship and I doubt Lelouch will pry into the matter.

I also liked how Lelouch gave Kayto advice regarding his own sister Maray and how there are three types of truth's, your truth, their truth and the truth which I think is very true. Also making Kayto understand Maray's own need to be understood.

I was taken off guard by the President of Cera announcing a 'diplomatic solution' to the PACT aggression. I doubt at best it will last given how Cera was attacked in canon thus I think the whole thing is probably a PACT deception in which Cera's President fell for. Kind of like how British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared how the Munich Agreement would lead to 'Peace In Our Time'.

I'll definitely be looking forward to the next chapter of Sunrider: Mask of Zero and if I think of anything else I'll let you know.
8/14 c12 1OBSERVER01
Quite an interesting update.
5/7 c11 Guest
Great chapter here in which you show how Zero got good will by turning Kidd over to the SA. Also like how you divided Vera with its military issue with the incident. And last but not least Ava with her inner turmoil but it seems that it will just take a little shove and we will see Ava as a Black Knight. It could go either way with your next chapter. Update soon, please.
5/4 c11 8Grey Wolf4
This is a great update to a damn good crossover!

It was a great scene with Kidd's capture and eventual trial.

What I found most interesting was the situation on Cera those who want to milatarise are concerned about the threat of PACT and the other side are worried about economic repurcussions of militarisation.

Also the end scene with Lelouch and Ava was quite interesting, will he be meeting Kayto next chapter?
5/4 c11 2Mo Eazy
Holy crap I never expected to see this one again. Happy to, I’ve been on a space opera kick lately, but very unexpected. I still hold out hope for a third game because holy shit that ending but...

I haven’t read any of the new, reworked chapters but I’ll get around to it. I’m sure they came out for the best though. Good characters, good attention to detail and some good mystery this time around, looking forward to more when you get around to it.
5/4 c11 Jack
Sweet, I love all the extras you put in. Hope to see the next chapter soon as you can get it done, thank you.
5/3 c11 1OBSERVER01
Good update.
4/4/2019 c10 Dracus6
update next chapter of Code Geass and Akame ga kill crossover
Code Geass and Gate
Lelouch vi Britannia Aka Zero
Zero has the Power of Kings
can you do Zero speech references from V for Vendetta and Code Geass
Lelouch x Chelsea x Kallen x C.C
4/1/2019 c10 2blackdog420
keep up the good work I'm looking forward to your next chapter will the next chapter show the aftermath onboard the Sunrider and the reactions as a result?
3/30/2019 c10 Jazze
I can't tell you much I how long I have waited for this chapter and you have delivered. Now that the war has begun Zero has a lot more work and even if Pact has shown its true colors a lot of the politicians who stated Pact will not invade the Neutral Sytems will simply retreat to another position by stating that Pact will not invade their system and any military buildup is just asking for Pact to invade. The political parties of Manticore in the Honor Harrington series showed that kind of thinking. The Solar Alliance is going to have a harsh wake-up call when they get dragged into this.

Sorry for going on a little of a rant there but great chapter with only a few typos. Please update this story soon.
3/29/2019 c10 1OBSERVER01
I'll admit i forgot this fic existed due to the long lack of updates. So imagine my pleasant surprise to see an actual update :) love the new units and now the newly renamed lynn is with the BK granted she just wants bloody vengeance for being left behind .
3/28/2019 c10 z
please go back to The Chousin and the Demon i want to read more
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