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6/12 c1 SpaideZ
Just a Spade casually dropping by
7/26/2018 c2 erudite.cielo
so sad... T.T
7/26/2018 c2 erudite.cielo
so sad... T.T
10/21/2015 c2 Winter's Folly
9/26/2015 c2 Snowyh2o
The feels... ;-;

Great insight on what was really happening between Lilly and the young twins' father. It kinda explained a few things for me as well as opening a window to what Lily's thoughts were on this.

I hope Lily's recovered now and finds/meets Basil. It'd be a great family reunion.

Thanks for the side story, I'll see you in the next update!
9/26/2015 c2 1Furionknight
I look forward to more :)
9/26/2015 c2 2history
Oh yes, i love it! You gave me James, the father's twin and Lily.
Why do i feel that the father is Dino's father...
9/26/2015 c1 26917brat
you know now I want the two to meet it be both hilarious and horror filled for those around them...Reborn I think would so do it just to watch.
9/25/2015 c1 1Furionknight
I look forward to more of this story :)
9/25/2015 c1 Snowyh2o
*in a spooky and eerie voice* I sense on coming doom for the world and many, many, many new outtakes in this growing universe of yours... Also, death by laughter is eminent.

JK, I had a great time reading this little short of yours! Dino's thoughts on the whole YaYun and Hibari are cousins thing was just hilarious. It was also immensely satisfying on how he seems to stumble upon YaYun a few years before his meeting with Hibari.

YaYun's idea of revenge is awesome, tossing full grown adults over your shoulder? Easy.

Can't wait to see what the other little plot bunnies that are just waiting to be written and posted for this are.

I'll see you for the next update!
9/25/2015 c1 Guest
9/24/2015 c1 5Uchiha Salad
Yay! 8D Thank you for this! It is everything that I could've hoped for! 83 I'm happy that I've been able to contribute something to canon for The Winds of Change! Thank you!

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