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for Issei Hyoudou, the Neko Dragon

8/18 c6 Guest
you are the dumbest mfer possible let raynare go and asia die? you have not read or watched the anime and if you did its just to jack off because this makes no fucking sense what so fucking ever you stupid fucking monkey first raynare killed asia for her gear she was raised for her gear and the only way to get said gear back is to kill raynare you stupid fuck learn the shit your writing about or dont bother writing at all fucking dumb ape like jesus how fucking stupid can you be not to know how plot goes you have no fucking talent for writing or the brains so either stop or actually look up and study how to write otherwise fuck you and everything you write
7/3 c28 10ItsEizanAgain
holy shit this story is still alive. you're really one dedicated writer my friend
6/27 c8 Sean Malloy-1
How is putting clues together about what Koneko is an invasion of privacy?
6/22 c28 suryamgangwal63
Any news on the next update?
6/21 c24 cornbreadauthorized
This Fanfiction is quite good so far wish it was longer though
5/28 c2 3Inv0ke
Im sorry but is Issei a fucking retard in this world he know that if people knew he has the red sragon they will kill him and enslave him in a instant.

He knows that his Nekomata race was killed off by devils and what he isn't at all worried they may kill him or try to enslave him it makes no fucking sense
5/24 c28 Chazmania
I came back one day to see this had been updated and holy shit. I didn't have anything expected but it was still an amazing chapter to this amazing fanfiction. Keep up the good work man, this is great.
5/18 c1 Naelyon666
Only humans or human-hybrids can have sacred gears, I'm out.
5/17 c1 Kuman
An OC disguised as the MC. Right...
5/15 c1 Guest
Get a beta, this is terrible leaving her alive was dumb, go smash your face on a brick.
5/14 c3 7D3vilB4sket
three sized scooter
5/13 c28 xXxTikikaixXx
WOOO its back
5/13 c28 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. love it so far, keep it up. can't wait to see what happens next. you know they would love to mate soon lol. And kuraka has the hots for him as well lol.
5/13 c28 T-B-R
followed a bit too close to canon for my tastes but it was alright, really like the Shirone spoiling.
5/13 c28 Surya
Could you not bring a bit Hindu Heritage in Ise like Karna being Ises Grandfather or Ayyappan (the Son of Shiva and Vishnu) ? Good chapter though.
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