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3/29/2022 c2 dnino
Crap copper package! Omg I love this! Huge fan of P&P and Austenland.
1/14/2022 c7 Serennos
Thank you. This story was a delight. So many classic one-liners. I laughed all the way through.
1/14/2022 c3 Serennos
An absolute scream...
1/14/2022 c1 Serennos
Great banter and snap... Ginny’s a riot.
5/16/2020 c7 9CandyHearts22
I absolutely loved this story!
2/24/2020 c1 KlawDee
This is probably like my third read through but I suck at leaving reviews. But wanted to let you know how much I love thisss!
9/11/2019 c7 3petrynronlover
Haha that was cute. Thanks for writing
4/30/2019 c7 Guest
AWESOME! I was laughing so hard all the way through, this is brilliant XD
4/23/2019 c7 ninaFelton1967
I liked it! Their chemistry was spot on
4/2/2019 c7 langeline
good job!
11/8/2018 c7 Whit96
Oh this was a delight to read. I loved it and it gave me the giggles.
11/7/2018 c2 Whit96
Oh this is absolutely fabulous! I love Austenland.
4/30/2018 c7 19AuraAuthor
Well I just loved this! That’s one of my favorite films and this was so cute!
3/22/2018 c7 Guest
3/21/2018 c7 Guest
Pretty much copied Austenland should have at least mention it.
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