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for Christmas Party

3/5/2020 c5 Guest
Yes yes yes. What a super story... loved it. You did sooo good
11/27/2015 c5 Guest
Loved it :)
10/31/2015 c5 miss0sunny
Loved the ending of that chapter!
10/31/2015 c5 1annnahatcher
Awww loved this chapter! Cant wait for the update. I love that they worked things out and that Donna made it hard for him to apologize was so on point haha. Also I loved that he gave her 12 roses and listened to Jessicas suggestion. Xx
10/7/2015 c4 Guest
Oh no! I hope they are able to work out their misunderstanding before it's too late! Great chapter. Hope you update soon.
10/9/2015 c3 miss0sunny
I'm so happy about them being serious :)
10/9/2015 c2 miss0sunny
I hope they can admit these feelings the next morning too ...
10/9/2015 c1 miss0sunny
Love how Mike is so clueless :P Really liking the start of this story :)
10/7/2015 c4 66AnonymousDH
OMG they totally discussed the most important emotional question, don't even bother denying it. LOL. And love that you made Mike make that comment again, about them taking the plunge. Ooh and they're going to tell Marcus.. OMG LOUIS.. SERIOUSLY sending her back to Harvey. and now giving her that ultimatum. AND NOW SCOTTIE..aah, can't wait to see where this will go
10/7/2015 c4 1annnahatcher
Gosh I fu*king hate Scottie lol. And I actually laughed so hard when donna told louis omg- such a legend! I hope Harvey fixes this soon so we can go back to fluff :D loved this xxx
10/2/2015 c3 66AnonymousDH
Great chapter, love how they quickly discussed the rule. How he was about to have a panic attack and that's she's the one who can calm him down instantly. Love that Rachel called and Harvey answered. Can;t wait to see where this is going
10/2/2015 c3 1annnahatcher
yaay! happy to see you updated! I love the fluffy-ness of this, I need it :D also- I laughed so hard when Harvey answered the phone when Rachel called- I live for things like this haahaha xxx
9/29/2015 c2 carlota206
Loved this chapter :-)
9/29/2015 c2 66AnonymousDH
Love how Rachel is questioning Donna and how Mike is somehow always interrupting Darvey moments. OMG they're going away together and he's such a gentleman and they're flirting. and his speech.. him telling her why he loves her. SO beautiful. And they're kissing and telling they love eachother. This was so cute and beautiful and much needed. Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/29/2015 c2 1annnahatcher
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I hope u keep going with fluffy moments for as long as possible because that works like a therapy for my broken darvey heart lol :D I love this chapter and especially bc you still added their typical banter! Really cant wait for an update xx
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