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2h c94 WolfGirl
DANG this story is absolutely freaking amazing! I seriously can just re-read this over and over and over and NEVER get tired of it, like holy fudging crap! I seriously cannot wait for the next book or chapter or whatever! This story is way too freaking amazing and well written to NOT continue!
11/27 c94 sillygabby
Love this story!
I look forward to (hopefully) seeing more shenanigans from Dumbles.
I could just imagine his face if/when Tom becomes Minister.
Can't wait for more!
11/27 c94 Guest
I can't wait for the eventual meeting between the PM and the Minister for Magic. I can just see Margaret Thatcher and Tom getting into an argument about their respective roles. ("...Odd, coming from you, a Minister not beholden to the Prime.")
11/27 c94 1Riddle-Snape
I finished rereading! As alwats love it! It just get better. And as I was rereading it in few days... Daaamn they went looong way since being scared kids in muggle London. Jyst daaam, when you think about it... Just wooow. Also I hope Harry will help Ellien, love Sev but he can sray with mom. I don't see many fics with that. So good job, I hope we will see new chap soon. Now I gonna check what you updated today, I saw some posts in FB group. \(**)/ \(o)/ \()/
11/25 c29 Dixie.f.9
Oh Albus, Harry has the ability to tear your house of cards down. In fact there are already cracks in the foundation.
11/24 c94 Hill
yes to all questions hahaha, amazing work as always; thanks author
11/24 c94 aGnamZer0
Ah, so there already existed an antidote to the Dragon Pox in the future? If so, I don't like the fact Hadrian keeps it for himself just because he doesn't want even more media exposure. I don't know if it is in the dozens, hundreds or thousands, but many people out there die out of it and the fact he doesn't do anything is disappointing. I know he has no duty towards them or towards the world, he isn't Harry Potter anymore, but when he could do something so easily with for only price to become a little more famous – he's already anway – then he shouldn't wait.

Most likely, Tom will become Minister of Magic and Hadrian Hogwarts Headmaster while keeping his other hobbies – researching, writing and teaching.

I know it isn't what he wants, but I want him to be recognized and admired.

By the way, Aiden just made me recall speaking of House-Elves, does Kreacher is with Orion or did Orion give him to Hadrian? I rememeber Arcturus wanted to gift Kreacher when he hit seventeen.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome work you did, for writing it and sharing it with us.
11/24 c93 aGnamZer0
You forgot automobile in the list of business Hadrian invested in. If I remember correctly, he had invested in at least AUDI and FERRARI but I'm pretty sure he must have put his money in every known automobile mark. After all that's a sure way to gain money.

But well, you did say it wasn't exhaustive.

Did Hadrian publish more things during the time skip? Maybe he created a shop where only sells them. Like his nutrition potion to be sure ha can grow quickly, or the potion to remove recent scars or even have an employee heal people eyes with the spell he had created. And many more potions and spells he took from the future – wether his, Severus' or a random person.

Did he make any progress on his treatment against the Crucio curse effects or even the Dragon Pox since I'm sure he's also researching that.

Did he write new books on politics, social or magic? Anyway, I just want to know if the public see Hadrian as Tom's equal or if they think he's inferior. I hope it isn't the second, I would be pretty annoyed.
11/24 c92 aGnamZer0
No, that's definitely not a good place to stop. We still don't see Hadrian and Tom changes on the Britain Magical World. We didn't see Hadrian's choice of carieer – which I believe will be a mix of being teacher, researcher for incurable illness and author – and Dumbledore will soon be released. Nope, you should continue it until the true end.
11/24 c91 aGnamZer0
My cute little Fenrir! You're definitely my favorite character, and this will last as long as you stay this innocent and happy.

They should do this more often, going in holydays all around the world. It will help them understand the different magical cultures and learn new magics.
11/24 c90 aGnamZer0
I get the feeling that nobody know it's Hadrian who actually makes investments and do – or at least will do – charity. Even Octavius Malfoy had thought so. I understand Hadrian prefer to stay in the shadows and Tom wants all the spotlight, but I hate that he steals all of the credit. And even if Hadrian doesn't want to be famous, I want him to be known for his deeds. Same with the fight against Grindelwald, everyone hails Tom but they forget it's Hadrian who fought him on standstill for dozen of minutes – you even talked about an hour. And it kills me. Hadrian's achievements should stay his. Tom is more than intelligent, cunning and strong enough to get his own.
11/24 c89 aGnamZer0
Speaker of Skeeter, there was a Skeeter – Raymond, a Ravenclaw I believe – who had appeared when Dumbledore went to confront his brother, thinking it was him who had told about Ariana to Hadrian. Why didn't he write anything about it or tell this info to Sawyer at the time?
11/24 c88 aGnamZer0
Honestly, kudos! Writign speechs, be they for you or for a fictional character is extremely complicated. I don't know how you managed to write so many, so different and which match to the personality of the speaker. That's awe-inspiring.
11/24 c87 aGnamZer0
A pity, I would have liked Newt to talk to Hadrian. At least, now I gues he gained his respect and the doubts he had – if he had any – towards him dissipated.
11/24 c86 aGnamZer0
Kyaaaa! My little Fenrir, I missed you!

As for the difference between dark magic and being evil I agree, but no matter how you see it, if Hadrien had not been here to ground him, Tom would have become evil. Not because he likes to do bad things – though torturing people is a good outlet for his anger – he has little empathy. So he doesn't mind killing or torturing or subjugating to reach his goals. And it definitely tilt towards evil.
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