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1/26 c70 1GeminiBlack86
sorry about your pet it hurts when they are gone.
1/26 c106 1mayawene
Thank you
1/24 c106 59MirrorFlower and DarkWind
Ahh that was great. I loved it. Nice to see the twins and charlie and percy are still being born. Also i got to applaud tom. Hope Lily is all ok though
1/23 c105 MirrorFlower and DarkWind
Very interesting. I like how it is all fitting together.
1/23 c74 Little Elfie
Isn’t Marion Morrell the name of the guidance counselor in teen wolf?
1/22 c106 Guest
Nice cleaning up on aisles Petunia and Vernon. Really wonderful story.

Thanks for creating.
1/21 c106 12excessivelyperky
Yeah, Tom took care of the Dursleys and Petunia, too. Granted, Lily probably had a lot harder time without Severus around in her life when she was a child (though I found it surprising that she didn't have other friends without Severus around).

Good summing up chapter of what's happening to everyone.

(thinking of Severus, James and Sirius researching things. Be afraid. Be very afraid).
1/21 c106 Kronosbluehairbrush
Fantastic as usual! I love seeing all the changes that Harry and Tom are bringing about. I love that Sirius and Regulus have the loving parent they deserved. Keep up the good work!
1/21 c106 autumngold
Outstanding new chapter! Thank you for having Petunia, Marge and Vernon pay for the pain they put Harry through! Tom is quite the protective man. I wonder if Fabian and Gideon will have Percy, George, Fred, Ron and Ginny? Without Molly in their lives, hopefully they would grow up to be normal. Thank you for your sensational update!
1/21 c106 mizzrazz72
Lily would be safe. Bellatrix got the help that she needed.
1/20 c105 excessivelyperky
Excellent transition chapter, I am enjoying the updates on the kids quite a bit.

I can well imagine how busy a full moon night must be around that house!
1/20 c106 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading that happens in your next chapter.
1/20 c106 Aathi
I am so happy
1/20 c106 8Natsuyuuki
Oohhh... by the way, theres some question that still answer yet... like, How about Cruciatus Potion? (I think Hadrian had the potion?) and about his clinic? is it abandoned? the research and clinic I mean...

Thanks for update!
1/20 c106 indie0209
I think you should show whi this generation ends up together and married and I still winder what dumbless is up to
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