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6h c67 NathanPeverell
speaking as a pagan, i think you did the ritual beautifully. A wonderful take on a public ritual
13h c1 maiqsmail
You dumb fucking cunt. I just read a dozen chapters again vaguely remembering some parts and then I reached a point where it was clear why I dropped this in the first place. It's fucking slash TMR/HP with homoerotic smut. And I scrolled through the reviews and that was the reason I dropped it more than half a year ago. Put a fucking warning anywhere. I wish ffn would let me mark fanfics as dropped so I wouldn't end up here again in a few years.
2/15 c15 FluffyMama42
I just love how possive
Tom is with Harry.
1/31 c1 acowles02
I havent read the story, but who tf is the author referring to as the master of death? Riddle? Literally impossible for that one. Some randon unknown? Also impossible since in the 1940s grindewald had the wand, and we know he didnt have the other two or dumbled would have had all three.
1/29 c71 2MyAlternatePersona
Love the story so far. Although i feel it would be great if you marked fhe starting and ending of lemon scenes. I have nothing against homosexuality but its not for me and i dont prefer reading it. I skim through fearing I'll miss something of interest to the plot so if you could add the warnings then it'd be great! great job btw
1/25 c107 SunPho3n1x
I love this story! I love the bond between Tom and Harry, and that he has changed Tom, although not completely. Thank you for writing this!
1/24 c107 JSLForLife
I loved this story. I really hope you do the sequel
12/19/2023 c107 1Darthedreus Bolt
I would love to see these different scenes. I really enjoyed this story.
12/16/2023 c107 redlaikareads
I really liked this story, time skip and all. I do feel like Dumbledore was an unfinished plot. thank you for this
12/10/2023 c107 Hariana Halone
Honestly, the story is great as it is, not really interested in seeing Tom eliminated from baby loll, but with this ending, there are soooooooo many possibilities, Tom and Harry could visit a lot of countries, not just to fix everything, I imagine them in Marvel, making a planet habitable for mutants, and doing what Xavier never could do, or conquering Sakaar and making Tom a king loll, going to Game of Thrones and making the North a power or having his own kingdom. Go on vacation in TWD, make a big community...ect, gfyfthblbigddhok'p so many possibilities
11/28/2023 c107 Sds349
Loved the story, can’t wait for the sequel! Thank you for your efforts!
11/27/2023 c1 17DragonShifter
Its not a bad story, though it seems a little discombobulating. It seems to jump around just a little to much and it feels a little choppy due to poor editing in sone spots and like you had a lot of ideas and you were going to fast to fit them all in. I also feel like you had trouble keeping track of the timeline, events, and people in some spots.

Its not the worst story, but not one of your best. I feel like you could expand upon your idea a little more throughout of the story, have someone proof read your story to help it make a little more sense, amd maybe slow down and maybe think through how you are going set up each part of the story. I only suggest this because i am currently writing a fan fic too and got a little to excited in writing it amd had it pointed out to me that my story seemed…. A bit jumbled
11/26/2023 c107 Angelic Abomination
This story has to be one of my top five fanfics. I have reread it so many times and I love how you write the characters.
Am sad that this has looking forward to what you do next.
11/23/2023 c1 Venus914
I hope there's a sequel. This is by far my favorite of your stories.
11/19/2023 c1 Lily.Lizalde
Is there going to be a sequel?
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