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10/4/2021 c23 Red-Hag
i've enjoyed this story as much as uneasy coexistence and marron! you're so good with your characters ! Those two particularly !
8/15/2021 c23 3DiamondPink
What a masterpiece this is. So glad to have come across such a fine work. Truly amazing and balanced in every way. Love!
8/14/2021 c15 DiamondPink
Of all the chapters so far, this one i have enjoyed the most. Even The Cat needs a little assistance on rare occasion.
My favourite line of all is 'Do you have a nose?' Hahaha! So cunning, daring!
Love it.
8/13/2021 c7 DiamondPink
Omg! I am so late to the party but this is awesome! Very much need to keep reading. You have captured the characters so brilliantly :)
Selina is so cool and to get along with Bane's men so well, just like the chameleon she is. Adaptable.
10/20/2020 c2 Sak
The beginnings of their dance is so good.
I was eating ramen by myself so I wanted to read this at the same time
10/8/2020 c21 Sak
It's actually better he had to keep his mask on... .as you wrote when she touched his face, she doesn't know that maskless man... And the mask is Bane so yeah... :)
10/8/2020 c20 Sak
Their banter is so Natural. But really, she's lucky he isn't super mad at her for shooting him . He's so good natured!
10/8/2020 c18 Sak
Ok this one is my favourite... Because Bane wants her so openly and also he's tied up. Sexy ...
Also Selina feels a lot of normal emotions that usually she hides away
10/8/2020 c16 Sak
How do I find something new each time I read? I do read every word... And still, I enjoy this chapter like it's the first time
10/7/2020 c14 Sak
Getting the last word in is soo satisfying! Even if it isn't true ;)
10/7/2020 c12 Sak
Again I like this chapter too much because bane gives her so much attention... And is so close to her :)
10/7/2020 c10 Sak
Not sure what to say but this is an enjoyable way to wait for my dentist
10/7/2020 c3 Sak
Just coming to rinse my mind after reading a violent fic with this beauty
10/5/2020 c8 Sak
I'm sorry I'm so stalker... But their game of 20 questions was a lovely scene
9/27/2020 c22 Sak
She can't hate him because he was so nice to her.
Da money!$!
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