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for A Ghost and a Burn Note

9/30/2017 c2 ChaoticMinds
Lol, they're still going after him? I think he'd have an easier time getting rid of the GIW agents that threatened him first. Though I'm surprised they were still allowed to run after almost exploding the earth to oblivion. Though I guess none of the humans besides Team Phantom know that. But that doesn't quite make sense. I'm sure Vlad would've known that, too, so why did he help those Idiots in White?
9/30/2017 c1 ChaoticMinds
You've got a mess of tenses in the second part of this chapter. It's confusing. It was pretty interesting, otherwise.
7/12/2016 c2 5Triforce Dragons
I want to know what happens next!
9/27/2015 c1 Matt
It's guys in white

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