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8/10/2016 c2 Guest
This story is really interesting.
Please continue
4/4/2016 c2 6Darkis Shadow
I am loving this. Please do continue!
3/8/2016 c2 2Angealy
Yay! I was so happy to see my mailbox saying: This story has a new chapter.

It still reads and feels like everything fits right into the universe. The Nightfallen are an interesting kind and I'm already excited about how the story will proceed.
I'm particularly curious about the doomsday device. Your description of the prototype's effect was really scary on a large scale. The Horsemen have work to do.

Also I really enjoyed how you picture Death and his thoughts. Rational and calculating, but hints here and there, that he has emotions bubbling inside.
But it was also nice to see Dust interact with him :D Dust is really amusing with his attitude.

And yay, Bormak. I think he es very likable. I mean he managed having Death respecting him and had some awesome skills displayed. (Of course, he is old and a maker, but still.)
I can't help but to think of Eidard sometimes :D (In a good way.)

Hope the reviews keep you motivated to write and update at a steady pace. This story feels so promising, but of course private life comes first :) Hope you are alright!
3/2/2016 c2 Mopiece
I really like the lore you've created for the Nightfallen. It fits so well with the universe, and it's interesting. I'm really looking forward to rest of the horsemen showing up, and I'm glad Bormak will show up again too. He is an excellent character.

Also, you're doing a really good job with Death. He sounds so in character.


PS: Hope things in your life are settled.
3/2/2016 c2 Fishing Eagle
This is beautiful! Your story keeps drawing me in, I can't wait to read the next chapter!
12/3/2015 c1 3Aslynn
My! It's taken me like 10 minutes since reading this to actually start to write a review... just... WOW. I've literally just been staring at the screen, reeling from that. You say it's the most beautiful scene you've ever written? It's probably the most beautiful I've ever read. The whole somber atmosphere of sadness together with the enchanting visuals gave it the feel of a beautiful, emotional funeral. Which I suppose was the point. A world funeral. A world passing onto a better existance. The whole thing was magical, magically sad.

And I feel for Death really, he always seems to get involved in situations that force him to come to terms with what he used to be. Will he ever feel like he's done enough attonement? (secretly I hope not because it's the side of this character that is most interesting) I like that you've written him as the badass we all know, but also his reaction to knowing there is one other person in Creation that knows just how despicable he and the Nephilim were... it's like he tries to keep up the act of being nonchalant and a badass, but he's not even believeing it himself. He's a drowing man trying to keep afloat, when really he's way in over his head. Death's a proud fool if nothing else.

Also Bormak, really, kudos for this OC. Other reviewers seem to all love him aswell. You did a real good job on fleshing out this character in the little time that we've known him. In a few paragraphs you managed to give him a rich backstory and a destinct personality. I like that he seems to respect Death as a Horseman, but he never shows fear. You can tell he's a badass in his own right and gives no shits for Death's threats. He earns Death's respect in the best way.

I like how you've given more depth to the Makers also. We've only ever heard of their role in creating worlds, it makes sence that they'd be in charge of breaking them too. You've clearly put a lot of thought into it, why it should be only one maker that delivers the mercy shot, why he's sworn to secrecy. Bormak is in essence a Maker priest, in charge of hearing a World's confession, delivering the Last Rights, and then aiding in it's passing.

I've tried to flesh out Angel society in my fics and I'm glad to see someone doing the same for the Makers as they completely baffle me, I wouldn't know where to start and this is intrieging and interesting. Makes me want to know more!

Ah, I've been away from FanFic too long, and this is the kind of wonders I've been missing! (Also sorry if this review is badly written, I'm writting on a tablet while on a trip to El Salvador xD I miss my home PC, but then, if I was back home I'd probably be to busy with clients breathing down my neck to even be writting this xD )
I'm so so so glad you started writting this and hope you keep going, I'm really really interested D:
11/27/2015 c1 10ScreamingInSilence
Oh wow, I feel like I just picked up a sequel to The Abomination Vault. You wrote Death so well, and Bormak feels like he's an official character in the DS universe. Usually I can't tolerate OCs but his characterisation is so good, I'm actually hoping he becomes a feature character in your fic. Can't wait to see how you write the other characters in the series - I'm even looking forward to any more OCs that show up!

And the reorigination and world soul points are clever, very clever. They fit in so well with all the other crazy stuff in the DS universe.
9/28/2015 c1 2Angealy
Wow, I really liked the beginning of the story. The idea of a world soul is interesting and fits right into the Darksiders universe. In fact this chapter doesn't feel at all out of character for the universe. Good job!
I'm very curious about the past you mentioned in the story description and how your OCs will turn out. Also I liked how you mentioned in the beginning that there would be no (if any) romance involved. Somehow I feel relieved.

I actually finished reading the Abomination Vault a few weeks ago and your first chapter felt like a continuation to me. Death is my favorite character and I think you depict his personality quite well. Especially when he summoned Harvester just to stab it into the earth out of politeness.
It's also funny how you described how Makers show their trust in how many paces they are away from their weapon. (If it was mentioned in the game or book, then I'm ashamed of not noticing it )
Also your writing style is easy to understand (at least for a non native English speaker like me) and yet the descriptions feel versatile to me.

In any case this is my first review and it may not mean anything because I have no idea of the English language :D At least I did like the beginning and I would be excited to see more

Also (to share some thoughts with fellow Darksiders fans) it may not be official but it seems Nordic Games hinted a DS3. They do think about it but they can't say anything official yet. When I read about it I was excited and it seems DS3 is not beyond hope.
9/28/2015 c1 Mopiece
Oh a story about the four! I really liked the prelude. The Makers are a great race, so it was nice that you started up with them. I found the whole world soul thing pretty interesting, and it seems to fit so well within the Darksiders universe.


PS. The likelihood of a new Darksiders game isn't that low. Nordic Games bought the rights to the game and have expressed interest in continuing the series. And Gunfire Games is remastering Darksiders 2. Gunfire Games is made up of a lot of ex-Vigil staff, so if DS3 gets made, it'd most likely be made by the same people.

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