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for Our Arranged Love Story

8/14 c24 KyoshiYamato
I wish I could Find a Man Like Luffy Hmph I'm so Jealous Right now
8/14 c24 KyoshiYamato
This Fanfic is Wholesome! huhu I'm crying right now!
Thank you for Writing this Masterpiece Author-san!ಥ‿ಥ
This Is The Best Fanfic of Luna Ship I've ever Read Thank you so Much!
2/18/2022 c24 plasticitylace
this is so wholesome im cryingT_T
2/16/2022 c24 Exodus995
What a wholesome story! Thank you!
7/17/2021 c24 TheQuietReader23
So, I read through the story and I can whole-heartedly say that this was probably the cutest and fluffiest story I've ever read :) Their relationship was so beautifully displayed. Nothing seemed forced. Their first kiss, their first 'I love you', and their eventual first time, all fit perfectly :)

I'm glad I found this story and the point 5. Luffy really has become the sweetest husband Nami or any other woman could wish for while Nami has been the perfect queen to her captain :D
2/22/2021 c24 JaKuZi
It was a cute story, but just with "Our arranged marriage", I had a problem with this exaggerated lovey-dovey feeling in the whole story. I love LuNa, but there were no real problems or things to be solved, even the thrilling problems with Hancock or Bellamy were calmed down before they even began...I'm a romantic person, but this was a little too much. I really appreciate the trust and love they have, but the two were out of character and too perfect as a person...I don't want to bash this little, cute story, but it was just not my style.
1/29/2021 c24 zahra.fahira76
Thank for have make good story
1/29/2021 c21 zahra.fahira76
Love love
1/29/2021 c20 zahra.fahira76
Thank u for this story
1/29/2021 c19 zahra.fahira76
Like it
1/29/2021 c18 zahra.fahira76
1/29/2021 c17 zahra.fahira76
Don't bother with whom hate you cause I like ur story really
1/29/2021 c16 zahra.fahira76
1/29/2021 c15 zahra.fahira76
Really good story
1/29/2021 c14 zahra.fahira76
I love the story
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