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for All Hail The New King

9/9 c13 OldManCain
Love the chapter! Great story and I’d love to see it updated!
9/8 c1 Godxyz
Awesome story please continue and here saying fanfic that has each go as a Quincy (Raised in the Light). by AngelSlayer135
9/8 c13 Godxyz
Here’s a good one to read it is bleach (Raised in the Light) by AngelSlayer135
9/5 c13 4kaisershadowhunter
Nice chapter my friend, i must say this is awesome story hoping you can continue this fic since the Thousand Year Blood War anime already out, i hoping you Quincy Ichigo based on his appearance in Bleach Brave Soul Games.
8/28 c13 keyblade master cole
kinda curious is bambietta and candice gonna be the only pairing or is there more?
8/22 c13 1Night after morning
i do really like this fic, good mix of fun and adventure
8/22 c13 coyotestarrk01
hope there will be an update soon I've been catching up on The Thousand Year Blood War
7/21 c4 redmen6blight
So Ichigo is basically like every other Quincy? Considering the real reason his mother died is to Mister I have a God Complex Quincy douche and I enjoy causing pain and suffering to others. Don't feel bad for the Quincies honestly as they willingly followed a tyrant without even attempting to rebel. Subjugated to mister I think I am a god therefore I control you now? I hope not hate when mcs are subjugated by their villian always makes the eventual betrayal obvious. Rather see him become a Visored again and have someone expand on that have yet to see a fic actually do that however am also curious to see where this goes so I am not really flaming just pointing out things I notice.
7/20 c13 jokerprice
Honestly, I can't wait for Ichigo to get his hollow/shinigami back and learn who the real Zangetsu is as his Quincy half is technically weakening him by suppressing the other part of his soul. I also kinda see Ichigo distrusting The Shard of yhwach that's in him after that before fusing and using both Quincy and hollow/shinigami abilities.
7/12 c13 coyotestarrk01
I love this hard to find good bleach fanfics, but this one was awesome to read. i can't wait to see the next chapter and future updates for this story
7/11 c13 codywhite162
Excellent chapter! Looking forward to the next one
7/7 c13 Clockwork Giant
Looking forward to the next chapter!
7/5 c13 arata7kasuga
huh, I think I might actually be starting to like the two girls a bit now. They do seem to be changing for the better
7/5 c9 arata7kasuga
I Ichigo deserves far better.
7/5 c5 arata7kasuga
can zangetsu actually claim to care for Ichigo when he is chaining up half or a third of his soul?
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