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2/5 c5 Emperor Wan Athers
It's nice to see a story about characters that arent used very often, but the problem she basically just there to get laid and have a bump for 9 mouths and them spawn offspring that later just disappear from the story(Edmond for one), true there are some new scenes and added story elements like Calia and Daval becoming rules of Alterac and Deathwing being apparently a "sane person" (wait does that mean that other aspects cause to fall into the madness again') overall this is an "enhanced edition" of some story event's and Calia getting knocked up with a new character that later disappears.
PS: in no end I want my comment to be harmful or hateful towards the author I just want to help you improve with your fanfics.
Nevertheless, I wish ya the luck with your stories.
7/27/2016 c3 1Nessy6666
Put a new chapter! This history is so cute!
5/30/2016 c3 12unseemly
Great chapter! It's good to see a sympathetic view of Arthas's actions at Stratholme. I hate seeing him constantly vilified for his decision-he didn't make that terrible choice lightly.

That was a nice little sexy scene at the end... could have been longer... perhaps more detailed... ;) It was a deserved reprieve for the haunted survivors.
10/13/2015 c2 8HammerTide
I have to say, it's very rare to find Calia as the star character in the Warcraft Fanfiction site, seeing her at least have some love is a very great Idea. But yet, Calia here doesn't yet have much impact on the story, it seem's she is still on the listen and answer mode, not yet to take up action.

I'd be waiting for more updates on this.
10/9/2015 c2 12unseemly
I really like how you're offering a different angle on these events from Calia's perspective. Rare it is to find her in a story, and to have a glimpse into her life. She is yet another character Blizzard chose to waste, so I'm very pleased to see you giving her a voice.

However... I must protest! I can't believe you just strolled away from the perfect opportunity to write some seriously-hot 'draconic interaction' with Prestor! :P

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