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10/15 c34 7hyvnn
I've reached the last chapter to be posted and I'm deeply sad about it. Lol. Great work man, I love this story and its predecessors. While I wait for another update of this fic, I'll check out some of your other works.

Until next time.
10/14 c26 hyvnn
Darcy's betrayal hit different, not gonna lie.
10/14 c19 hyvnn
He's got the Power Stone! Hell yes! It just keeps getting better.

Great work.
10/14 c18 hyvnn
I really like that you brought Nebula under his control. And I really hope he gets the power stone.

Great work.
10/14 c14 hyvnn
Flight and Shapeshifting? These new powers are starting to pop up and I'm thrilled about them all!

Great work.
10/13 c11 hyvnn
This story is giving me the itch to write my own MCU fic. Look at that. You've inspired me.

Great work.
10/13 c10 hyvnn
I wonder what kind of powers Vali has now, besides giving some aether to his Hybrids when he turns them now. And I wonder what kind of powers said Hybrids have because of that.

Great work.
10/13 c9 hyvnn
Forgot to mention this last chapter, but "Valiant" is such a cool name holy shit.

Great work.

(Lowkey hoping he bangs Padme)
10/13 c8 hyvnn
I love when ff authors include the Netflix and T.V. Marvel series in their stories. It just makes the world seem more open.

Great work.
10/13 c5 hyvnn
A pretty good take on Thor with our favorite Hybrid in the mix. Things are getting good and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us readers.

Great work.
10/12 c1 hyvnn
The MCU? Ohh yessss. Let the fun commence!

Great work.
10/9 c30 4hordac85
10/8 c34 Dayside
I'm such a fucking child.. those cow jokes killed me.
10/4 c33 T149Man
So, my first thought is that Captain Marvel will find out about the GotG, but you mentioned enemies. Maybe, this is about Thanos. This timeline is catching up to the canon timeline.
10/3 c34 Shif125
Will you be adding anything from the What if series as now there are very few things likely a challenge to Vali except the celestials, the watcher and maybe Dormammu.
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