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6/14 c9 Meazm
Awesome! Please update fast!
6/10 c9 1stormsyaf
now things ate getting interesting love that you tjrew the fact gwen had a crush on ben
6/10 c9 15Jedi Master 325
Never thought Gwen would go so far as to turn to the “dark side” and join Ghostfreak. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
6/10 c9 Akira-Hayama
Double update FTW! Excited to finally getting that Ben vs Gwen fight, although it does make it difficult with Ghostfreak merging with Gwen. But it'll be an interesting fight. I doubt it'll end here but I'm excited for the fight nonetheless. Love the chapter and thank you for the update.
6/9 c8 Akira-Hayama
I was lowkey expecting Michael to be the informant but when Ghostfreak showed, I just had to facepalm with how delusional Gwen had to be to trust him of all people. Though I did think for a second he actually wasn't that bad but then he pulled that on Gwen resulting to that outcome so yippee(!) Although I now understand why Gwen felt that way towards Hope, it was still hypocritical of her to judge when she's done the same thing so I guess it's sorta karma that that's happened to her even if it does sound pretty messed up.
6/9 c9 6Scattershot98
A double update?! AWESOME! Such sweet and deep fluff between Hope and Ben! Gonna give me a diabetic shipping coma! Love Eldtrich horrors though! helluva cliffhanger! great chapter!
6/9 c8 Scattershot98
Yay new chapter! Back to the return of Yandere Gwen! Really wondering who this informants is...no way...HIM?! I was expecting Michael at first! And so she admits it! buuuut he can see it too...not good. I am surprised to see how Ghost freak is going about all this, he's write convincing and yet reserved. And yep, knew it was too good to be true. Great chapter!
6/9 c9 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats
And I hope Ben can save Gwen
6/9 c9 Phildev
Haven't read in a while, but it seems like somewhere along it's progression, the story has gotten needlessly complex; adding more too-minor characters to the mix who really serve no vital role...
5/31 c7 King Eobard
Please update
5/25 c7 53Ways
Nicely done. My favorite part had to be the part with Kevin.
4/21 c7 TheCrazedBerserker
This is great
4/6 c7 1stormsyaf
where next episode? need moreeeee. where is grandma verdona. maybe she could help ben in subduing gwen. is gwen behavior cause by her anodite heritage. like a hormon problem?
3/26 c4 Guest
8 ogb5kioy street
o o
3/21 c7 nitewolf423
DAMN son
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