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for Ninja Among Gods

7/17/2018 c11 LoadingStuff
I have to say this is one of the most underrated stories on this website. It is honestly amazing and should get the respect it deserves. This was another great chapter, I loved every minute I read it. Good luck with everything and thanks for continuing to write such a wonderful story.
7/17/2018 c11 5creationschimera
And now I’m happy to be honest Fenrir is my favorite character in smite. I always saw him as unjustly punished he could have been the Norse’s greatest warrior instead of its problem child. The fact that Odin decided to chain up his grandson because of some random oracle told him that Fenrir would do something shows just how much faith Odin had for his family.

That aside more fights are always good some sneaky tactics mixed with logical reactions. I mean come on it’s a fight you do what you have to to win so playing dirt is very much necessary.

Oh and some puppy kitty tension lol just put them in a room and lock the door they will come out very happy. Honestly bastets probably the only one who could stop Fenrir’s “primal instincts” and Fenrir’s the only one who could curb bastets I’m way above you tsundere attitude

All in all I’m excited to see what’s next
7/17/2018 c11 4Eternity456
I enjoyed the chapter and I’m glad you updated though I’m curious when is he going to get with nix or nox as well as Medusa? Anyways keep up the good work I cannot wait until the next update
7/17/2018 c11 catze86
Awesome dude.
5/27/2018 c7 5plums
Has Naruto actually fought yet?
5/15/2018 c10 Guest
This story is awesome keep it up and update it soon plz.
5/9/2018 c10 6IrishKatana
I can see cu chulainn joining there group and being friends with naruto
4/29/2018 c10 Asshole1
Your never gonna update this are you
4/17/2018 c10 Mewthekitsune
Is this discontinued it? I really like the story.
3/27/2018 c10 guest
I wonder how Naruto get along with god/goddess like Anubis or Jing Wei. please show more interactions and dialogue.
3/22/2018 c10 Nick
At all the crossovers with smite that I have come across this one is the best keep up the good work update soon please
3/2/2018 c10 1Johnnyroggers248
We need a new Update please
2/11/2018 c10 This guy
Update pls for the love of (checks smite characters) all the gods and godesses
1/12/2018 c10 12helrio uzugaku
Meh, the chapter was ok, I don't really feel like much was accomplished aside from the foreshadowing of his meeting with Neith.

Kinda eager to see what you have in store for hel.

Not to mention the inevitable meeting with Aphrodite looking to screw with Naruto's love life. Damn auto correct almost made me write live instead of love!

I think a confrontation with Nemisis is inevitable. When it comes to general profession the two share a lot of qualities, just like I can see Naruto and Loki getting along under certain circumstances.

God, hi rez seriously does need to slow down. Too many gods to set up a plot for. It would probably be easier to create a guideline and stick with it while ignoring whatever hi rez does to the game. That way your not having to improvise every time a new god is introduced.

I think that a chapter for good ol fashioned revenge is needed to spice up the story. Naruto is still new to the godly scene, so people will be testing the waters. Herc's family was just publicly humiliated in front of every pantheon. And he has a very bad history of fighting what he perceives as wrongs.

I recommend a psuedo rape scene of one of the girls in Naruto's group. Nothing truly graphic, more like attempted rape where Naruto cannot get to them, but someone else from his group will. Hercules' history with the Amazons is proof enough that he's just like his father, nothing will truly happen.

It's an idea. Just thought it would help the story feel more realistic. Because gods, the Greeks especially were known for their lack of restraint. They all were cruel in the way they did it.
12/26/2017 c10 Guest
Don't stop I'm hook in this story.
And when is the new chapter going up?
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