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for Ninja Among Gods

12/22/2017 c9 Guest
Plz I need a new chapter
11/29/2017 c1 kumbrakarna
dude please update this soon!
11/21/2017 c10 Umbra.Venator
Good chapter
10/23/2017 c10 littlepokenic
More more more

8/7/2017 c1 crazydiamondo
this is really good, love the "academy theme" too.
8/7/2017 c1 crazydiamondo
this is really good, love the "academy theme" too.
7/20/2017 c7 1NeoVergil
Eyeshield 21 reference
7/20/2017 c5 NeoVergil
Reference to Static Shock catchphrase
7/20/2017 c1 NeoVergil
I got the reference at the end of the chapter. Highscool never ends
7/10/2017 c2 APeculiarOne
Another good chapter, I'm glad to see you are taking measures to improve your story and asked for anyone to beta read for you and the beginning of this chapter.
7/10/2017 c1 APeculiarOne
Just started this because I was interested in seeing the execution. So far it's pretty good, but I seriously recommend getting a beta reader, there were some things I could instantly point out as being incorrect in spelling, grammar and punctuation and some words and phrases I drew blank as I their meaning. While it doesn't ruin the story, because it's still good, I'm a bit of a "grammar nazi" so it bothers me but it would still help you get more readers to have a beta reader. You can try using the site to find one or leave an author's note asking if anyone would, officially or not. Nonetheless, good start to something I hope will continue to be updated.
7/10/2017 c10 kumbrakarna
Love the story and I reallllllllllllllly want the next chapter to be released!
7/8/2017 c10 Unluckykid
would you be including skins it would be amazing is we get a chapter about everyone playing dress up nix/nox skins are sexy as hell and you can even put new ones
7/6/2017 c10 Guest
Good to have you back
7/5/2017 c1 no
I think the shinto pantheon are better off smiting the blonde overrated cunt
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