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12/5/2015 c4 1CodyOnTheBounce T.V
I think the more the contest progresses, the more I fall in love with Holly. She's getting some really good progression and holding up on her own.


Xavier was a hot mess in this episode so no surprise that he was eliminated, but I feel for him with the arachnophobia. There were spiders inside my dog's igloo rest house in my backyard (one of them being a black widow) and I completely freaked.


Pass me a drink, I'm important!
- COTB, wrapped in red
12/1/2015 c4 5bruno14

so im guessing that the major event is the xavier and aria broke up. that is not going to be good for the other contestants . I see Aria begin the strongest player this season or she will be blinded by anger and that will cause her elimination maybe in wto chapters but as i said before maybe she will be on the top 5 this season.

Jamie back as an intern? i didnt see that coming, but im glad, . I like him .
although i missed izzy and chef moment XD.

so I really liked this chapter and i hope that you continue this till the end.

other than that.

see you soon.
11/29/2015 c4 NerdyNightStocker
Chris is either sacrificing essential Zs to for ratings or taking naps during the times he's not on camera... Neither one would surprise me...

I love that Georgie thinks that the arguments between Lucian and Shaylie are merely repressed sexual tension XD! So like Cameron, Xavier is terrified of spiders. Who would've thought? Props to Aidan for trying to step up his game and prove Delaynie wrong! Too bad he was one of the first ones out XD! I can see that Aria is trying to redeem herself a bit... The conversation between Holly and Jerome did a bit to develop both characters though of course Zane only cares about the immunity idol!

I was surprised that the identity of the spider was changed! But the attacks did seem a bit more methodical than Izzy's. I worry for Jamie's safety as an intern... The XavRia breakup was also shocking since we hadn't seen a concrete reaction from Xavier until this point! I'm ultimately predicting this as the beginning of her redemption arc.

Xavier truly had it rough this challenge so topping the night off with his elimination was brutal. At least Jerome can say he officially got payback for last season! It also gives room for more characters to develop! The teammate switch is a fun twist! I can see Xena befriending Aria and helping her redeem herself while Holly and Jerome will get along the most on their team despite Zane and Holly working together to find the idol! I'm excited to see how the new dynamics come into play!
11/28/2015 c4 16Knifez
Wow! And Xavier goes home. I was NOT expecting that.

This chapter was good! The dynamics you wrote between the campers was amazing and you had me doubting who would go home this chapter, though I was pretty sure it was gonna be Xavier after the events of the chapter.

So 5/16 are gone, that's sorta kinda 1/3 done. Hopefully Zane gets out of his wheelchair soon!

Jamie is back as an intern? That's awesome! Jamie is great, so its cool to see more of him.

I can't believe you broke up Xavria, Kirei is gonna be out for your blood so watch out LOL. Looks like your OC's are having some tough times :(. At least now Zaria stands a chance ufufu.

I honestly don't know who is going next, it could be anyone! I personally hope its Xena, she's now not a filler character but I don't think she needs to merge :)

Keep up the awesome work, dude! Its always such an awesome surprise to get an alert for this :D!
11/28/2015 c4 19Eternos137
Maybe Jamie become's this AU versions Dakotazoid. I can easily imagine him going through a Hulk-like transformation. That would be cool!
11/11/2015 c3 5CompleteValidations
Damn girl! I knew she was gonna cheat and,while I didn't even think of Duncan to be a possibility, It really does make perfect sense. Bad Boy, Party Girl, and now the two of them cheaters XD. As much as I loved Aideylanie I'm excited because, this gives an oppurtunity for major character development for Aidan. I would've loved to see development for Deylanie as well seeing as how they were going to break-up, and last season she didn't get all that much outside of her relationship with Aidan.

Daniel's hatred for Aria while hilarious is definetley not good for her. He's got the whole team on his side with them all being friends beside her. I don't see her lasting all that longer.

I'm excited to see Viktoriya's plans for getting rid of Zane and whether or not they will work out. Him being the new target after last season is definetley well deserved.

This was a great chapter keep up the good work!
11/9/2015 c1 Richy
Oooh finally a sequel. HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS BEFOREHAND!?

11/8/2015 c3 NerdyNightStocker
Sorry it took a while to review! Work has been chaotic!

Ah Daniel...so self-righteous... Of course he would make it his mission to take Aria down... Meanwhile Lucian and Shaylie have the same childish back-and-forths while Xavier and Jerome are getting far more heated! I liked the running gag of Xavier unknowingly saving Zane from various perils! Despite having little to no allies, Zane has been giving his all in challenges! Dena's still not ready to open up completely about herself while Jerome and Holly finally buried the hatchet over the Emma scenario of last season (I wonder if Xena's prediction is indicating a possible relationship, her finding the idol or even a season win?).

This challenge was pretty violent for the contestants! Hardly anyone could conquer the mutant beetle and the physical brawls between the contestants on each team were crazy! The penultimate issue was the revelation of the cheater as well as who they cheated with! I'm glad Georgie wasn't involved since she's always been one of my favorite female characters! But Delaynie's dismissiveness and justification of it was gross. TD's resident manwhore strikes again, ruining yet another nice guy's relationship!

I can understand the breakup and subsequent elimination over Aria. Delaynie clearly wasn't remorseful and Aidan deserves someone who has the same mindset about relationships! I agree with Knifez about this episode being the best so far and am intrigued by how the Maggots will handle this drama as well as the Rats will deal with the constant battles for leadership!
11/7/2015 c3 16Knifez
Wow! What a chapter!

This was definitely the best chapter of the story so far, and one of the best I've ever read from you.

Deylanie was BRUTAL, and I think you finally embraced her character. I always thought Deylanie/Aidan was a bit...not OOC, per se, but a bit unbelievable. The fact that she went with Duncan was a blow, though.

My one complaint on the party girl was that she was never this...uppity or bitchy in TDWT. I think you could've handled her break up with Aidan a bit better. She could've not regretted it, but she didn't have to be so rude about it. It was a bit Heather-esque, which again, is not really OOC given her character, just a bit unexpected.

Zane getting his life saved by an uncaring Xavier was both hilarious and sad. Was hoping for a bit more personal interaction with Zane now that Jamie is gone, but I suppose there is time for that later.

Again, I have to commend you for how you eliminated Deylanie and how you kept Aria in the game in a reasonable, believable manner. Sure, Aria is a known killer, but it makes since for Deylanie to go because she personally hurt Aidan, whereas Aria has never really hurt anyone. There's a difference between knowing someone hurt someone and SEEING someone hurt someone. Good job, man, really good job.

Everyone else had a decent amount of screentime, except for once more Holly was kind of overshadowed by the others.

All in all though you're doing a great job developing Xena and Jerome. You made a good point after I re-read the aftermaths and especially the finale of TDWT, but I still stick to the fact that they had SOMEWHAT of a grudging respect for each other, something which isn't showcased here at all.

Great job man, and I'm glad you're cranking out decently-timed updates for this! It's really living up to my expectations!

11/3/2015 c2 1Patrick the Fan
It's a shame to see Jamie go. Everyone was great in this chapter, although some characters could've been better (but I won't say who).
11/3/2015 c1 Patrick the Fan
Wow, double elimination for the first chapter. Hope the next chapter's good!
10/29/2015 c2 5bruno14
hiiii ive already read world tour and was one of my long-time faveourites stories.
gotta say ipm sad that jamie and walter are gone , not emma tough she was a great villain but i think is time for other villans to shine.
i like the rivality between shaylie and lucian and that harold made a cameo.
dont worry hasrold i do care XD.
well i really want to see how this season is going to be.
also do you plan on using the revenge of the island original cast in any future season ?
ridonculous race maybe? along with the originals of ridonculous.
other than that see you soon
10/19/2015 c2 16Knifez
Alright, I know I finished Total Drama Chaos two days ago but I was (and still am) super sick. Let's do this though!

First off, we've got the Xena/Viktoriya moment at the beginning. That was good, it was nice to see some new interactions between the contestants, same with Aidan/Jamie.

I agree with everyone about the whole Lucian/Shaylie rivalry. Like, they were on okay terms last season? The least you could give us in an explanation as to why they're re-kindled their hatred for each other.

I'm calling Deylanie out as the cheater. As to who she cheated on, I'm not sure. MAYBE Walter? The only reason I think that is because none of the other guys were really all that suspicious looking except for Zane, but he was in the competition for its entire duration, so I don't see how that would work. (Because I seem to recall the question stating it was DURING the season, not afterwards.) Could be Georgie, though.

Anyways, the challenge was good, but I really hope you can kinda stop using Chris's dialogue practically word for word. Through in some of your own spice in there, Chris is SO much fun to write for. It'd be cool if some of the challenges got mixed up too, sometimes I feel like these contestants are just right in the shoes of the canon ROTI episodes. Its rare, but I do see it sometimes.

As for the elimination, I'm bummed out because Jamie was awesome and one of my favorites, but I'm excited because this opens up a whole new dimension for Zane. He's never competed without Jamie, so assuming he isn't booted in the next two or three episodes (which is actually pretty likely) he'll have to start making friends and stuff, and it'll be cool to see since we've never seen a whole lot of interaction with Zane outside of Emma, Aria and Jamie (and kinda Georgie), and two of those three are gone. Speaking of Georgie, I'd like to see some rage at Zane, maybe some from Daniel as well, for what he put them through in Area 51. Its not that I like seeing my character get curb-stomped (because believe me has that happened already #RIPLegs) I just think it would be odd for Daniel and Georgie to essientially forget about it. Even if they DO forgive, I think a scene in them telling Zane that would be good.

Jerome is still awesome, but I really wanna see him with some serious interaction without Xavier.

Holly was good, she's out looking for idols with Zane so thats some good character development there. I'm hoping she can blossom out soon.

I do hope Xena goes next, she's just SO one-note. She's practically Dawn, but more OP. (Sorry Xena's creator, but thats the way I feel.)

You've eliminated the final two from TSWT in the first two episodes of this season, which is something of a pet peeve of mine (see Fangren's TSA) but I can work with it. I'm really excited for the next chapter and to see what happens, we've got some good stuff going on here!

10/11/2015 c2 NerdyNightStocker
It's only the second challenge and already the game is getting more suspenseful! The idea of a partner legitimately cheating on their significant other on the show is shocking! Evidence suggests that it's either Delaynie or Georgie but if you think about it, only the former would be true since Daniel and Georgie officially became a couple in the finale while Delaynie would've had plenty of time to mess around on Aidan after his elimination. It would explain why she seems so distant around him and the flirting between her and Georgie could foreshadow a betrayal... Zane's overhearing Aidan and Daniel's talk could not only be to help establish that he's redeeming himself but also show that he may have knowledge as to who the cheater is since they were on the same team...

The Lucian/Shaylie and Jerome/Xavier rivalries are still going strong while Xena surprisingly gets a new friend in Viktoriya! Unfortunately Viktoriya now dislikes Jamie for his crush on Walter. It was ridiculous of her to target him just for an unrequited infatuation and only serves to make her appear insecure. She does realize that she sent Jamie cannonballing straight into the same place as her boyfriend, right? Neither boy are going to befriend Emma anytime soon so who else would they hang out with XD?

The Truth Or Laser Shark challenge revealed many Embarassing secrets like Daniel's supposedly undefeated record and all of the immature behaviors... I actually loved Xavier's "Maury Povich" inspired reference when insulting Jerome as well as the breakdancer's rebuttal with political corruption and Trump callbacks! Lucian and Shaylie have further ammo against each other while Xena is revealed to be more inept at everyday life than we first thought! Overall Chris was at his most sadistic here!

That obstacle course challenge was BRUTAL and the ccontestants will definitely feel the pain the next day. Hopefully they all got tetanus shots! I like how Xavier and Aria aren't afraid to put aside their relationship to compete when necessary! The "screw you, I'm funny" gag is always hilarious and I liked the callback to the real friendship between "Jamie and Aiden". Zane gave it his all at the final leg but ultimately came up short thanks to his bad luck with animals (his upperbody will be ripped after this XD).

I adore Jamie and I'm surprised to see how his elimination would come to pass. Hopefully he can be an inspiration to Zane and keep Walter company away from Emma just to spite Viktoriya ;). Nah, he's not that type... I look forward to seeing how the game progresses now that the previous winner isn't clinching victory again!
10/10/2015 c2 39kireiscorner
I LOVE YOU. OUAT IS MY CHIZ MAN! And regina and rumple are my two favs so yaaaasss!

ReLly sad to see Jamie go, he's one of my favs, but im rly glad Xavier stayed! I did find Aria's random defense at the end for him out of place. Like she was jjust randomly involved and her and Jamie were rly close last season so it didnt make much sense. Aria was much more enjoyable this season and im glad to see her keeping that cocky and flirtacious rivalry with Xavier its freakin adorable and i like seeing xavier fall on his ass like a huge dork. yes i know still xavria trash.

Im so worried for my bby xena! protect the precious angel from viktoriya plz (still dont like her too much) and save zane lol hes rly entertaining and id hate to see him go so soon

my guess is on Georgie and Deylanie both being cheaters and cheated with each other lol they were attracted to each other last season :P plot twist! holly is rly fun too and im excited that we're getting to know more about her. She doesnt have any friends yet which makes me sad though, but maybe her and Zane will warm up to each other.

Alliance between Aria Aiden and Daniel maybe? She's trying to make friends and i can see her and Daniel talking about martial arts or her and Aiden bcuz if she can gain his trust she may be able to gain everyone elses since hes rly terrified by her. Plus she grew up around all boys so i cant rly see her bonding with the girls very easily bcuz her and georgies friendship kinda died (sadly).

Excited for more! Loved the harold cameo! hes one of my most missed from the originals!
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