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11/11/2018 c1 Black Fungus
och. You oched me. Thanks.
9/7/2017 c1 7RabidFangirl03
This is beautiful, wonderfully written and tear jerking. We never really stop to think what would happen to Castiel when the boys leave and I feel this is an honest representation.
8/23/2017 c1 11Gay Ships Sailing
So beautiful and descriptive. This is an absolute masterpiece that had me in tears. Wonderful!
5/12/2017 c1 56DiamondHexagons3000
I have never read something more heartbreaking, more beautiful, more fulfilling then this. Excellent work. You almost made me cry. Keep it up.

Best Regards
8/3/2016 c1 26Little Cinch
Aaauugh! You just crushed my little heart into a zillion pieces. So frickin sad. I've long worried about what would happen to Cas if he lost both boys. Even if they lived to a hundred, he's not mortal and will have to live on forever, alone.
6/20/2016 c1 18ImmaSlytherout
5/25/2016 c1 57RealityXIllusion
craaaaaaaaaaaaap. I'm legit crying here. This was beautiful.
4/16/2016 c1 11Anloquen
It was so poetic and beautiful. Writing it from the moon's point of view was a very good choice - it allowed you to allude to all the emotions raging in Castiel without being overly dramatic. Less is more - this rule certainly paid off here. I particularly liked the sentence about the look of a lost child. Wonderful.
2/9/2016 c1 pod7et
Poor Cassie . . . you shouldn't have to deal with that ever. But even if they lived long healthy lives, it would turn out this way. But I'm guessing this was not the reason for the funeral.

The 'gift' of immortality.
2/2/2016 c1 14deadone1013
I spend some time thinking how Dean and Sam would feel losing Cas. But, honestly I didn't think the other way around. It could broke him, I believe, losing them.
I'm sobbing. Just a little bit.
Sorry for my English :)Thank you for sharing!
10/18/2015 c1 scarletbarnes
Not crying nope. IT WAS SO SAD BUT GOOD!
9/29/2015 c1 5IsabellaFaye11
That was beautiful, sorrowful but absolutely beaitiful in it's sadness.

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