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12/7/2020 c1 Michael McCurdy
A centuries old immortal, someone who lives and breathes war is going to school to be surrounded by mortal children and *learn* to fight... I'm out, completely BS story setup dude, not even slightly plausible.
10/29/2019 c1 killerkid396
moons haunted
10/15/2019 c1 Ironically Challenged
I tried giving this a shot, but yeah, no, it's not working for me.
7/23/2019 c10 Ant244815
This is a great story. Wonder when an update will come though.
7/1/2019 c10 TheReaperCommander
Impressive story, have to say this sty is impressive enough to let me stay up all night finishing reading it. Amazing work Staff Sergeant!
2/28/2019 c4 Guest
If pyrrah went all out then could easily taken Kevin. You know given that she controls magnetism. And he's decked out in armor. She could have caused his armor to warp or use it crush him if she was fighting for keeps.
12/23/2018 c4 1HazedMemory
Ok. I was very excited for this piece of fiction despite many people calling out the fight scene with Pyrrha. Before the fight and chapter, I was rationalizing it to being the fact Kevin had to hold back, and stick to non-lethal crap, and that Pyrrha is skilled. It was going to be a long battle with Kevin slowly going a bit more serious after each small engagement, and Pyrrha getting in a lucky shot that managed to take Kevin down because he wasn't going all out, not taking her serious, and Pyrrha getting really lucky. Instead you have them fight a little bit and then have Pyrrha "misjudge her fucking strength" and fucking conk the shit out of the guardian. The guardian with severe PTSD, and years of combat experience killing little annoying fucks. It just seemed like a really fucking lazy ass move to have Pyrrha hit him so hard, and fucking knock him out. It just irks me that you have such a good story and you almost ruin it for some viewers because Pyrrha misjudged her fucking strength. Just bullshit. Everything else though is very well written, and I can't find any other complaints.
11/28/2018 c1 EldritchFrost
A guardian loosing in a fight with a 17 year old? Nope. I call BS.
11/12/2018 c10 1YeTianshi
This is an amazing fic! I recently started playing Destiny 2, so I wondered if there were any good Destiny fics :D
11/9/2018 c4 YeTianshi
I don't get it, everyone seems to praise Kevin for his combat prowess, but he just lost to Pyrrha. I mean, sure she's a champion, but she hasn't been in life or death battles like Kevin has. She lived in a time of peace.
10/31/2018 c1 XenoLucifer
Man, Kev is soooo underpowered.
10/9/2018 c1 thrawn825
What do you mean untouched by the Darkness? Grimm bruh come on lol
8/20/2018 c10 7Scholar of the Dream
A stormcaller with no storm trance, why even bother?
3/18/2018 c1 OnePunchPlayer
Space Magic...

Ghost: "Guardian Down!" [seconds of Revive]
3/3/2018 c3 ThatBrutalReviewer
Why wouldn't they leave some kind of message or code on his ship incase he comes back to let him know they are on the planet? Seems like a really obvious thing to forget.
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